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The Last Dragon Chronicles Review (2024)

Chris d’Lacey

The Last Dragon Chronicles is a book series by English writer Chris d’Lacey that contains a total of 7 children’s fantasy novels and one extra novel that will surely be to your liking. You get to meet a variety of unique and cool dragons as well as some pretty interesting characters.

David Rain

The main one who you get to meet is David Rain and he will be accompanying you throughout the whole series. Be sure to check out our review if you wish to find out more and see if this dragon series will be to your liking.

The Last Dragon Chronicles Book Series

The Fire Within


Ordinary Guy

This fascinating journey starts with this first book of The Last Dragon Chronicles, in which you get to meet the main character himself, David Rain. He seems like a pretty ordinary guy, a college student who is trying to make something of himself in this world.

You also get to meet Elizabeth Pennykettle the woman, who he is staying with, well he is her tenant, and her eleven-year-old daughter, Lucy. Those are the three characters who get to take you on this fantasy adventure at the beginning.

Strange Figurines

While staying there, David discovers that Elizabeth likes to constantly make clay dragon figurines, but he can’t stop to feel that something is definitely strange here and it might happen to do with these dragon figurines that are all around her home. Believe it or not, these clay dragons later come to life and so begins this wonderful adventure in a house full of dragons.

There is another totally fun character in this book that no child can resist, an adorable and energetic squirrel. The thing is that Elizabeth is obsessed with squirrels and there is one that lives in her garden, which now has no home because its tree was cut down. On top of that, this squirrel has one blind eye and cannot go anywhere too far, so Conker stays with Elizabeth and the others.

Mr. Bacon

Another character, who comes into play here, is their next-door neighbor, Mr. Bacon, and David has found out that this person just hates animals and is planning to build a trap for Conker and capture him to get rid of him. In the meantime, David is still writing his own book as he has a passion for writing and this adventure story that he is creating will be a present for Lucy on her birthday.


One of the strangest things happens to David in the later events which leaves him completely shocked, he finally discovers that these dragons that all of them have thanks to Elizabeth can actually come alive and they do have real feelings just like humans. You can expect a fun adventure after learning about this secret.



New Assignment

As the second book from the series, we have Icefire and this thrilling children’s fantasy story begins as you find out that David is super furious that no one will actually publish his exciting adventure book.

The story here becomes a lot more interesting after David hears about their new assignment by his college professor Dr. Bergstorm. He tells his students about his assignment on dragons and tells them that this will be a contest in which the winner will have the pleasure of traveling to the Arctic.


There are a lot of things that happen in this second book of the series and it would seem that 400 pages won’t be enough but the author manages to fit in all of the important events quite nicely. You get to read about David again as he goes up to his room to take a quick nap as he begins to dream about his assignment and the Arctic.

After a while of dreaming about his adventures, he sees a polar bear approaching him and screaming “You have email!”, it was his computer alerting him that he has a new message.

The Fire Tear

There is also another thrilling fact that you get to find out in this book and that is the fire tear, the one thing that Liz uses to give her precious clay dragons life. The aura from this fire tear, that gives life to these dragons, is kept in a snowball in her freezer. However, she doesn’t let David find that out just yet, as she only tells him that this snowball in the freezer is just a memory from past events.


Zanna is another thrilling character, who will have a lot to add to this story, she is David’s friend from college and when she comes to his house, David takes her to check out all of the dragons there. Zanna becomes fascinated by a particular bronze dragon egg and when she touches it, something magical happens, she is able to force it to grow faster just with her touch.

Fire Star


Falling Apart

In Fire Star, the third book of The Last Dragon Chronicles, you get to see how David’s world can quickly fall apart in just a matter of a few short moments. It all starts pretty good actually, everyone is happy and nothing is out of the ordinary.

David is on the Arctic currently along with his girlfriend Zanna. A series of very weird events start happening, as David has begun writing a story about his time on the Arctic, which he calls White Fire. The strange thing here is that although he thinks that he is writing fiction, the story in his book is actually happening to two bears who are called Ingavar and Thoran.

