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When Sinners Say “I Do” Book Review (2021) – Discovering The Power Of The Gospel For Marriage

Dave Harvey

When Sinners Say “I Do”, written by Dave Harvey and published in 2007, we find out what he believes is the root problem in all marriages. The two people who are being joined in matrimony are still the same flawed individuals that they were before the ceremony.

Broad Appeal

In this book, Harvey provides a way to overcome our problems through the grace that comes from the Christian message. With a broad appeal, this book will provide new insights for couples no matter what length of time they have been married. We have also included this book in our list of the best Christian marriage books. Don’t hesitate to check it out.

When Sinners Say “I Do” Book

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What to Expect

Dave Harvey has the qualifications and authority to offer this advice after his many years as a pastor and author of several books. He is also a trained Christian counselor.

Although the title of the book seems a bit onerous, Dave writes with a humorous and frank tone that is encouraging for the reader. He is full of hope and this is a welcome change from the doom and gloom that surrounds the possibility of marriages succeeding in the modern world.

How Do Marriages Evolve?

As each wedding anniversary is met and celebrated with the appropriate gift for the number of years together, we are likely to forget that a marriage is made up of moments not years.

Couples love to share “their story” about how they met. The positive impact of that is the creation of a love map of their life together. However, it is the ordinary moments that make up the rest of their daily life as a couple that has more bearing on how happy and long their marriage will be.

Moments of Change

It is in the moments of change, despair, and difficulty that the rest of their marriage story will be written. Every couple can be sure that there will be problems ahead. We all know this fact, but initially, we don’t believe it will apply to us.

Very soon after the wedding, sometimes during the honeymoon, the couple will start to see the emergence of problems. The success of the marriage will be determined by how a couple sees the source of the problem and then how they respond to it individually and as a pair.

One of Harvey’s fundamental beliefs is that “brokenness is broader than sin”. By this, he means that our flawed characters are not the only problem in the relationship. The way to get around problems is to have a deep comprehension of ourselves and then get to understand our partners in an equally deep way.

The Problems We Encounter

One of the main difficulties in marriage is the fact that we are made up of weak flesh and blood and this does not improve with age. Another problem that we bring to the union is our history. The past has made us who we are today. It will deeply impact how we relate to our spouse in every moment of our marriage.

An additional problem, according to Harvey, is our spiritual make-up and the supernatural forces that attack every marriage. He believes that it is possible to be involved in spiritual warfare that a couple needs to be prepared to defend their marriage against such attacks.

Divine Protection

Before you get too despondent about the chances for your marriage, Harvey suggests that the whole state of marriage is within the protective circle of God’s divine protection.

With his intimate knowledge of the range of problems that couples are sure to face, Harvey pinpoints the ones that are common to most marriages. In this way, couples can prepare and quickly identify when they are facing a similar situation in their marriage.

Support in Times of Despair

The spiritual aspect of this is highlighted in When Sinners Say “I Do” because Harvey explains how these moments of difficulty also offer chances for the couples to change their reactions which will most likely lead to a more loving and deeper relationship for them.

Invaluable Resource

Christians believe that this book is an invaluable resource in helping couples to acknowledge problems, change our responses, and improve their spiritual and marital relationships.

When Sinners Say “I Do” book offers couples the hope that, despite themselves, they can have a successful marriage provided it is based on a deeply spiritual relationship and because couples are willing to be humble and forgiving.

In God We Trust

Trusting in the fact that God does not change, couples can cope with the traumas of life and all the changes that are part and parcel of becoming a family, because they have a secure foundation. The success of the marriage depends more on the faith that the couple place in God than in the strength of their love for one another.

Reviews by Christian Couples

When it comes to receiving five-star book reviews of When Sinners Say “I Do” gets them nearly every time! Readers say that it is a brilliant book because it is practical and biblical. It is a route map to a spiritually-enhanced marriage and comes highly recommended.

When competing against the hundreds of books in the Christian marriage genre, this book stands head and shoulders above the rest. It has the right amount of common sense advice balanced with sound spiritual guidance and leaves the reader feeling encouraged rather than overwhelmed by the magnitude of what they have agreed to in the marriage vows.

A Highly Recommended Marriage Guidance Book

With recommendations by theologians and laymen alike, Dave Harvey has produced a helpful book without being provocative. He has steered clear of the gender bias that many other books of this genre are steeped in and sees men and women as equals. Couples accept that they are both sinners with an equal need for redemption.

There is none of the heavy-handed submission requirements and antiquated patriarchal dogma of some books that have no place in a twenty-first-century marriage. This is a refreshing and insightful marriage guidance book.

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