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The Warriors of God Book Review (2021)

William Christie

Author William Christie is the one who wrote this adventurous story full of action and unexpected twists that talk so much about war and he is actually the perfect person to write stories like this.

Former Marine

He has the advantage of being a former Marine Corps infantry officer who actually commanded a number of units and has been all around the world serving his country. This advantage gives him more knowledge about stories like this one and has made sure his imagination can come up with the most interesting plots that would be hard to resist reading. Find out what this action-filled story talks about from this book review of The Warriors of God.

The Warriors of God Book

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Iran vs the United States

William writes about war in this novel, a war between Iran and the United States and he writes specifically about a mission that would put Iran in a huge advantage. The target of the mission is the President of the United States himself and if done properly, the outcome will be well worth it.

Plan B

There is one catch though, the Iranians do not have nuclear weapons or strategic missiles so they hatch a plan to go with another option that might prove effective as well. As they improvise, the Iranians decide to go with plan B, a handpicked platoon of highly trained, merciless, and skilled warriors will carry out the mission themselves.

Army Commandos

William took his time describing these army commandos as they are no ordinary soldiers. These men were trained like non-other, with razor-sharp instincts, no fear of death, strong as mountains, and who will never give up until the mission is a success.

These men are ready to die for what they believe in, but this doesn’t mean that they would just barge in and shoot down as many people as they can. No, this calls for a well thought out strategy that might just do the job if carried out properly. They take their time to devise a plan that actually seems like it is full proof.

Departure from Tehran

Now that you have met the brave and dangerous men who will bring all of the excitement from the book to you for reading, it’s time to see how the plan goes from our The Warriors of God book review. They depart from Tehran and the road to the White House is a long one that proves to have danger around every corner, the deeper they go, the more dangerous this mission becomes.

Amazing Suspense

But, as you read, you find that as every page goes by, these warriors have not failed so far and have managed to overcome any obstacle before them. This is not just mere luck but it is thanks to their skills and the well thought out plans which are responsible for their success so far.

As you approach the end, the suspense might start to prove huge as it is very exciting to find out if these men, who have been through so much in this journey, succeed in their mission.

Robert Hazley
Robert Hazley
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