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Wind in the Ashes Book Review (2021)

William W. Johnstone

Wind in the Ashes is a thrilling book filled with a lot of action and adventure by author William W. Johnstone and it is the sixth book in a row that belongs to William’s adventure series called Ashes.

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Wind in the Ashes Book

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The Ashes Series

The story inside takes place in a post-apocalyptic world and revolves around one character who is trying to rebuild America in his own way. If you happen to be a fan of stories of war and post-apocalyptic words, then this story will definitely suit your style as you will find out all about it in this book review of Wind in the Ashes.

Ben Raines

Ben Raines and his rebel companions have a dream which is to rebuild this nation from the ground up and to turn it into something better than it ever was. No outlaws or criminals will be tolerated and it will be a world of peace and love.

But in order for them to succeed in their goal, they have to do one last thing that will make sure nothing else will be in their way. This dream of theirs was born after the devastation that Ben had seen in the events of World War III. You get to meet what kind of character Ben Raines is in our book review of Wind in the Ashes and you find out that he is a very skilled and dedicated soldier and a legendary freedom fighter.

Rebuilding America

His dedication to rebuilding America no matter what stands in his way is what makes this man very special and the right person to lead the rest of the rebel soldiers.

Ben gives an order for one last assault against the Russian invaders that will finally put an end to their suffering and allow them to begin their new lives. A strong mercenary also stands in their way, Sam Hartline, but Ben knows that he must do whatever it takes for him to succeed and always faces what is ahead.

One-Man Attack

As you read further, you see Ben prepare for the battle that is about to come, but an unexpected twist comes your way as while all of them wait for reinforcements, Ben plans to execute a one-man attack versus a small army that might prove to be the first step towards their plan of living freely and into a new and peaceful world or it could also mean the death of this reckless man who would do anything to free his country.

Exciting Adventure

You get to see how this exciting adventure ends as you have a look at the book for yourself. If you happen to like what you see in this Wind in the Ashes book review and you love the book itself, then you are definitely going to like the whole series that this book is a part of called Ashes.

Every book inside it has a similar plot to this one that is filled with so much action, thrill, and adventure, as well as interesting and unique characters like Ben Raines.

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