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17 Best Dragonlance Books (2024)

Best Dragonlance Books

Epic Fantasy World

Dragonlance presents an epic fantasy story that happens in a shared fantasy world that is actually created by a bunch of different authors. The series was initially started by Laura and Tracy Hickman and was later expanded by Margaret Weis.

However, numerous other authors have also contributed to this amazing story with their own books that fit in with the whole series nicely and other short stories that definitely help explain more of the story. The books that you are about to see in this review are some of the best Dragonlance books, so be sure to keep an eye out.

Dragonlance: Chronicles Series by Margaret Weis


Best to Start Your Journey

The imagination of Margaret Weis series spans very far and there are even mini-series within the series such as this one that we are about to review right here. In our opinion, Dragonlance: Chronicles series consists of 3 books that are the best Dragonlance books to start you off with this thrilling story.


A thing or two more that you should know about the series is that the story happens in a world called Krynn. Humans do populate this world in larger numbers but there are also elves, minotaurs, dwarves, gnomes, kender, and dragons and they definitely make the story a whole lot more exciting.

Dragons of Autumn Twilight

The first book in this series is Dragons of Autumn Twilight and in it, you read about the story of the return of a few friends and the characters who take you on the journey ahead. They are a group of five friends, who have come back after a 5 year-long period of chasing their own dreams and going their own ways and now they fulfill their promise, which is to get back together in 5 years. We included this amazing series in our selection of 13 books like Eragon.


A lot has changed since they left and they discover that the village they lived in has been completely taken over by a religious cult called the Seekers. The story is definitely too long to cover in one review, but you can find out for yourself how this thrilling story goes on.

Dragonlance: Legends Series by Margaret Weis


Time of the Twins

This is another series within the series and Dragonlance: Legends has a total of 3 books again in which you discover yet another thrilling and adventurous tale.

The story here starts with Time of the Twins, a tale that happens after a war that has left the world of Krynn devastated. This war is the Lance war and it ends after The Queen of Darkness and her Dragon Highlords have finally been defeated and order was just starting to be restored.

Master Plan

However, the troubles and dangers are not yet over as a particular wizard takes this opportunity to finally perfect his master plan and finally put it into motion. There are so many details in this book that no review can ever be enough to cover all of them without giving out too many spoilers, so we leave it to you to discover how the first book continues. So if you want to know more, don’t hesitate to check it out.

War of the Twins

The second one of the Legend series, War of the Twins, talks about a few events that take place 100 years after the fiery Cataclysm happened which made sure that Krynn was left changed forever. You get to find about the struggles of everyone on Krynn, as they barely survive every day for one hundred years.

Also, you get to read about Caramon and Crysania, as they help the mage in his quest to master the Queen of Darkness and so much more happens that is definitely going to satisfy your needs for entertainment.

Dragonlance: Heroes Series by Richard A. Knaak


Legend of Huma

Moving forward in our review, we have the Heroes series which contains a total of 6 books inside. The first one, The Legend of Huma, talks about the legendary knight Huma and his adventures. The second book, Stormblade, shows you a story about the Stormblade, a sword made for kings that holds great power.

Galen Pathwarden

In Weasel’s Luck, the third book of the series, you read about a cowardly and dishonest young knight, who is called Galen Pathwarden and his struggles in a remote castle as he is trying to figure out a way to escape.

The fourth book, Kaz the Minotaur, talks about Kaz as he wanders around the land of Ansalon hopelessly after the death of the legendary knight called Huma. The fifth book, The Gates of Thorbarding, introduces you to plenty more interesting and brave characters who you can easily get attached to.

Galen Beknighted

And in the last book of the series, Galen Beknighted, you read a story about Galen’s return as he sets out on a new adventure to find his brother Brithelm after he mysteriously disappears. 

You will find that these some of the best Dragonlance books are also written by a variety of different authors but that should definitely not worry you as these stories all make perfect sense together and the authors are skilled ones who definitely know what they are doing.

Dragonlance: Meetings Sextet Series by Mark Anthony


6 Books

In this series, you have six more of the best Dragonlance books that talk about the magical and fascinating world of Dragonlance and there are plenty more amazing characters to meet and adventures to go on. The books in the Meetings Sextet series definitely fit in nicely in our review, as these books present a bunch of very interesting and thrilling stories.

