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Viscous Circle Book Review (2021)

Piers Anthony

Viscous Circle is a science fiction and fantasy story by author Piers Anthony who tends to write stories in those genres that always seem very unique and well thought out. Piers was not an author from way early in his life, but something just made him try this out after 15 years of different professions.

After he tried it and really enjoyed writing, Piers changed to this profession full-time and as you can see even from this book review of Viscous Circle, it has gone pretty well for him and each new book by Piers just keeps getting better.

Viscous Circle Book

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Cluster Series

One more important thing to know is that this book is the last book of a series by Anthony called Cluster which contains a total of five novels. If you want to start from the beginning, take a look at the first book of the series in our Cluster review and its direct sequel called Chaining The Lady.


In this novel by Piers Anthony, you get to meet a few different alien species. You will definitely like some more than the others as Piers has presented them with precise detail and has explained what their intentions are in this fascinating fantasy story that will bring you along on quite the exciting adventure. One of the first races you get to meet is the Solarians. They are ugly and bloodthirsty creatures.

Ancient Site

Piers doesn’t forget to mention the term ugly in the story as these creatures are truly something terrible and their intentions only add to their description. The Solarians’ goal in this fifth and last book of the series is to find a mysterious and powerful place called the Ancient Site and this means that they would have to wipe out another race of aliens, called the Bands, which you will get to find something about in this book review of Viscous Circle.

The Bands

The Bands, unlike the Solarians, are beautiful creatures who are currently in a society that is an anarchy of piece. After Piers Anthony introduces these species to you in the book, that is where a lot more excitement comes running your way. As the Bands are now threatened by the ugly and vicious Solarians, they must protect themselves and do not know if they can stand against this horrible race of creatures.

Powerful Knowledge

Right around these pages, you get to meet one of the more special characters of the Bands’ race, a whirling green Band who has the highest of chances to save his entire race. There is something special about this Band as he has a singular and powerful knowledge that can turn things around.

Devastating Discovery

Of course, as you might think that this character is going to save his race very soon now and the ending would be predictable, Piers tricks you yet again and writes about a devastating discovery that this Band has had.


It is something that would make him question his honor, hold great risk of losing the life of his loved one Cirl, and could even lead to the loss of his own life. What comes after is up to you to find out as we won’t spoil anything more from our Viscous Circle book review. You can learn more about his work in our selection of the best Piers Anthony books!

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