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Alas, Babylon Book Review (2024)

Pat Frank

Alas, Babylon is a post-apocalyptic fiction novel by author Harry Hart Frank who published it in 1959 under the pseudonym Pat Frank. In it, he talks about a fictional world that tells a story of what might have happened if the Cold War went nuclear and ended in a catastrophic end of civilization.

Exciting Journey

In this Alas, Babylon book review, you get to find out more about the story, meet the characters who will bring you along on exciting and thrilling adventures, and see if the plot meets your style before checking out the real thing for yourself.

Alas, Babylon Book

Weird Occurrence

Pat Frank sets the scene in a small town in Florida that has a population of around 5000 and you quickly find out that there is something special about this town. After a huge nuclear holocaust in the United States occurred, millions of people were left dead and a thousand years of civilization were gone in simply one day.

For millions of people, this kind of end to war was definitely a truly terrible thing, but for the people of one strange and small town in Florida, it seemed that it wasn’t the same as they remained unaffected by the devastation that followed the rest.


You will begin to understand why that is as you read the book for yourself and get the know the story better from this Alas, Babylon book review, but first, you have to meet the characters who guide you along the way. Two of the main ones are two brothers, Mark and Randy Bragg and their family members who also get involved in the story but not as much as them.

A thing or two that you get to find out about them from this book review of Alas, Babylon is that Mark is the older brother who works as an officer in the military and Randy lives a more carefree life than his brother that involves a lot of alcohol during and after he comes back from work as being a lawyer.

The Story

The story starts to unfold as Mark warns his brother Randy that a nuclear attack is imminent in the height of the war between the United States and Soviet Russia and he sends his family to seek shelter with Randy in this small town in Florida as he believes that they might be safer there. Randy begins to stock up on everything he can manage to get a hold of and warns everyone he knows of what is about to come.

The next morning, just as Mark’s wife and kids arrive at Randy’s, atomic bombs start raining from the sky on every major city in the United States. The small town in Florida in which Randy lives is cut off from anyone outside it as when Orlando is bombed, the power supply is completely cut off.

Signs of Trouble

This is when the trouble comes to Randy as the town quickly plummets into chaos as everyone is panicking and doing anything they can to survive. People start to steal drugs and everything else they can get ahold of and supplies that the town had left quickly start to expire.


This one might be one of the best post-apocalyptic books out there as it tells a story of how everything begins and how it slowly turns into a world where these people find it hard to live in. If you like what you see in this Alas, Babylon book review and are a fan of stories like this one, then be sure to find out how the rest of this thrilling story ends.

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