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Wait for You Book Review (2021)

Jennifer Lynn Armentrout

Terrific novelist Jennifer Lynn Armentrout was born on the 11th of June, 1980, Martinsburg, West Virginia, United States of America. Armentrout is an American authoress whose works belong in the sci-fi and paranormal genres, though her forte is undeniably the contemporary romance one.

The target audience, towards which Armentrout’s novels are mainly aimed, are the Young Adult and New Adult readers. The works of Jennifer have been featured on numerous bestsellers lists both domestically and internationally.

Wait for You Book

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Armentrout is what is known in the writing world as a hybrid writer, meaning that she retains the right to self-publish her works while also working with the more commonplace publishers like Entangled Publishing and Harlequin Teen.

A notable fact about Jennifer is that she writes quite a lot, even spending some days where she writes for eight hours nonstop. The merits of her work can be seen in her accolades, of course, and her work named Obsidian was optioned by Sierra Pictures, as well.

The events known as ApollyCon and The Origin Event are owned by none other than Armentrout and each year the events feature a diverse cast of writers. At the present moment, Jennifer resides in Charles Town, West Virginia. With all of that noted, we can now give our book review.

Wait for You Series

This book is doubtlessly one of the best novels that Jennifer Lynn Armentrout has penned. The story at no point ceases to amaze and soothe the reader and we will see just why in a bit. Wait for You book also belongs to the same-titled series which boasts six main novels and a couple of tie-in ones, too. It was published in the year of 2013.

The main character is Avery. Avery is a nineteen-year-old who has fairly recently had to relocate from Texas to Virginia. The reason for her departure from Texas all the way to Virginia is because of a number of reasons.

Traumatic Event

When she was at the mere age of fourteen, Avery was witness to a traumatic event that surely left her scarred for life. It, of course, didn’t help that her parents and family were not there to help her in those trying times. They were around physically, but nowhere to be found on the emotional level. Now, lacking the care from her parents, devoid of any pillar or post to hinge on, Avery is alone and has just moved away.

Turning a New Page

Having felt all alone, isolated for a large portion of her life, Avery is determined to give herself a second chance and see whether she can restart somewhere else. It is a heavyweight feat and one that leaves a toll on the spirit, but it is less a pain to move on than to stagnate and stay tethered to the anguish; nonetheless, both cut deeply.

Still, Avery is ready to start meeting new people – Jacob and Brit are her first new acquaintances in this new scenery –, she’s enrolled at a college, and she is just sure that things are going to start looking up for the better. On the love life side of things, Avery has never had a kiss and, as a rule of thumb, tries not to get involved with guys. You can read more about the book in our selection of the best college romance books.


However, while she might be making an effort to stay away from guys, guys don’t do the same as Avery is a very attractive, beautiful girl. One such guy is Cameron. Blue-eyed, alluring, and popular Cameron is someone very much used to being liked, coveted, and asked out by girls.

He’s never really had to make much of an effort in order to get a date with someone; in fact, girls are the ones usually making the first move. As it turns out, on the very first day of college, the two have a run-in, and they both try to play it off coolly. Things take an even more intriguing turn when in their astronomy class, the two are paired as partners.

Not Getting Away

What is even more for Avery is that Cameron is the neighbor of Avery; to be frank, Cameron seems to be present in Avery’s life all the more frequently after their initial interactions. With time and a little egging-on by Cameron, they enter the friendship phase. Meetups and hanging out is common practice for them, they get food on the weekend together, and everything is fine and dandy.

Well, not quite. Cameron is incessant in his asking out of Avery for a genuine date, though Avery continually says no. Don’t get her wrong, it’s not that she doesn’t like him, but she is being precautious. Eventually, as the tension and flirtatious encounters abound, Avery gives Cameron the yes he’s been waiting for.

Feeling Secure

It has been quite the while since Avery last felt as secure as she does with Cameron. He, in spite of the character that people like to portray him as, is a very compassionate, considerate, and kind person. She doesn’t find it an easy feat to tell him all the dark secrets she has, but with time she somehow gives in and does.

Insecure as Avery is, she panics and things take a slight turn. Can Cameron find a way to show Avery that he loves her with or without the secrets? Can Avery find it in her heart to let someone enter her life and not push them away? Our Wait for You book review won’t spill those bees, but the book will surely oblige, we reckon.

There’s More

This book series has five more main novels in its composition, so the reader whose fascination has been piqued ought to pick them up. For more works written by this brilliant author, make sure to check out our articles about Obsession book and Obsidian book.

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