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Women in Deep Time Book Review (2021)

Greg Bear

Science fiction writer Greg Bear and author of this amazing book collection of novels says that throughout his career, he has always been fascinated and has respected the feminist voice. We wrote an article about the best Greg Bear books. Don’t forget to check it out.

Wonderful Collection

That is why he has female protagonists in many of his stories that define the outcome of the whole story and that present such heroic characteristics. This is the book review of Women in Deep Time, a wonderful collection of some of Greg’s thrilling stories that hold the most unique and memorable female characters.

Women in Deep Time Book

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Something in Common

In the collection, there are a few award-winning novels by Greg such as Sisters, Scattershot, and Hardfought book. All of these novels have the things we mentioned above in common. Don’t worry, we will make sure we let you know something about each of these stories in our Women in Deep Time book review so that you can have a better understanding of what this book collection holds.


The first we have is a Nebula Award-Winning novelette called Hardfought. In this story, Greg introduces his readers to a new alien race called the Senexi who are at war with the humans. These galactic wars cause tremendous damage and no one is very keen on having them, but when there is no choice it has to be done.


Hope for peace presents itself after a young girl figures out the Senexi’s larger role in this war and that the humans still have an opportunity to save themselves from the horrible destruction and live in peace.

This young girl who has the chance to save everyone is the main reason that we are talking about Hardfought in this book review of Women in Deep Time and that it is in the collection in the first place. Moving on, the other two short stories presented in this book are Sisters and Scattershot, both of which are perfect examples of science fiction content with leading and heroic female characters.


The story in Scattershot is led by the same as all kinds of alien races meet in a neutral limbo space that is the start of a thrilling adventure that has many unexpected twists. Greg Bear has managed to maintain his unique writing style and come up with more and more unforgettable characters that make sure to leave big impressions on the readers. 

Amazing Greg

Women in Deep Time is another one of his few great short novel book collections by Greg that is perfect for introducing new readers to his work. Instead of diving into a complex and long story by Greg for the first time, now they can simply go through this collection and see what Greg Bear is all about.

Feel free to have a look at this book for a more detailed version of the short stories than in our Women in Deep Time book review so that you can grasp the full talent of Greg Bear and his amazing science fiction and fantasy worlds that truly are like no other.

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