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Zero at the Bone Book Review (2021)

Jane Seville

Exceptionally talented writer Jane Seville resides in Columbus, Ohio, United States of America. The internet is scarcely clear about when Jane Seville was born or where, to be exact, though.

LGBT Romance

Nonetheless, Seville is an amazing authoress whose novels continue to awe and inspire readers years later still. Her novels are most notably gay or lesbian romances, with themes of mystery, as well. Her primary literary influences are everyone’s favorite king of horror Stephen King, brilliant and irreverent writer Cormac McCarthy, and fellow writer Anne Tyler.

Zero at the Bone Book

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By her own admission, Seville cherishes her time spent reading and writing stories centered around attractive males as they come together with equally attractive males in the comfort and intimacy of their own bedroom. This perhaps stems from the fact that she was brought up in the proximity of homosexual males. Seville’s mother was the director of the chorus of gay males where they lived.


Following this portion of her life, Seville attended a women’s college. This presents another case of her circumstances and surroundings abound with homosexuals, this time female ones. While Jane is not a homosexual authoress, she bears a genuine and fervent relation with the movement. She continually aids the movement by way of her novels.

On a side note, Seville enjoys cooking, watching pop-culture TV shows, along with writing and reading. With all of that noted, we can now give our Zero at the Bone book review.

One of Seville’s Best Novels

This book is correctly regarded as one of Jane Seville’s best novels, to date. It’s a very fun, engaging, and entertaining read, as well as offering a story that makes one contemplate the happenings.

It is a part of a series of the same name, and it is the first book in it. The series, itself, doesn’t feature any other installments barring the few tie-in novels, which was published in the year of 2009. You can also find it on our list of the best gay romance books. Make sure to check it out!

Doctor Jack Francisco

One of the two main characters in Zero at the Bone book is Doctor Jack Francisco. We happen to come by Jack while he is in a distressing situation, to be blunt. He is in an interrogation room at the police station. Additionally, Jack also has a lot of blood on him, yet it’s not his own.

We learn that Jack was a witness to the murder of a lady, a certain Maria Dominguez. Mrs. Maria was supposed to testify against her ex, who is an important figure in a drug operation. It isn’t false to assume that Jack was frightened. He was seated in a room with people suited, ones intimidating and repetitive with their questions and even more so with his own answers.

A Look at the Life of Jack

While Jack had merely a short while ago been a great surgeon, a career he’d worked to get for years and years, he was now about to be sent away into the witness protection program. All of his efforts, aspirations, and ambitions went poof in the air as he was the hapless fellow that happened to be present in the wrong place at the worst of times.

His branch was in maxillofacial surgery, mainly craniofacial surgery. This sort of surgeons is known to work on ailments, damages, or intrinsic issues to the cranium, face, and neck. We can safely suppose that he spent a great deal of his life at school, and now it is all rendered null and void.

Just D.

Our other main character is none other than D. D is not quite as morally forthright as Jack Francisco is, but who can fault him? D works as a hitman or, as he prefers, an assassin. His line of work implies being coldblooded.

So far as anyone is concerned, D’s past is non-existent and so is his name. He acquires an offer, he deliberates and considers it, accepts it, and the deed is done with a swift speed. He does, however, have a sort of moral code, if that’s what we can call it. He doesn’t hurt females, kids, or innocent people.

To Kill or to Spare

As it so happens, he gets offered the contract to eliminate Jack. Seeing as Jack falls into D’s list of exceptions, he doesn’t accept. Blackmailing seems to be the name of the game in his line of work, though, so he is forced into taking it.

Finding out the whereabouts of Jack was a featherweight feat for the expertise of D. As he comes close to killing Jack, he instead takes him with him so that he can keep him safe, as he is aware that his conscience and sense of guilt wouldn’t let up if he takes an innocent person’s life.

Ominous Gentleman

What Jack was doing while D was tracking him down, traveling to said place, and infiltrating the supposed fortress of solitude, was going on a hike, of all things. He’d been bored doing absolutely nothing. When he returned, he saw an ominous gentleman clothed by the shadows.

However, D only wants to help him in spite of the astonishing fear that Jack felt. Now, the two of them have no other recourse but to work together if they want to stay alive. They get to know each other, with Jack being as forthright with his contemplative need to muse aloud, and D being the silent type. It doesn’t take long for both of them to let down their guards, barriers, and brick walls, and to succumb to the human need for connection, albeit one based in the runaway life.

An Unlikely Coming Together

This urge for connecting with someone burns afire out of their similarities and an odd, yet palpable sense of tension – a sexual tension. D, though he knows better than to do so, opens himself up to Jack and lets him take a walk in the darkness and shadows that he has lived in for so long a time.

They become intertwined and by way of caress, touch, and kiss, they fall in love. D might seem hard-wrought and Jack might seem brilliant, but both of them are through with their isolation, and they find each other. Hand in hand, they will walk out of this, one way or another. Our book review can get one thus far in the story, the rest is up to you.

There’s More

Date Night, Time After Time, Liar, and A Very D Christmas are the tie-in novels in the series, and they are very much worth reading.

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