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World War Z Book Review (2021) – An Oral History Of The Zombie War


Writing this World War Z book review at a time when the world is in the grip of the Coronavirus epidemic, it feels like fiction has become fact and that lends a chilling feeling of reality to the famous novel, World War Z. Perhaps readers and world leaders should have paid more attention to the messages between the covers of this book.

Max Brooks

World War Z book was written by Max Brooks, son of the famous comedian, Mel Brooks. One might be forgiven for thinking that this is going to be a funny book to pass the time. Quite the opposite. This is a grave and a perceptive cautionary tale. If you are looking for similar books, check out our selection of the best zombie books!

World War Z Book

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Amazing Details

Brooks creates fictitious meetings and articles about how a zombie plague began. We learn about how inept the plans for future international crises are in the face of a global catastrophe.

There is so much detail in the story that we begin to wonder whether he had some insider knowledge. What an ingenious way to get the message across by writing a bogus prediction of a Zombie apocalypse! No wonder that we included this book on our list of the best post-apocalyptic books!

Journalistic Skills

In World War Z, Max Brooks uses the most superb journalistic skills to bring us a cult novel with intense descriptions of the horror of a zombie invasion. He thrust the zombie genre into the mainstream and started a new trend in movies and games as well.

World War Z opens with reports about a pandemic that started in China. The cases multiplied rapidly and it is soon evident that this could turn into a global catastrophe. Information from scientists gets ignored by world leaders and only when the outbreak is global do they realize that something has to be done to contain the zombies.

Record of the Events

From the tales of horror told by people across the world, he puts together a record of what it was like to come face to face with an undead enemy. People use ruthless and inhumane methods in a vain attempt to stop the spread of the zombie plague.

We also find out about how different countries dealt with the masses of walking dead. Firstly, Israel isolated itself. That was easy on account of the enormous wall that had already been built around it.

Empires Falling

Everyone watched as all the once-mighty empires of the world fell before the zombie onslaught. It is when the zombie invasion reached America that humans finally began to gain the upper hand. Useful survival advice and methods to overcome the zombies are also included.

Devastating Impact

Max Brooks embarked on a mission to collect a record of the personal experiences of the survivors. We read of the horrors they experienced as well as the devastating impact that the Zombie War had on the whole world. It threatened the environment, turned society and its values upside down, destroyed the economies of the world and destroyed faith in all of the major religions. It was almost the end of the world.

Summary of Horrors

World War Z is the summary of the terror and the horror as well as the enduring strength of the human spirit in the most desperate of times. We are given a warning that we ignore at our peril and we are reminded that if we are not truly human, then we are just the same as the undead. A truly chilling thought. For more amazing books written by Max Brooks, check out our The Zombie Survival Guide book review.

Absolute Masterwork

This book gets reviewed as the best Zombie book ever because it is intelligently researched and written. We get a description of humanity at its worst and also at its best. We can imagine what humans will do when faced with an overwhelming threat. Reviewers declare that his oral history will have you hooked as you read about the horror that unfolds in this war between humans and zombies.

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Robert Hazley
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