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Trailer Park Noir Book Review (2021)

Ray Garton

This is a story by author Ray Garton who has written a number of other novels in the genres of horror, mystery, fiction, and thriller.

Ray is an experienced writer when it comes to making a bunch of unique and fascinating characters in his well thought out and crafted stories. We reviewed some of his top books, just take a look at our selection of the best Ray Garton books.

Trailer Park Noir Book

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Unpredictable Mystery

In this one, you get to read about the unpredictable things that occur in a normal-looking trailer park in California that holds truly dark secrets inside and even more mysterious inhabitants.

All of this will be made clear in our book review of Trailer Park Noir and by the end of it, you will know what to expect from this book by Ray Garton. We covered some of his other books in more detail, just check out our reviews of Meds book and Murder Was My Alibi book.

Marcus Reznick

You will meet quite a few characters from this story and all of them have a different and unique tale to tell of their own. One of the first ones you get to read about is Marcus Reznick. He lives in this trailer park called Riverside Mobile Home Park where the days are super-hot and the nights offer a chance for cooling off and alone time.

Marcus’s life was not a very bad one at all until he witnesses his girlfriend put a bullet through her head which led him to depression and quite the addiction to alcohol. After this incident is when he actually moves to live in this mobile home park and is now trying to get his life back on track.

Steve Regent

After reading a few pages about Marcus Reznick, we introduce you to a new character in our book review of Trailer Park Noir, one that has just moved to Riverside Mobile Home Park, Steve Regent. You will find that Steve’s story will quickly have Marcus involved as he is an online pornographer who proves to be quite the attraction at this trailer park.

Steve is currently working on a new website that he will call Trailer Park Girls and this is the perfect opportunity for him to find some hot girls from this place, but the job proves to turn out not the way he had imagined. Instead of pretty and hot girls, Steve only manages to find ugly ones.

Sherry Manning and Andy Winchell

These are just a few of the characters that add to the exciting thrill and drama of the story. As you read the book further, we let you know about a few more characters from our book review of Trailer Park Noir. Sherry Manning and Andy Winchell are a couple who is living in the same trailer park as the others we just mentioned.

Andy is a dealer and Sheery is a drug addict and when a friend of theirs overdoses in the trailer park, this couple starts panicking and tries to figure out a way to hide the truth from everyone as this friend just happened to be the son of a very powerful politician.


The characters that you met in this Trailer Park Noir book review aren’t even half of the ones that you get to meet in the book itself, so if you are interested in the story, have a look at the full one in the novel. We further recommend two of Garton’s books, Sex and Violence in Hollywood book and The Girl In The Basement book. Check it out!

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