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Twenty Boy Summer Book Review (2021)

Sarah Ockler

Authoress Sarah Ockler was born in the year of 1975, in Buffalo, New York, United States of America. Ocker is a brilliant American writer. The works of Ockler primarily fall into the genre of Young Adult fiction.

Her works have received translations in several languages. In terms of awards, Sarah has been atop the Amazon Top Movers and Shakers, the Girls’ Life Top 100 Must Reads, Indie Next List, and even ALA’s Best Fiction for Young Adults.

Twenty Boy Summer Book

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Sarah Ockler attended the New York University where she acquired her Bachelor’s Degree. As Sarah would be eager to note, her writing aspirations began from very much the earliest ages. She could have been found writing poems when she was a mere child.

Her parents had been encouraging Sarah to express herself through writing and that had certainly played a part in her authorial ambitions. Sarah, herself, believes that the most influential person in her life was and still is Alex, her spouse.

In her free time, Sarah loves reading, drink a nice warm cup of tea, eat cupcakes, and she is known to be skilled with the tarot cards. Road trips are common for her and Alex, as well. Now, having noted all of that, we can give our book review.

Standalone Novel

This book was the debut novel of exceptional authoress Sarah Ockler. The story is a genuinely touching, heartrending one that won’t leave anyone without a teary eye. It is a standalone novel that Sarah Ockler published in the year of 2009. We also covered it in our selection of the best summer romance books, so make sure to check it out.


The main character of Twenty Boy Summer book is Anna. Anna was very much eager and looking forward to her fifteenth birthday and especially the party. What she could not have known is that it would alter her life completely.

She and her childhood best friend Matt had a battle of cake-throwing, which left no apparent victor. Their friendship moves towards its natural successor, a relationship. Everything begins moving with an unfound sleep; all of a sudden, they are out and about trying to grab every moment and spend it together.

Keeping It Under the Wraps

All the while they keep this under wraps and don’t reveal it to anyone. They agree that Anna can come clean to her family when Matt explains to Frankie, his sister, on their California trip. He’d like for Frankie to have some time to ease into the revelation and what it means. After all, Frankie is a very bashful person and Matt knows that she needs a bit more attention than regular people do.

Life, though, as Anna and Frankie would find out, had different plans. Matt was driving to get some ice cream when by a sudden twist of fate, an accident took place and he was at the center of it. Frankie and Anna were fortuitous enough to walk away from the accident unscathed, at least physically. Matt, on the other hand, had succumbed to his injuries and passed away.

Frankie was never told that Matt and Anna were a thing, so she thinks that she’s the only one left to mourn her brother’s death.

Carry Your Cross

Anna solemnly bears the weight of it all and in spite of the unbearable anguish and sorrow, tries to make life work. The memories rush back with an intensity unlike any other and hurt Anna repeatedly; it is a wholly impossible thing to reconcile with, especially when they had so much to look forward to – they were quite literally in the midst of life when death split them apart. Frankie and she slowly come together in their grief for their lost loved one.

In the aftermath of Matt’s death, Anna bears witness to a great change in Frankie. She has been transformed into something that Anna can only explain as extroverted. She takes her time to get ready and be as pretty as possible. An occasion for getting ready has actually come up as Anna is going the trip to California.

Zanzibar Bay

Zanzibar Bay is the location where they are venturing and Anna can’t wait to see alive her memories of Matt describing the beach, sand, firmament, and gorgeous sea. The trip is to last twenty days in total and the outgoing Frankie has a genius plan on how they can spend the length of their trip: for each day of the twenty, they will have a different guy. And by the end of it, they’ll have had twenty little adventures.

Besmirching a Memory or Moving On?

Anna, though resistant at first, goes with Frankie’s idea because she sees how much it means to her. That kind of joy is something that Anna couldn’t possibly take from Frankie. So it is settled: twenty boys, it is. The vacation brings genuine levity, but also the bringing down of memories.

As they each meet a guy, Anna can’t shake the feelings of guilt. She’d want nothing more than to tell Frankie the truth, but it would be breaking a promise and that is something she can’t do to the memory of Matt.

Immersive Story

The story that follows from then is one immersed in the markedly endearing friendship, the tears, giggles, and the unwavering of the past. Our book review of Twenty Boy Summer can’t put into words how wonderful the story really is, which is why the reader ought to find out for himself. Two other novels from Sarah Ockler that the reader might fancy are Bittersweet and The Book of Broken Hearts.

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