Flint Fireforge

The series starts out with a book called Kindred Spirits, where you read about a character named Flint Fireforge and another one called Tanis. Tanis is definitely leading a harder life as he is a creation of a couple consisting of a man and elf. The action in this story arrives when Tanis stands accused of a couple of murders and you get to find out if he did commit them or if he is actually telling the truth.

Taslehoff Burrfoot

The story goes on and Wanderlust, the second book, talks about another fascinating character, Taslehoff Burrfoot, as he crosses paths with Tanis and Flint Fireforge. In this story, the main action happens around the fact that the fate of the entire race of Dragonesti sea elves is in huge trouble.

Excitement and Thrill

As you go further down the series, you read about a few more characters and you can’t do anything but read their wild adventures and stories of excitement and thrill. Also, be sure to read them according to our Dragonlance books in order list if you wish to make sense of most of the story as some characters do come back from time to time and you definitely don’t want to start asking, who is that and where did they come from.

Dragonlance: The Second Generation Series by Margaret Weis


Shorter Series

Our list of Dragonlance books takes you to yet another series within that holds a few of the best books from the whole Dragonlance series.

The Second Generation holds only 2 books but it is still a series from the Dragonlance world that you should definitely not take for granted, as these two books make up 1000 pages of thrilling reading material combined and the stories inside are something that will keep you fired up for the rest of the series.

The Second Generation

The first book inside is called The Second Generation and it’s a book that talks about a time when a few years have passed since the devastating Lance war that almost destroyed the world of Krynn.

The book starts out as you get to read about how the people of Ansalon work hard to rebuild their destroyed homes and ruined possessions. However, this peace will not last long, as there is still darkness and evil lurking in the shadows that waits to jump out yet again.

Dragons of Summer Flame

As for the second story of the series, Dragons of Summer Flame, the balance of peace finally starts to become unstable as the Dark Queen has found new champions and brainwashed warriors, who are willing to do her bidding. A dark paladin who will prove a difficult opponent has no trouble of taking charge and attacking the High Clerist’s Tower.

Dragonlance: Lost Legends Series by J. Robert King


Remarkable Characters

Lost Legends is another series coming from the Dragonlance world that also has only two books inside. In this series, these two books will show you about the lives of two truly remarkable characters, who play a crucial part in the whole story of the Dragonlance world.

Vinas Solamnus

The first of those two characters is Vinas Solamnus, as is the title of the book itself. Vinas Solamnus is a character who bears quite a lot of titles as he has done it all and been all, a soldier, a priest, a nobleman, a rebel, a commander, a conqueror, founder of the Solamnic Knights, author of The Oath and the Measure, and so much more. This is the story of his early life, his childhood, education, and many more thrilling events that you simply cannot miss.

Fistandantilus Reborn

The second book, Fistandantilus Reborn, talks about another character, a lot different than the first, but still quite as exciting. His name is Fistandantilus as the title says it and he can probably be described as the opposite of the guy above, Vinas Solamnus, as this character is quite the evil fellow, who was presumed dead by all.

Krynn Changed Forever

This story will be one of great mystery, adventure, and dark secrets that will finally unveil and leave the world of Krynn changed forever. You definitely don’t want to miss this one as this level of thrill and excitement is something to definitely look forward to.

Dragonlance: The Warriors Series by Roland J. Green


7 Books

The Warrior series is the next series in our review and the books inside this one show a few more thrilling adventures happening in the world of Dragonlance. The seven books in this series will make sure that you are kept busy for a while before you move on to the next Dragonlance books.

Sir Pirvan Wayward

Knights of the Crown is the first book here and it talks about Sir Pirvan Wayward and his journey to becoming one of the most respected and strongest warriors of Krynn. These warriors we are talking about are The Knights of Solamnia, but to become one of those knights you have to undergo a series of hard tests and training to even qualify, not to mention become a part of them.

Maquesta Kar-Thon

The second book in the series is called Maquesta Kar-Thon, a character who shows great skill on a life or death mission to save her father at the age of only 18. His life is at risk because the minotaur lord Attat had poisoned him and now even time is not on her side and the suspense will surely be enough to entertain you in this one.

