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5 Best William C. Dietz Books (2021)

Best William C. Dietz Books ReviewBio

William C. Dietz was born in the year of 1945, in the United States of America. Dietz is a prominent American sci-fi writer, most notably in the military science fiction genre, but he has also done several video game novelizations. Dietz was raised in the Seattle Area. William graduated from the University of Washington, after which he spent six months living in Africa.

Early Life

William has also spent some time serving in both the Marine Corps and the Navy as a corpsman. During his time in the military and its separate factions, Dietz learn quite a lot of things. His expertise in the field gave way for him to be able to write such realistic, absorbing military sci-fi stories. Therefore, it is not so surprising that his name can be also found in our article about the best Mass Effect books.

Best William C. Dietz Books

Photo Title Rating Length Buy
Legion of the Damned 8.02/10 341 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Soldier for the Empire 7.84/10 126 Pages Check Price On Amazon
StarCraft II: Heaven’s Devils 8.42/10 345 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Mass Effect: Deception 7.24/10 336 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Halo: The Flood 8.06/10 341 Pages Check Price On Amazon


Dietz, during the course of his lifetime, has been employed in a wide range of fields. He has worked as a surgical technician, a college instructor, a television producer, a news writer, and a director of public relations and marketing for an international telephone firm. William C. Dietz currently lives in the vicinity of the city of Gig Harbor in Washington House along with his wife Marjorie. We can now take a look at the best William C. Dietz books.

The Legion Book Series


Loved Series

One of Dietz’s most loved series is his Legion series. The series spans nine books along with three semi-canonical prequels. The books that comprise it are the following:

  1. Legion of the Damned, published in 1993.
  2. The Final Battle, published in 1995.
  3. By Blood Alone, published in 1999.
  4. By Force of Arms, published in 2000.
  5. For More than Glory, published in 2003.
  6. For Those Who Fell, published in 2004.
  7. When All Seems Lost, published in 2007.
  8. When Duty Calls, published in 2008.
  9. A Fighting Chance, published in 2011.

French Foreign Legion

The plot of the series starts out with the French Foreign Legion. We learn that by chance and by politics it has survived long into the future, keeping all of its traditions. However, one facet that isn’t the same as it was initially is the French part.

In fact, it’s no longer a French military component. It is among the three largest components of a largescale empire – a multi-planet one. Something that hasn’t been lost from its inception is that it still boasts exceedingly complicated politics and a maniacal leader.

Dietz does an excellent job showing us everyone’s point of view. We see how the situation is looked at from the eyes of the legion, cyborg legionnaires, the navy, the aliens, even civilian leaders, and the less- than-sane emperor.


We learn that the emperor’s tactics are ones that have been used a lot throughout history: pit several groups against each other. As it turns out, it doesn’t seem to be going his way. Only Dietz could write a series as intriguingly complex and absorbing as this one. Instead of falling into the diminishing returns paradigm, the Legion gets better in each entry. Definitely amongst the best William C. Dietz books.

The Star Wars: Dark Force Book Series



Novelized from the expert hands of Dietz, Star Wars: Dark Force is a series and a half. For Star Wars, this read is an indispensable one. The trilogy consists of the following books:

  1. Star Wars: Dark Force – Soldier for the Empire, published in 1997.
  2. Rebel Agent, published in 1998.
  3. Jedi Knight, published in 1998.

Kyle Katarn

The story starts out with Kyle Katarn. Kyle has just graduated from the Imperial Military Academy. Kyle’s father, Morgan Katarn, has been murdered and Kyle is informed that the culprits are the Rebels. We learn, however, that the true murderers were hired by the Empire. However, Kyle learns from a Rebel leader that his father’s death was at the hands of the Empire, not the Rebels.

What proves this thesis to him is his father’s own droid as it had recorded the fateful slaying. Kyle steps away from the Empire and stands amongst the Rebels. He is now on a mission to get a hold of some plans that the Empire has for a largescale weapon – could it be the Death Star?

Rebel Agent

The second book takes place about five years into the future. We go back to Morgan Katarn as he finds out about a new species referred to as a bouncer – which will come into play at a later time. The Jedi named Rahn is told of the Valley of the Jedi and the bouncers as its guardians. A misfortune happens as Rahn is taken by the Dark Jedi, but not before instructing Morgan to leave the information to his son.

