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We Should All Be Feminists Book Review (2021)

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie grew up in Nigeria and has written many novels that have been translated and published around the world. Sadly, she has observed and experienced the divisive nature of sexual politics all over the world.

Gender Discrimination

In this book, she shares her experiences of gender discrimination, which she experienced both in Africa, as well as in other parts of the world. She can speak convincingly about why we need to be freed from the bondage of gender injustice and the harm that it causes to us all.

We Should All Be Feminists Book

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Not Militant at All

She believes that only when we all experience equality- irrespective of gender and race, can all reach our full potential in our modern world.

From the title, We Should All Be Feminists, the reader may expect this to be a heavy, militant message delivered in angry, aggressive tones. It is quite the opposite. Adichie has a light and witty style that in no way detracts from the seriousness of her message.

Why This Book Is So Popular

It is not often that the reviews of feminist literature are studded with five stars from both men and women. We Should All Be Feminists book achieves this tribute a multitude of times, with good reason. So it is not a surprise that we included this wonderful book in our list of the best feminist books!

Adichie manages to keep a cool, level head when addressing this highly flammable topic and makes her point without blame and anger. Her solution to the problems that men and women experience the world over, is that they need to be authentic and true to themselves.


She has seen the destruction that is caused to human life when people are discriminated against and allow themselves to be conned into accepting a second-grade existence. We Should All Be Feminist book reminds us of the impossible burdens that are placed on both sexes from the time that we are born in a misguided belief that we must strive for success in material forms.

The expectations of our families and society force us to adopt these beliefs and then we behave in a certain way whether we choose to or not. The wonderful message of this book is that we are encouraged to live authentic lives. In that way, we will still be able to treat others with the respect and dignity they deserve, no matter what race, gender, or social status they belong to.

We Are Just People

Adichie believes that if men are brought up to think differently about themselves and women, and if we are all free to see each other as people rather than a particular gender, everything will change.

Our pre-conceived expectations of gender place an unbearable burden on all mankind. She maintains that this is the only hope we have of creating an equal society.

The author talks of ways in which she has changed her behavior, in the past, to gain more respect from men because it was not “a given” that she deserved it as a woman. She balances that view with the notion that men are expected to be brave and strong, never showing emotion as that would be cowardly and weak.

A Book For Everyone – Regardless Of Gender

We Should All Be Feminists is a refreshing read and a completely contemporary view of feminism. One small comment by some readers is that the use of the word feminism could have been replaced by a word that encompasses all humans. It is not a criticism of the writing, but readers feel so strongly that the message of this book applies to everyone.

This book is a fresh, new perspective and an updated view of feminism. Book reviews of We Should All Be Feminists suggest this cannot be limited to being just a feminist book because its universal message is one that everyone should heed.

Alissa Wynn
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