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Venus of Dreams Book Review (2021)

Pamela Sargent

Venus of Dreams is the book that starts the adventure of Iris Angharads in this amazing science fiction world that author Pamela Sargent has created.

Venus Trilogy

Her imagination has managed to create a story that happens close to the planet Earth, on Venus, and this first book of the Venus trilogy sets of a chain of events that keep on going until the very last book of the series, Child of Venus. You can learn more about this book of the series in our Child of Venus book review.

Venus of Dreams Book

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Connected Stories

A lot of things are happening in just one book of the series and Child of Venus just happens to be over 500 pages long, so you definitely need to take some time for yourself and relax with this incredible new science fiction story by Pamela Sargent.

The stories throughout the three books of the series are very connected and you get to find out what happens in the first one thanks to our book review of Venus of Dreams. We even covered in our selection of the 5 best Pamela Sargent books. Check it out.

Iris Angharads

The title Venus of Dreams seems very appropriate as it talks about the dream of a character called Iris Angharads, a human who has a wonderful goal that many tell her will be impossible to accomplish. Iris wishes to make the planet Venus habitable, she has a vision that looks beautiful and seems like Venus could truly become a new paradise on which humans can expand and roam free.

Massive Goal

This goal does seem massive, but you will find out in this book review of Venus of Dreams that Iris has a huge devotion to this project and she stops at nothing until it is complete. There are many things that she has to do, the first one is to make the poisonous air that fills the atmosphere of Venus breathable by humans and to figure out a way to bring water to this waterless planet.

Liang Chen

You meet one more character, the only one that shares her passion and motivation, Liang Chen. He helps Iris, maybe does not workday and night like her, but they eventually manage to realize her dream, they succeed, and after that comes the truly exciting part of the book.

Benzi Lianghard

In her new world, Iris manages to create a whole dynasty that begins with her firstborn there, called Benzi Lianghard. After succeeding in this huge project of hers, as you read the book, you see how this new world affects Iris, she becomes a very selfish person, her husband and her son become to notice that too, and thrilling events take place as the story progresses.

Amazing Work

In the many events that take place in this novel, this Venus of Dreams book review is only of the first book, there are two more that continue the story and one starts to ask, where does the author find the inspiration for such a long series that talks about so much and still manages to keep it super fun to read? If you enjoy what you see here, then check out the book for yourself, it should prove as a memorable and interesting story.

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