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Warm Bodies Book Series Review (2021)

Isaac Marion

With the vast number of outstanding novels in the zombie apocalypse genre, it is becoming increasingly difficult to come up with something original and enthralling.

With Warm Bodies book series by Isaac Marion, we are treated to a zombie romance that is many-faceted and thought-provoking.

Be prepared to experience a range of emotions while reading this series – afraid, sad and joyful are all feelings that are in the mix. We are also provoked to contemplate the big question of what makes us human. Something that has been puzzling philosophers and psychologists since time began.

Warm Bodies Book Series

Photo Title Rating Length Buy
Warm Bodies 8.44/10 256 Pages Check Price On Amazon
The Burning World 8.42/10 512 Pages Check Price On Amazon
The Living 8.98/10 433 Pages Check Price On Amazon
The New Hunger 8.42/10 170 Pages Check Price On Amazon

World Through a Zombie’s Mind

Warm Bodies allows us the privilege of viewing the world through a zombie’s mind and because it is so well written, we become engaged and we can use that as a vehicle to contemplate our own humanity. You might be interested in our list of the best teen zombie books, where we covered this book series as well.

We do not feel that we are being duped by the author into some thinly-veiled attempt to preach to us. Instead, we freely enter into the sentiment of the book and connect with the characters in a unique way.

Original and Surprising

Warm Bodies breaks the mold of the run-of-the-mill zombie genre and treats the reader with respect and dignity, while still delivering on the carnage we expect.

It is no surprise that this fantastic zombie book has been made into a major film. In the zombie genre, Warm Bodies Book series reviews from readers were excellent. An unlikely love match and a good- natured zombie make this book original and surprising. Isaac Marion writes with his tongue in his cheek and turns everything we thought we knew about zombies on its head.

Not Tour Typical Zombie

The main character, R (called that because he can only remember the first letter of his name), is not your typical Zombie. He is not completely dead. He is hovering in a semi-dead state but he still has the benefit of emotions and capacity for thought. He enjoys listening to Frank Sinatra and he is a collector of mementos from the world that has been lost forever.

Access to Memories

R’s home is an abandoned aircraft and he and his fellow zombies (Boneys and Fleshies) prowl the streets of the city looking for the living so that they can eat their brains. R is not keen on human flesh and this also makes him stand out from the crowd in zombie land. However, eating the brains enables the zombies to access the memories of the people they have killed.


Through eating the brain of a person called Perry, R finds out about Perry’s girlfriend Julie. When he finds her, he saves her from the other zombies and takes her captive in his 747 airplane home. And then the adventure begins, along with developing feelings and the inevitable romance between R and Julie.

They do not have an easy time of it and the path of true love runs anything but smoothly for them. In the post-apocalyptic world, nobody likes changes and R and Julie break all the rules of this new society.

Wise Words

Through all the trials and tribulations of this zombie love story, Warm Bodies has a strong message for its readers. The message is: Live life to the full, or else you might as well be a zombie. The storytelling is light and fun and told through R’s funny, yet cynical character.

Despite the topic, Warm Bodies is not a grim read. It has gore, of course, but it also has a heart – well R does, and it’s an easy read that will leave you feeling upbeat and maybe even with a little smile on your face.

Robert Hazley
Robert Hazley
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