Unfortunate Events

One of the bears, Ingavar, is ordered to find David and steal something precious from him. While David has to deal with these things at the Arctic, there is actually quite a lot happening back at the Pennykettle’s house.

A very unfortunate event has happened here, Lucy has been kidnapped by a long-forgotten enemy to these people, who has just come back from hiding. After David is attacked suddenly by this bear and barely comes out alive, and after he hears the terrible news about Lucy, he decides to go back home early and try to help with this horrible situation.

Even More Bad News

You would think that what is already happening to these characters is bad enough, but there is more bad news that will be coming to their lives. The news that he hears about his girlfriend Zanna, who is still back at the Arctic, says that Zanna has been kidnapped by bears and this news manages to make David completely fall apart, as this is truly too much bad news for someone to handle in such a short time.

What happens next is up to you to find out, as we don’t want to spoil the truly fascinating and exciting events that follow in the next pages of this book. Be sure to read on and find out how this bad situation for our favorite characters finally ends.

The Fire Eternal


5 Years Later

The Fire Eternal is the next dragon book from The Last Dragon Chronicles we get to tell you about as you get to find out about the events that follow after the ending of the previous book, Fire Star. In this story, a lot of time has passed, approximately five years, since the events of the last book and there is much catching up to do in this one if you are to understand the full story.

Bestselling Author

Five years have passed since David, who is now a bestselling author thanks to his magical writing dragon, who has helped him much, went missing in the Arctic. You get to find out that this world in which these characters live is somehow becoming unbalanced and a lot of things are starting to go badly. The goddess of Earth, Gaia, is becoming anxious and restless as this means terrible news for many.


You also get to meet another thrilling character in this book, Alexa. She is David’s daughter and the author is giving us hints that Alexa might just be the only person, who will have what it takes to bring down the mighty Gaia and save countless lives in the process. As you read this book, chapter by chapter, you also get to read a thing or two about the Arctic in every chapter as you get to find out, piece by piece, what exactly happened in this mysterious place as this knowledge still remains a mystery to many.

Few Surprises

You also get to read a lot about the mysterious bears that we met in the Arctic in the previous book as there is something weird about them as well. It turns out that the bear called Thoran is actually David’s professor from college Dr. Bergstorm in disguise. This might be a slight spoiler that we reveal to you in our review but it is nothing compared to what you are about to read in the book itself in the following pages, as those exciting events are completely up to you to find out about and enjoy.

Dark Fire


Terrible Danger

We have reached the fifth book of The Last Dragon Chronicles series and this story might be the most exciting and suspenseful yet as a terrible danger has threatened the entire world and it is up to our favorite characters to save the day again.

The story in this book has a few darker events, but it is nothing to get worried about, as it is still a book series for children, in which they can let their imaginations flow wild in a world where live clay dragons exist and make everyone’s days more exciting.

Few More Dragons

You get to read a lot more about David in this story, as he has finally returned into everyone’s lives after quite the long time and is beginning to get closer to everyone again. What’s even more interesting about the story in this book is that you are about to meet a few more dragons than the clay ones that Elizabeth creates and brings to life.

Something weird is happening at the Arctic again and a huge and mysterious mist is forming there in which all of the polar bears have disappeared and out of which was emerging a colony of huge dragons. A particular dragon called G’Orela will definitely make your reading experience with this one a lot more interesting.

Return of Dragons

You also get to read about a few deaths here and there in this book, which is quite unfortunate but a necessary part of this story’s thrill and excitement. The main event, however, that will keep you entertained with this book is when Alexa, David’s daughter, uncovers that dragons have fully returned to Earth again.

And as exciting as this appears, there is actually a lot of danger coming everyone’s way as not all of the dragons are nice and friendly like the clay dragons that Elizabeth creates.

Fire World


New Worlds

This is the sixth installment of Chris’s The Last Dragon Chronicles, in which you get to read further about the very exciting world of dragons and your favorite characters.

This story is definitely a next-level one as things have greatly changed for the characters inside, as they visit new worlds, meet new characters, encounter new and more dangerous threats, and generally bring you more and more exciting reading material, which you just can’t resist if you have come this far.

