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You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost) Book Review (2021)

Felicia Day

This book is the memoir of internet celebrity and successful entrepreneur Felicia Day as she writes about her journey to success and fame.

She writes over 250 pages of content that describe everything she had to do to gain her internet fame as a compulsive gamer, internet entrepreneur, violinist, filmmaker, and hoagie specialist.

You’re Never Weird on the Internet Book

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Lonely Child

She describes her story as a lonely and isolated homeschooled child that had to live this way due to hippie reasons her parents had. You are about to see what this book holds about the life and success story of internet star Felicia Day from this book review of You’re Never Weird on the Internet.

The book begins as Felicia tells you about her childhood that she spent mostly in her home as a homeschooled child and was constantly alone with her dreams of becoming an actress.

Good Luck

These dreams never faded as when Felicia grew up, she immediately went to Hollywood and was struck by good luck. She instantly got a part as a crazy cat lady secretary. Although this was an amazing experience for Felicia which she mentions that she will never forget about, she wanted to do a lot more for herself and be her own boss. So, she starts exploring the wondrous opportunities of the internet as she starts producing her own web series while she was still in Hollywood.

According to Plan

Things just seem to go exactly as planned for Felicia from what you see in this book review of You’re Never Weird on the Internet as her own web series lead to her forming her own production company and making her an internet star.

All of the things she mentions in this book are facts that simply anyone can make it in this world in anything that they can dream about. After achieving her goals of gaining fame and fortune, Felicia spends her days free to do whatever she likes as she posts videos of her gaming and doing quirky challenges. She constantly comes up with new and creative ways to keep her fans entertained.

Inspiration for Everyone

This memoir of Felicia Day’s life and success should definitely be an inspiration for everyone that finds what she has managed to achieve amusing. You will also find that she has a natural talent for this stuff as she manages to make even her own memoir a fun and entertaining story to read about as she is a person that wants to make people feel good and excited about every new thing that she releases into the public.

There’s Much More

If you want to know more about Felicia and her achievements, then you can go beyond this You’re Never Weird on the Internet book review and even the book itself and just watch her many entertaining videos and movies that you will easily find on the internet if you only search the words Felicia Day.

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