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The Zombie Survival Guide Book Review (2021) – Complete Protection From The Living Dead

Max Brooks

Once again, if you are expecting humor from Max Brooks then this book probably isn’t for you. But if you are concerned about surviving a zombie invasion, then you will find just about the information you will ever need in our The Zombie Survival Guide book review.

Instructions and Diagrams

The Zombie Survival Guide book has instructions and diagrams to make it easy to follow all the advice it contains. And the information is broken into sections that deal with which weapons are the best to use against zombies and which tactics will be most successful.

The Zombie Survival Guide Book

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The Zombie Survival Guide 8.42/10 255 Pages Check Price On Amazon

Secure Your Home!

If you ever need to secure your home against zombies, then you will get all the know-how, as well as what to stock up on for survival if you have to remain in lockdown for a great length of time. If you are interested in this book topic, check out our selection of the best zombie books, where you can find this one as well.

For those who find themselves on the run, this Zombie Survival Guide will give you a list of gear, clothing, and provisions that you will need to adapt to any outdoor environment. It truly is a complete guide.

All You Need to Survive

So, you can forget about money, your career and constantly checking your phone. Think only about saving your own life and that of your loved ones. In case of an invasion of Zombies, the bestselling Zombie Survival Guide is all you need to survive in the coming apocalyptic times.

It is important to note that this detailed guide on how to protect yourself against zombies is not your usual blood, guts, and gore novel, although there is the suggestion of extreme violence. It is a detailed handbook or textbook for defending yourself against zombies.

Best Tactics

It includes information on the best tactics, safe hiding places, and of course, the most useful weapons. It also includes a quick handy list with the top ten things to do in preparation for the zombie invasion.

It becomes clear as your read this book is that Brooks was not trying to make light of a zombie invasion and, in fact, he has put a lot of thought and research into writing this survival guide to make you really contemplate the seriousness of a global threat. If you like books written by Brooks, check out our World War Z book review.

Book for Entire Family

It is truly the best Zombie Survival Guide and is totally unique in the genre of zombie literature thereby deserving a place on the shelf of every home.

For some, this book is a great motivator to get prepared for any eventuality – zombie or otherwise. My only hope is that The Zombie Survival Guide does not bring out the selfishness that we know is innate in all of us and lead to bulk buying and hoarding of essentials to the detriment of our fellow human beings.

Robert Hazley
Robert Hazley
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