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Zombie Fallout Book Series Review



Mark Tufo

Zero is a prequel, available only in audio format. The listeners will be brought back to the days before the outbreak has started and learn more about the zombie virus, patient zero and all the events that managed to pretty much wipe out the human race.

New World Order

The virus was released by people seeking a new world order. However, they had no idea how destructive their virus will really be. Listen to how scientists, marines led by Major Sanders and Harry race to figure out how to stop the virus that is rapidly spreading through the entire world.

Zombie Fallout Book Series

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Photo Title Rating Length Buy
Zombie Fallout 8.66/10 404 Pages Check Price On Amazon
A Plague Upon Your Family 9.14/10 330 Pages Check Price On Amazon
The End 9.24/10 355 Pages Check Price On Amazon
The End Has Come and Gone 9.32/10 356 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Alive In A Dead World 9.38/10 354 Pages Check Price On Amazon

Photo Title Rating Length Buy
‘Til Death Do Us Part 9.54/10 450 Pages Check Price On Amazon
For The Fallen 9.56/10 372 Pages Check Price On Amazon
An Old Beginning 9.64/10 316 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Tattered Remnants 9.72/10 328 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Those Left Behind 9.68/10 454 Pages Check Price On Amazon

Photo Title Rating Length Buy
Etna Station 9.48/10 364 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Dog Dayz 9.66/10 364 Pages Check Price On Amazon
The Perfect Betrayal 9.84/10 361 Pages Check Price On Amazon
The Trembling Path 9.98/10 384 Pages Check Price On Amazon

Zombie Fallout


Michael Talbot

In the first book of Zombie Fallout Book series, we meet Michael Talbot and his family trying desperately to survive in a world inflicted with a deadly flu virus.


A “cure” that turns the dead into zombies and a powerful Zombie Queen. Mike has to use all his powers of survival to keep his family alive in Little Turtle.

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A Plague Upon Your Family



Following straight on from the first book, the Talbot family and a group of friends have left Little Turtle but find themselves facing more than just the terrifying zombies.

Long Journey

They journey across the country and find death and destruction everywhere. With normal society broken beyond repair, the Talbots have a life or death struggle ahead. We have covered this book in our article about the best zombie book series. If you are interested, check it out!

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The End



The Talbot family continues to try and outrun the zombies as well as the evil Eliza as the apocalypse makes itself felt around them.


Mike has another fear closer to home – his friend Tommy is not all he appears to be.

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The End Has Come and Gone



The End Has Come and Gone tells the story in the form of flashbacks.


We are kept riveted as we hope for salvation for the Talbot family and the group of survivors in this apocalyptic world.

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Alive In A Dead World



Mark Tufo has kept the suspense going with this rollercoaster ride of a fifth novel. With the group split up, most of Alive in a Dead World is about them trying to re-group and leave Dodge.


However, their plans are doomed to failure with the Zombies and devious humans trying to thwart their efforts.

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Till Death Do Us Part



Are they losing the battle? Will the enemy achieve their goal of destruction? Is Michael Talbot dead?


Many reviews of Zombie Fallout book series say that this is their favorite book of the series.

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For the Fallen


Race Against Time

It’s a race against time as Mike tries to save his son and best friend from turning into Zombies.


Telling the story through Mike’s journals, we hear his thoughts, his sarcasm and even a bit of humor amidst the horror of their world. Each book in the series seems to be better than the last.

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An Old Beginning


Evil Group

After escaping a zombie mob, the Talbot family is captured by an evil group trying to dominate the world.

Ultimate Conflict

Tommy, a 500-year-old vampire is their only hope as Mike heads towards the ultimate conflict with an old enemy.

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Tattered Remnants



One wonders how the Talbot family keeps going against all the odds.

Survival in Question

In this dark book, vampires are closing in on them and it is doubtful that they can survive.

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Those Left Behind


Never a Dull Moment

There is never a dull moment in this series, and with the humor and horror that we have come to expect from these books.

Struggle Continues

The Talbot tribe continue their struggle to stay alive. Some old characters return and they are not all nice.

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Etna Station


A Bit Tricky

Reviews of Etna Station are not as glowing as that of previous books in the series. Keeping the characters alive and convincing is proving a bit tricky.


In their desperate attempt to reach Etna Station, they have still had enemies to conquer and they come in a range of supernatural forms.

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Dog Dayz



Just when they have settled at Etna Station, Mike is sent off to NYC on a secret mission.

Super Predator

Things go awry when a super predator appears in the ruins of the devastated city. Mike and his crew have to make a tough choice between their families or the fate of humanity against the deadly Zombies.

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The Perfect Betrayal


Profound and Entertaining

Right to the end, these books continue to be ingenious, profound and entertaining. Everything you could ever want in a Zombie series. With his world crumbling around him, Mike and his crew must make a perilous journey that is likely to end badly.

Confusion and Terror

In The Perfect Betrayal, there is confusion, terror, Zombies, and excitement. Hopefully, we will find out if the Talbot crew survives, as well as the world at large.

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