More Than Enjoyable

There are 4 more books in this series that are just as exciting as these two and if you like any one of the entire Dragonlance books, you will surely love the rest, maybe some more than the other. Every single one of these books holds thrilling adventure stories that adventure enthusiasts will surely adore.

The Dragons of Krynn by Margaret Weis


Short Stories

This is the first short story collection book that we are about to talk about in this best Dragonlance books review but it’s still not a one story book, as inside are compiled a bunch of short stories, each telling an exciting event that has happened in the world of Dragonlance.

There are many thrilling adventures inside that take place all around Krynn, as you get to read stories that involve majestic dragons and other characters, who are somehow involved with them.


There is a story about a druidess called L’Indasha, who is either lucky or unlucky that she has found a rare dragon egg. Then there is a man, who is on a quest to kill a dangerous dragon, and so on.

The stories inside are written by numerous authors, some of which are Michael Williams, Janet Pack, Don Perrin, Roger E. Moore, Douglas Niles, Amy Stout, and a bunch more who make sure you get the most thrilling of short stories inside this collection.

Dragonlance: Lost Histories Series by Douglas Niles



Here is another series of the best Dragonlance books. Six more books are presented in this series that continues on the thrilling adventures of the fascinating and memorable characters inside. The first book is titled The Kagonesti, a story about the world of elves in some of the most magical forests on Krynn.

The Irda

The second book is called The Irda and it talks about the Ogres, who were once the most intelligent and fascinating creatures in the earliest days of Krynn. Then the book shows, how their perfect race fell apart thanks to evil ambitions that made sure their race was never the same.

The Dargonesti

After that is the third book, The Dargonesti, which is a story about the princess of Quilanost and her elite group of warriors, as they set out on a mission to rescue their fellow people from the hands of the Ergoth Empire.

Land of the Minotaurs

Then comes the fourth book, Land of the Minotaurs, which tells you another thrilling story about the super strong and hardheaded minotaurs. The book tells you about how this race has remained one of the most honorable and respectful of all of those on Krynn. How they still remain true to their beliefs and traditions.

The Gully Dwarves

The fifth book is called The Gully Dwarves and as you can guess, it talks about Dwarves. And the last one, The Dragons, is the book that finally tells you a tale about the most powerful beings on Krynn, the dragons. Take a look at our review of The Moonshae trilogy for more books written by this talented author.

Dragonlance: The Lost Chronicles Series by Margaret Weis


Thrill Continues

The Lost Chronicles is a trilogy coming from the Dragonlance series in which the story of humans, dragons, elves, minotaurs, and many more keeps moving forward, as more and more exciting events keep happening to the thrilling characters’ lives inside.

Dragons of the Dwarven Depths

The first book of this trilogy is called Dragons of the Dwarven Depths and the story inside takes you on one of the most exciting journeys that you get to read about in this review about the best Dragonlance books. You read about the Dwarf Flint again, as this time he has to make a difficult choice upon which the whole humankind’s fate may rest.

Dragons of the Highlord Skies

So many exciting things happen in the first book as you also read about Tanis, Sturn, Tika, and many others, who get to go on adventures of their own. Dragons of the Highlord Skies is the second book in the trilogy and in that one, the story follows Kitiara and Emperor Ariakas, as they devise a plan to destroy the honorable Solamnia after they steal something precious called the Dragon Orb.

Dragons of the Hourglass Mage

In the last one of this trilogy, Dragons of the Hourglass Mage, you read about Neraka again, the land where the Dark Queen rules as you follow a character named Raistlin Majere, traveling there on urgent business for the Queen and to gather as much power as he can at the same time for his own evil plans.

Dragonlance: The Minotaur Wars Series by Richard A. Knaak


Fascinating Creatures

Finally, for all of the minotaur fans out there, here comes the whole series devoted to these strong beasts and their truly fascinating culture. This is yet another trilogy that we present in our review as these three of the best Dragonlance books are another bunch that you would definitely regret missing out on.

Night of Blood

The trilogy starts off with Night of Blood, a book that tells you the story about the War of Souls and its massive effect on Krynn. Here, you find out how a terrifying Night of Blood brings out a new ruling clan in the land of minotaurs and how a terrible hunger for power starts an even more destructive war, the War of the Minotaurs.

