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Watchstar Book Review (2021)

Watchstar Series

Watchstar is the first novel of the science fiction trilogy by Pamela Sargent also called Watchstar. In this fiction world, many of the characters possess powerful psychic powers and those who do not are to be killed.

Pamela Sargent

You get to find out why that is and many more things about the unique characters in this book, the protagonist Daiya, and what kind of world has the brilliant Pamela Sargent created this time. All of this and more will be made clear in this book review of Watchstar. You can find out more about this perfect book, just take a look at the best Pamela Sargent books selection.

Watchstar Book

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As we mentioned, the protagonist and main character of this book is a girl named Daiya who turns out to be a bit different from the rest of her people which is something that will put her in a lot of trouble later on. Her people’s traditions and beliefs are that everyone must, at a certain point.

Not Her Cup of Tea

Merge with each other as this is the way of life for them, like it or not, it must happen if anyone wishes to belong. This is when Daiya’s troubles begin as she has always sought solitude and feels differently about the Merging process. That isn’t all that she has to worry about as this need for separating sets off a certain chain of events that eventually lead her to meet another one of the special characters in this book.

This new friend of hers is named Reiho and he too is a bit different than everyone else. He is someone who sought solitude as well as he has a rough time getting accepted by anyone as he happens to be a non-psychic human from another planet.

Hidden Secret

If you remember what we mentioned previously in this Watchstar book review, everyone who does not have a psychic ability must be mercifully killed as this is a strict rule in the tradition of Daiya’s people.

So, knowing this, Daiya makes sure to keep this secret hidden and not allow anyone to find out as they are both going to get in a lot of trouble. But, Daiya’s troubles still manage to find her as she has to face something that she can no longer avoid.

Unknown Test

Her people have a way of dealing with situations like hers and they send her to a desert, alone, to be tested if she truly belongs in this village with these people. An unknown test lies ahead of her which all she knows about is that it will be dangerous and if she manages to pass this test she will be accepted back into the village despite her need for solitude.

Pressure and Suspense

She also knows that many of the young people who were sent on this test have never returned so there is definitely a lot of pressure and suspense inside this novel as you can see from this Watchstar book review. Be sure to find out about all of the exciting things that take place in this first novel of the Watchstar trilogy by Pamela Sargent.

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