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The World Turned Upside Down Book Review (2021)

Christopher Hill

English historian and author Christopher Hill comes back to his fans with another one of his famous history documentaries and brilliantly written non-fiction stories that always have some kind of important message to teach the readers.


He manages to come up with a very exciting story to read about and a knowledge-filled piece of work that will also prove quite educating on some of the most important historical events that have ever happened to humanity. This book review of The World Turned Upside Down will make sure you know exactly what to expect before you decide to read the book for yourself.

The World Turned Upside Down Book

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English History

This book presents the tenth book on English history by Christopher Hill and his eighth in a row study of the revolution. We believe that it is safe to say that this man has contributed more than so many others to the reshaping of England’s true past and not the past that has intentionally gotten very bad press. For more similar books, check out our best English Civil Wars books.

English Revolution

Christopher makes sure to tell the true story just as it is thanks to his brilliant research and devotion to projects such as this very informative book. Thanks to Christopher, the name English Revolution has managed to bring the same excitement to people like when they hear the words French and American Revolution as he manages to tell the true story and the events that should be remembered by all.

Bad Press

As you embark on the reading journey within this book, you find out a lot of things that you probably have never thought about even if you are an interested historian. Hill tells us that the English Revolution has gotten super bad press ever since the time of the 1660s when Charles II was restored to the throne and ordered the bones of Oliver Cromwell to be dug up and hanged publicly.

Succeed Where Others Fail

You also find out from this The World Turned Upside Down book review that nearly one hundred years ago, a man called Thomas Carlyle also tried to get the English to re-examine their long-overdue Revolutionary tradition, but he was unfortunately unsuccessful.

This is where Christopher Hill has managed to succeed, unlike others who have tried and failed before him. That is where this book comes in as it is the sole piece of content that has managed to change the minds of so many of its readers and tell the story for what it truly is.


The book spans for more than 400 pages as Christopher takes his time examining crucial groups such as the Diggers, the Ranters, the Levellers, and their beliefs that have made sure to give rise to all of them as he makes sure he gets all the information that he needs.

A lot more is covered within the pages of this book which we can’t explain everything in this The World Turned Upside Down book review, but know that if you love stories like this one about history and many undiscovered truths, and especially if you are a fellow English historian such as Christopher, then you are about to have a very interesting and exciting read from this book.


Be sure to look further than this The World Turned Upside Down book review and find out what secrets and revelations await inside. You get to find out about a lot more than what you have just seen here such as the relations between the rich and the poor at that time, the outbursts of sexual freedom and deliberate blasphemy, and so much more that Hill has managed to uncover and explain for the people.

Michael Englert
Michael Englert
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