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Wheel of the Winds Book Review (2021)

M.J. Engh

This is the second novel of the science fiction author M.J. Engh. Engh is known mostly for her novel Arslan that involves an amazing plot regarding the invasion of the United States and for her amazing capability of writing very exciting science fiction stories that take her readers to crazy new worlds and on fun and mysterious adventures.

Author Emerita

Engh’s reputation precedes her as she is an independent Roman scholar and was named Author emerita by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. In this book review of Wheel of the Winds, you get to find out what the story of this novel is and to see if Engh’s writing style suits you.

Wheel of the Winds Book

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The Exile

This novel by Engh is one that describes a pretty interesting adventure, involves other worlds, and takes you on dangerous journeys that are filled with excitement. It is set on another planet, an unnamed one sadly, on which a newcomer arrives for the very first time. He is an odd-looking man who is referred to as the Exile.

Sollet Castle

After he finds himself at a magnificent building called the Sollet Castle, he escapes from there only to be captured again by the Warden, Lethgro, who is now keeping him prisoner on his small sailing ship that is called the Mouse.

We introduce you to new characters in our book review of Wheel of the Winds as they come along in the novel itself, one being an inspector who comes from the Council of Beng for an inspection of the Warden’s small sailing ship. The inspector is about to board the Mouse as we meet another character, the captain of the ship.

Captain Repnomar

Her name is Captain Repnomar who after watching her friend, the Warden, refusing to turn over his prisoner to the Council, immediately makes a run for it and all three of them, the Warden, the Exile, and Captain Repnomar, make a run for it.

The Adventure Begins

So begins the adventure for these two characters from the unnamed planet and the other world one that might just be a man from Earth. A journey awaits for them from thereon which we will not spoil everything about in our review of Wheel of the Winds book, but what we can say is that their journey is both on land and sea, both peaceful and dangerous, it gets exciting pretty fast as they discover a new land that has never seen civilization before.

Scared and Excited

As they set on this adventure, not knowing what will come next, both scared and excited, you get to find out how everything turns out for these interesting and unique characters as you read for yourself.

Whether you are familiar with M.J. Engh’s writing or not, it is definitely worth reading this book as you will find that it’s quite interesting and that it holds quite the unique plot and characters.

Robert Hazley
Robert Hazley
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