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Unteachable Book Review (2021)

Leah Raeder

Authoress Leah Raeder was born on the 6th of April, 1982. Raeder is an exceptional writer, without a doubt. Her novels have always been received with praise from the readers.


Other than enjoying writing her own beautiful, entrancing stories, Raeder adores spending her time reading books, cherishes graphic design, playing video games to pass the time and to relax, absolutely loves drinking some fine whiskey, and isn’t averse to some self-deprecating jokes, here and there.

Unteachable Book

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Elliot Wake

Leah Raeder had a sex reassignment operation seeing as she disliked the sex she was born with. Today, Leah Raeder is known as Elliot Wake. Elliot loves spending his time playing video games like Leah Raeder did, but also devotes himself to weightlifting. Elliot is also someone that pays attention to the way he looks so his style is a very important part of his life. At the present moment, Elliot resides in Chicago along with his partner.

Standalone Novel

The novel is one of the very few novels that Elliot Wake has published. However, that doesn’t mean that Elliot isn’t a capable author. It does mean that the novels Elliot has put out are of a tremendous quality. It is a standalone novel that readers absolutely adore. Unteachable book was published in the year of 2014 and it spans a hair over three-hundred pages. You can learn more about the book in our selection of the best forbidden romance books.

 A Few Words on the Novel’s Finesse

Unteachable book is a supremely stirring. The ambiance and the mood that is crafted by the expert and talented mind of Elliot Wake is one of a truly potent frenzy. The storytelling and the wonderful prose send the reader into a world wholly unlike ours.

One feels as if in a dizzying mirror maze as soothing, yet entrancing music being blared at you. The draw and the power this novel has, is different from most, if not all New Adult romance stories. Elliot has a special control over the quill or the pen and it shows from the very start of the story.

Maise O’Malley

The main character of this superb story is none other than Maise O’Malley. Maise has only recently become of age, though she has been feeling mature for the better part of her life. She is in the limbo between being a junior in high school and a senior. The summer is in its full effect.

As such, Maise has a few ideas about what she wants to do after she finishes her senior year. She wants to get into a good film school, to get her mom to consider rehab, and, for the love of it all, not to let everything go awry. But, as it turns out, things are most probable to take a turn when you’d rather they not.

Is It Change? Is It Fate? Is It Both?

At the present moment, Maise is at a carnival nearby and she is just trying to loosen up for the time being. A curveball from the universe, cosmos, or just life, in general, is thrown with an astounding force, though. Maise meets a guy named Evan Wilke. Evan seems to be a fair bit the senior of Maise, but she doesn’t mind any of that. Like mentioned, she considers herself mature.

Besides, she has had some experience with being with older guys, so there shouldn’t be an issue here, either. The two hit it off wonderfully. They spend the night together. Maise likes the one-night stand notion of the whole thing being devoid of strings, feelings, and the like, but what is to happen when she catches the same feelings she was avoiding?

Deep Feelings

The things she feels for Evan completely overshadow all of the things she’s ever felt for other guys. The sensation is an intense one in her for this particular man. Being that she has issues with her self- esteem, Maise tries to get away from Evan, at least for the time being.

At home, the situation is a terrible one. Maise’s dad left a long time ago, while her mother is an addict and a drug dealer. Maise sees that her life doesn’t exactly need to be this hard. Nonetheless, the time for school soon comes and Maise is having her first class, her Film Studies class. Out of the blue, she sees Evan Wilke. Soon, she is let on to the information that Evan is her new Film Studies professor.

Don’t Bury Your Feelings in a Shallow Grave

Maise tries to stay away from Evan, but neither she nor he can do that. It’s an overwhelming force pulling them together. Fire and steam is the norm in any scene that they share. They give in and they know that they have to keep this relationship of theirs under wraps. They come to terms that they have their implicit problems – they are broken in different ways –, but when they are in each other’s embraces, everything is suspended.

The plight isn’t as troubling, while the love is joyous. Evan cares about Maise and doesn’t want her to have any problems because of their affair. This forbidden adventure of theirs has the power to destroy both of their lives if their wariness isn’t at an all-time high.

Recurring Themes

The character of Maise O’Malley is really nuanced. Maise feels drawn to the older men because, in her own words, she didn’t have a father figure, so she likes it when someone acts like he’s her daddy. Accordingly, the problems home with her mother and her addiction are recurring themes and they continually haunt Maise.

Now, with this infatuation with Evan, she fears that her life may crumble any minute if someone finds out about this little transgression of theirs. However, what is to happen with them when she finishes high school and the taboo is taboo no more?

More Works

This is a brilliant novel and one that will keep the reader up for restless nights and it ensures deep contemplation. Our book review of Unteachable has hopefully done the novel justice. Cam Girl and Black Iris are two other novels from Elliot Wake and they are sure to amaze you just like Unteachable book surely will, though in different ways.

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