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Why I Wore Lipstick: To My Mastectomy Book Review (2021)

Geralyn Lucas

This book presents the autobiography of Geralyn Lucas, an American journalist, television producer, writer, and public speaker for breast cancer awareness. In this memoir of hers where she covers an unforgettable time of her life filled with fear and uncertainty.

She also presents a piece of content that is meant to inspire every woman who has to go through what Geralyn went through at a relatively young age. You will find out about Geralyn’s inspirational story in this book review of Why I Wore Lipstick: To My Mastectomy.

Why I Wore Lipstick: To My Mastectomy Book

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Breast Cancer

So, it might be clear from the title itself that Gerlayn Lucas also had to go through a hard time of breast cancer. Her life was a joyful one as she writes about the time when she just graduated from Columbia Journalism School and almost immediately managed to grab her dream job in life.

The last thing that Lucas expected to witness in her twenties was to be diagnosed with breast cancer. After hearing this at the age of 27, Geralyn starts a new chapter of her life, a chapter in which she had experienced the largest amount of fear in her life and the most uncertain of what is to come she had ever been.

Early Age

She was fairly young for this to happen to her and Geralyn explains in her this memoir of hers what it meant to witness this event in her world she lived in that was obsessed with beauty and style. A world where people give so much meaning to what someone looks like and she would be badly affected by what has happened to her.

Among the words of tragedy and hard times that Geralyn tells her readers all about, this story is much more than that. She also proves that anyone can make it and accomplish anything they set out to do in their lives just as she did. She makes her story an inspiring one to others who suffer through the same fate and maybe even worse.

A Lot of Thinking

You will find as you read Why I Wore Lipstick book that these times for Geralyn were filled with so much thinking, her trying to find herself as all who witness this tragic news begin a similar journey, a journey of trying to find meaning and a way to save themselves.

She starts a journey to self-acceptance that will inspire many women instead of making them feel bad about what has happened, her story stands out as she gives hope to all others. It takes courage and self- confidence to do what she has done and instead of letting this beat her.

Turn it Around!

Geralyn manages to make the most out of a bad situation and turn her life around to inspire others and to make sure she does more good in this world, she makes sure that no one feels the way she did when she heard the tragic news and that everyone else has the hope that she had to find for herself.

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