Jedi Knight

The final book sees the now-Jedi Kyle as he ventures to the Valley of the Jedi. The same valley was the place where a great battle was held a millennium ago, with the souls of many Jedi and Sith trapped. Kyle is now on the tail of Jerec, the Dark Jedi that took his father’s life. If you want to read more about the novelized book that is part of the Star Wars series, take a look at our selection of the best Alan Dean books.

Heaven’s Devils



Heaven’s Devils is a co-written book by Christie Golden and William C. Dietz. It is also a part of a series, the Starcraft II series, though the other books weren’t written with Dietz, so we will be focusing on just this one, which, coincidentally, is the first book. It was published in 2010.

Jim Raynor

The story starts out with Jim Raynor. Jim is a 19-year-old. Jim is also a demolition derby racer and a trucker that works together with his parents on their farm. As it so happens, Jim is interested in doing a lot of things, but he doesn’t want to be a farmer. A military recruiter, in a mecha suit, comes and makes an offer to Jim. Jim takes the offer, but doesn’t take note of the fact that the war isn’t going great for the humans in their battle against the Kel-Morian Combine.

Tychus Finnley

At the same time, we follow Tychus Finnley. Finnley is a sergeant in the Marine core, but also a bit of a criminal – a professional, at that. Tychus is only working in the Marine so as to get some money. Arik Bennet is the third main character. Arik is a son of a Confederacy family that gets himself drugged. He is subsequently sent off to war in a faraway sector of the stars.


This disparity between the main character’s ambitions and reasons allows for a clear juxtaposition between them. In fact, we see Raynor as he is disillusioned from the discovery that all war is an exercise in futility between two exceedingly corrupt groups. One of the most important books that Dietz has written. Additionally, it is one of the best William C. Dietz books.

Mass Effect: Deception



Mass Effect: Deception is the fourth book in the novelized series of the Mass Effect videogames. The first three books were written by Drew Karpyshyn, while Dietz stepped in for the fourth book. The book was written and published in 2012.

We know that the universe is under besiegement. Each fifty-thousand years, the fearful Reapers invade the galaxy to feast upon the organic life present. The Reapers are a race of sentient machines, and large ones at that.


Admiral in the Navy, David Anderson, and partner Kahlee Sanders are the only ones that know about the truth of the coming threat and they are trying to find a way to hinder the return of the fiendish Reapers. They’ve gathered quite a lot of evidence pointing to the Reapers’ existence.

What they also did – on which they didn’t count on – was expose what a secrete paramilitary organization named Cerberus was doing. The Illusive Man, the group’s leader, will not allow this to go unpunished and will not let the organization’s secrets be revealed to all.

Gillian Grayson

Luckily, the duo finds a woman that boasts unnatural abilities. She is Gillian Grayson and she was once the subject of a scary scientific experiment. She, however, is now free and dead-set on taking revenge on Cerberus and its leader. The twists and the turns are endlessly intriguing in this superb entry by Dietz. It isn’t without reason that this is one of William C. Dietz’s best books.

Halo: The Flood


The Covenant

Dietz’s Halo: The Flood was published in 2003. It is the novelization of the story of one of the Halo videogames. In fact, the Halo games have had many novelizations, twenty-eight official ones, and they have been done by plenty of authors. William C. Dietz only wrote Halo: The Flood, so it will be at the forefront of our examination.

The book is set in the year of 2552, about 532 years into the somewhat far future. A collection of extraterrestrial races that goes by the name of The Covenant has taken an item referred to as the plant of Reach. This same collection is in the middle of a war with humanity.

Pillar of Autumn

Their spaceship, the Pillar of Autumn, travels through a certain slip in space and goes to an unknown location because of a certain protocol, named the Cole protocol. Soon, we find out that they have encountered something that they hadn’t expected and which challenged them greatly – even on the deeper, mental level.

The war’s peak is reached when a ship of the humans finds a ring-world, an ancient one, referred to as Halo. The ship – as ships often do – crashes there. Amongst the survivors is SPARTAN-117, the Master Chief. The Master Chief is a biologically-enhanced cyborg soldier that is clothed in a very special form of armor.


The Master Chief fights against the dastardly Covenant along with his fellow Marine men, unlocking the secrets of the planet. However, once he finds a secret laboratory situated in a bog, everything changes. The most fearful horror of the whole galaxy is then unleashed.

The Prequel Legion series is one that not many have read, but it features Dietz’s trademark storytelling skills at its peak. The Run series of Dietz is another very much deserving of attention.

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