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What Remains Book Review (2021)

Tobie Meyer-Fong

What Remains is the non-fiction, very real story about one of the worst civil wars that humanity has witnessed. Author Tobie Meyer-Fong writes about the great Civil War in the 19th Century that took place in China. We get to know so much more about the Taiping Rebellion which involved millions of lives to be lost in this war.

Catastrophic Events

Scholars in China and in certain other lands do learn about this huge and catastrophic event, but we still do not know anything about how individuals who survived through this horrible time felt and what they thought and experienced in all of the mess. This book review of What Remains will make sure to let you know what you can expect from the book itself as you start reading it. We even included it in our best Chinese Civil War.

What Remains Book

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Thorough Research

The author has spent quite a lot of time, researching everything he could to gather enough information so that he could write this amazing book that explains this huge event in human history with a little more detail and it turns out to be a piece of content like nothing else. Tobie gathers information from findings that have belonged to Chinese and Western survivors who have told the story or written it down somewhere as he explains how living through all of this actually felt.

Rebuilding Homes

So much of this whole period is covered in this book as you can see from our What Remains book review, Tobie even describes how individuals, families, and communities spent their time rebuilding their shattered homes and cities after all of the destruction and killing was finally over.


It all goes to a deeper and more emotional description as Tobie also explains how all of these people felt about the loss that they had to go through, everything from losing their homes and friends, to losing precious family and loved ones. He describes how people coped with these horrible events and what it truly was like to live in a time of a catastrophic civil war such as this one.

Tragic Lives

As this amazing civil war book that managed to take away so much from so many people continues, you find out that this book isn’t actually about the war in particular, but it is about the time after it was over as it describes the tragic lives that people had to lead after witnessing so much horror. It explains how the people made sense of everything that has just happened, the death, the destruction, something they have never seen before on such a massive scale.

Loss and Devastation

We try not to give out too many major spoilers in this book review of What Remains, but the book will definitely tell you about the emotional pain of these people and if it was actually better to be a survivor from all of that loss and devastation. One can only ask if they are actually the lucky ones.

Bit of Everything

Basically, you get to see a little bit of everything in this amazing story that Tobie Meyer-Fong has described. You get to read about how the actual Civil War went on in the 19th century in China and you also get to see how the survivors coped with everything after it was over as they struggled to rebuild their homes and their lives.

Actual Events

The book definitely accomplishes Tobie’s goal of describing how the Taiping Rebellion took place and actual events in this great Civil War that China had to suffer through. If you find this What Remains book review appealing, then the book itself will definitely be a nice surprise for you.

Michael Englert
Michael Englert
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