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The Hunger Games Book Series Review (2020)

Dystopian Future

The Hunger Games is a post-apocalyptic and science fiction trilogy that tells you about a world in a dystopian future where a cruel but famous event takes place every year.

Children between the ages of 12 and 18 are selected by lottery and must fight to the death. The plot makes the book one of the best science fiction books for teens, that you can read more about in our article.

The Hunger Games Book Series

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The Hunger Games 9.26/10 374 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Catching Fire 9.18/10 391 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Mockingjay 8.78/10 390 Pages Check Price On Amazon

The Hunger Games


Suzanne Collins

The reason for this will be explained in this The Hunger Games book series review and you can read about this truly interesting story written by author Suzanne Collins and narrated by the 16-year-old fictional character Katniss Everdeen.

Movie Adaptation

The story begins with the first book that got published in 2008 called The Hunger Games. That was the book that got to millions of readers and even inspired the great Hunger Games movies to be created. The story quickly got famous thanks to its original, unique, and truly fascinating story and the world in which the characters have to live in.

Speaking of their world, it is a post-apocalyptic one and the story focuses on the nation of Panem, located and established in the remains of North America. The event that caused this world to become so terrible, cruel, and unenjoyable is not really specified in the book, but you can see it as a good thing as you can let your imagination roam free and make that scenario up for yourself.

Katniss Everdeen

The protagonist of the story is Katniss Everdeen, a sixteen-year-old girl who might have gotten herself a death sentence when she decides to take her sister’s place in the annual games. Katniss is a strong female character and thanks to her, you can also find this book on our list of the best science fiction books with female protagonists.

Katniss doesn’t seem like she is too worried as she has gone through previous deadly and life-threatening situations and surviving for her is not an unfamiliar thing. If she wins, her future will definitely be a different one than before as she will have to start making very different and more difficult choices regarding life and love.

Catching Fire


Something Is Off

The story continues in the second book of the series, Catching Fire, where you find out that Katniss has managed to survive through the Hunger Games and yet there is something that still doesn’t feel right for her and seems to be bothering her a lot.


Her friends Gale and Peeta seem to have completely turned their backs on her and she doesn’t even know why. To add to her troubles, there is a whisper going around that a rebellion against the Capitol is coming. What’s even worse about this is that Peeta and Katniss may have helped in the creation of this rebellion.

Test of Her Life

You find out from this The Hunger Games book series review, that our protagonist Katniss is about to participate in the test of her life and if she does not pass, the consequences will be horrifying. What happens next in Catching Fire, is up to you to find out as you read it for yourself, after the first book, of course, otherwise you will definitely be lost in the story.




In Mockingjay, the last book of this incredible series, you read about the never-ending troubles that occupy Katniss Everdeen’s life. She manages to survive through everything that happened here and in the previous books, but her home is sadly destroyed.

Her family is safe and her friend Gale has managed to somehow escape, but Peeta has been unfortunately captured and taken by the Capitol.

New Leaders

Huge events take place in this final book as new leaders emerge, more rebels are coming, and it seems like a Revolution is about to commence. Can you imagine that this series would not be included in our selection of the best post-apocalyptic book series? No? Check it out!

Find out about all of these truly exciting events that take place in the trilogy as you go further than this The Hunger Games book series review and enjoy the real excitement of reading the books for yourself. We also recommend our article about the best science fiction fantasy books that includes The Hunger Games as well.

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