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Wicked Deeds on a Winter’s Night Book Review (2021)

Kresley Cole

Terrific novelist Kresley Cole comes from the United States of America. Cole is an American authoress, whose works encompass a variety of genres, including romance, children’s literature, paranormal romance, fantasy, historical fiction, and YA fiction.

Kresley Cole is a beloved writer whose fan base attentively waits for her next novel. Kresley Cole’s works are frequently featured on bestseller lists domestically, but she isn’t a stranger to being on international bestseller lists, either.

Wicked Deeds on a Winter’s Night Book

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Writing Career

Kresley Cole was once very devoted to sports and was a prominent athlete. Accordingly, she acquired her Master’s degree. Since graduating, Cole has been noted to travel the world so that she can gain more and more experience which will aid her in her writing.


As of yet, the authoress’ novels have received translations in as many as twenty-three languages. In terms of awards, Cole has been the recipient of an Audie Award for Paranormal, three RITA awards from the Romance Writers of America (RWA), and she was even inducted into the RWA’s Hall of Fame. Kresley currently resides along with her family in Florida. With all of that noted, we can now give our book review.

Immortals After Dark Series

This book is surely one of the most satisfying novels to have been put out by Kresley Cole. It is a superb story that is also a part of Kresley Cole’s Immortals After Dark series.

The series is composed of nineteen primary novels and a few tie-ins, too. It is the third in the series, or fourth if we count one of the tie-ins and was published in the year of 2007. We also included it in our selection of the best werewolf romance books.

A Synopsis of the Series’ Events

Since this book is the third in the series, we’ll summarize a little bit of what happens in the previous installment(s). By and large, the characters are connected, yes, though mostly tangentially.

Upon having faced years upon years of suffering at the hands of the vampires, the leader of the Lykae Clan named Lachlain MacRieve finally has the chance to meet his eon-long awaited mate. One can imagine how Lachlain felt when he found out that this mate is a vampire, at least partly. Emmaline Troy is a half-vampire and half-Valkyrie.

Nonetheless, Lachlain takes her in his castle. Emmaline was trying to find out the truth about her dead parents, but that was cut short as Lachlain claimed her as a mate of his. The two begin to grow closer, but a sinister presence is afoot and precaution is the norm.

The World in Which We Find Ourselves in

The book follows the mighty witch Mariketa and the werewolf named Bowen. Mariketa is a fairly young witch attempting to do with her life all of the things that will leave her loved ones proud.

Bowen, on the other hand, is a character that was present in the other novels of the Immortals After Dark series. Bowen is a bit older than Mariketa. Bowen is eighteen-hundred years old and he is a Lykae.

Huge Competition

About eight-hundred years ago Bowen lost his mate and has been grieving ever since. In this centuries-long period, Bowen has not been with another mate. Additionally, Bowen loathes witches and their kind very much. As it turns out, Bowen and Mariketa are both set to be contestants in a competition of magical proportions.

The winner of the competition will be granted the ability to travel back in time not once, but twice. We learn that Mariketa’s desire to win the prize is so for her Coven. Mariketa is a witch who was prophesized long ago to be the wielder of truly special abilities, but as of yet, she is not that powerful.

Pain of Being Alone

Mariketa hopes that if she acquires the prize, the powers will finally come up to the surface. Bowen’s reasoning for wanting the prize is so that he can go and save his mate. The pain of being alone for so long has taken its toll on Bowen, especially since it was Bowen that took his mate’s life all that time ago.

The magical competition is underway and the two of them have a few run-ins with each other. In spite of his feelings about the witches’ kind, Bowen begins to feel something building in him and he can’t shake this feeling of being attracted to Mariketa. At first, he thinks that it is all a trick from the witch and that he is being hoodwinked into thinking her as his mate.

Terrible Accident

Mariketa, herself, can’t deny the same feelings for him, though she admits not to have had a hand in the attraction between them. The competition is seemingly broken off as a result of a terrible accident, with Mariketa being saved seemingly by Bowen.

Mariketa might not like it, but she has to believe in Bowen that he will keep her secure. Bowen’s attitude towards Mariketa spells that he thinks of her as his mate, but not quite. Mariketa numbs her own feelings until Bowen’s decision has been made. There’s just a bit missing there between them which would cement the whole thing.

World Under Attack

In the background, however, something insidious is lurking. The coven of Mariketa is under attack and so is the world. Mariketa seems to have no choice but to force herself to become the mighty witch of prophecy, but then what of her feelings towards Bowen?

Genuinely, our book review of Wicked Deeds on a Winter’s Night can’t say enough kind words for this work. The Immortals After Dark series has stories in abundance to tell so be sure to keep your eye on them.

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