Three Parts

There are three parts to the story inside, which are neatly organized and divided so that you can better understand all of the events that are going on inside. This review will try to show you brief descriptions about each of the parts without too many spoilers so that you can know what to expect in this sixth book of the series.

Part One

Part one is where you find out about how the author has managed to expand the universe in which the previous stories are set and where the characters live as you read about a few other characters in this one who actually live on another planet, a planet called Co:pern:ica. This is also where you get to meet David, another character named David who is 12-years-old and is the son of Harlan and Eliza Merriman.

Part Two

This part shows you about the magnificent firebirds that roam freely in this world as well as introduces you to a few more characters who will definitely make this story a lot more exciting. Rosa is another

exciting character who appears here and along with David, they manage to accidentally injure a firebird and this unfortunate event actually turns into the most exciting adventure they have ever experienced.

Part Three

And the final part of this story is where you get to see how this epic journey into a different place finally ends, but not before you meet a couple more characters who are about to make the ending a lot more thrilling. There are a few, who are known as the evil Ix who have managed to take over and gain control over one of the majestic firebirds which is something that brings its own thrilling events and situations.

The Fire Ascending


Fierce Battle

The story takes you back to Earth in this final story as you get to read about a few more concerning events that are happening to the characters’ lives. This time, there is a fierce battle going on on Earth between dragons and their natural enemies, the Ix.

There is something more to this battle and to what is to come in this world as there are signs that something else, far worse, is planning to bring more changes to their world. Something is rewriting history itself as you get to find out for yourself what exactly that is when you get to this part of The Last Dragon Chronicles.


The book initially opens with the introduction of a seer’s apprentice, called Agawin as there is a mysterious story following this character that will begin to unravel completely later on in the story. For the time being, you get to read about the evil Ix as they have consumed countless lifeforms and are growing a deadly army made for destruction.

Voss is another character who will be bringing more excitement for you to read about as he is the leader of this dark army and he has a purpose that involves capturing all of the dragons for himself.

The Final Battle

The story gets more and more intense as the pages pass and you find out that Voss has managed to capture Gawain, one of the very last dragons in existence anywhere. He is using this dragon for his own dark and evil purposes, to locate a dark and mysterious energy source that is hidden somewhere deep within the heart of the Earth.

Things get a lot more interesting now as the dragons of Pennykettle are desperate to stop and destroy the evil Ix so they summon David and Rosa, the characters you met in the previous book from the world of Co:pern:ica, to help them in this definitely difficult battle for survival.

What It Takes

After that, we leave it all to you to find out if these characters have what it takes to stop this great evil threat that is about to destroy everyone and finally save everyone they love and restore peace.

Rain & Fire


Final Book

This is considered to be the final book of this amazing series, and although it doesn’t continue where the story ended and it doesn’t show you new characters and exciting adventures, it is still an amazing addition to the series at it is meant to bring back old memories from the series and offer a lot of valuable insight regarding the whole story inside.

This time, Chris works together with his wife Jay d’Lacey and together they write this brilliant book which we are about to describe for you in our review.

A Lot to Offer

It is shorter than the other books in the series as it stands at somewhere around 160 pages but it still has a lot to offer to the biggest fans of The Last Dragon Chronicles books. What this book offers to you, the reader is a lot more information on some of the most interesting and important characters in this series and the events that have taken place all throughout the story.

You get to go back to when you first met all of the innocent characters and dragons and see how this story went from something so simple to an ending that simply blows your mind away.

Many More Features

Also, there are never before seen images in this guide to the series that are definitely bringing back some of that nostalgia for the series as you get to recall all of the adventures the humans and dragons had, from the simpler and more harmless ones to the deadly life or death events that were to thrilling to pass.

On top of all that, this collaboration between the couple also shows you a lot more insight and details about the characters, if you thought you knew them already this book will show you that there is much more to find out about these thrilling and unique characters that the author has created that will also leave you wanting more of this series.

Have Fun!

This is our complete review of The Last Dragon Chronicles series and hopefully, you got what you were looking for in terms of understanding what the full series is all about and what kinds of events and characters you can expect to find inside.

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