Tides of Blood

The second book of the trilogy is called Tides of Blood and the story from the previous one continues on here. This time, the minotaurs form an alliance with the Ogres and march for the Elven kingdom of Silvanesti. You also get to read about the minotaur emperor Hotak as his mission for success blinds him and as a result of that he fails to see the trouble that he has gotten himself and everyone else with him into.

Empire of Blood

And the third book is Empire of Blood, where you get to read what happens in the sequel of Night of Blood and find out about the huge chaos that the minotaurs have managed to make happen in their quest for power.

Dragonlance: The Dark Disciple Series by Margaret Weis


Amber and Ashes

This is yet another fascinating trilogy from the Dragonlance series, in which the story manages to get you even more addicted to the happenings and characters inside.

Amber and Ashes is the first book and the one that starts off this trilogy. It’s the one of the best Dragonlance books that continues right after where the War of Souls left the character called Mina, as this story explores a few events that take place in a post-war Krynn.

Amber and Iron

Amber and Iron is the second book and this story keeps following Mina and continues after the events that happened in the first book of this trilogy. This time, she finally escapes imprisonment and sets off on a new thrilling adventure. This is an inspiring story in which Mina and other champions finally test their will for survival and good as evil keeps growing in the world of Krynn once more.

Amber and Blood

And the last book in The Dark Disciple series is Amber and Blood. Here, you get to read the story in which Mina finally learns the horrible truth about herself that was hidden all this time and the secrets that she uncovers are enough to drive her mind mad and throw her off balance.

Her journey in this book will have the goal of her discovering a new meaning to her existence before it is too late, so you definitely have a thrilling story in this series that is spread into three books. You don’t get bored reading it all in one sitting.

Dragonlance: Elven Nations Series by Paul B. Thompson



Elven Nations series is a trilogy from the Dragonlance world that mainly focuses on stories around the Elves and their kingdom.

The trilogy starts off with a book called Firstborn and introduces you to the leader of the Silvanesti Elves and the conflict that is currently going on between his two sons. The fact that these two men are brothers will be left out of consideration, when you finally read what they are about to do to the world of Krynn as a result of their fight.

The Kinslayer Wars

The second book of the trilogy is The Kinslayer Wars, one of the best Dragonlance books that talks a little bit more about Kith-Kanan, one of the two sons of the leader of the Silvanesti that we mentioned in the book above. This time, the story shows you that Kith is in love with a human, but his brother, Sithas, is now the ruler of the Silvanesti Elves and he has finally declared war on all humans. There is definitely one thrilling story that you don’t want to miss.

The Qualinesti

The last book from this trilogy in our selection is called The Qualinesti and this book also follows Kith- Kanan after the events of the previous book above. You get to find out that Kith is a part of a society of renegade elves now and is just being appointed Speaker of the Suns. You also get to meet his unfaithful wife and his son as well.

Dragonlance: Tales I Series by Margaret Weis


The Magic of Krynn

In this trilogy, you get to read a story about a few different characters, who play important parts in the vast world of Krynn.

The first book, The Magic of Krynn, starts off with the character called Raistlin and it takes you on an adventure as you find out if this character is truly dead or is there something more mysterious that the author just can’t wait to reveal to you. In this journey, you get to see sea monsters, ice bears, draconian troops, majestic hydra creatures and so much more.

Kender, Gully Dwarves, and Gnomes

We move forward to the second book in this review, Kender, Gully Dwarves, and Gnomes. You probably know what to expect to see in this story from the title itself, the story starts with the three sons of Caramon Majere, as they sadly lose a bet to a bearded dwarf and end up in quite the tricky situation.

The story here also crosses paths with the character known as Raistlin again, as the mystery about him just keeps getting more and more suspenseful.

Love and War

The final book of these best Dragonlance books is called Love and War. This story is described as the legend of Raistlin’s daughter, and whenever Raistlin’s name is mentioned, you know that a great deal of mystery always follows. On top of this great and mysterious story about Raistlin and his daughter, you also get ten short stories inside to make sure you have even more fun with these books.

Dragonlance: Tales II Series by Margaret Weis


The Reign of Istar

This trilogy is the story that follows right after the one above, Dragonlance: Tales I series, and in this one, the first book that starts off this amazing story is called The Reign of Istar.

You have definitely struck quite the interesting story now in our review, as this story is very fascinating and exciting to read as many things are going on at the same time. You read about the magnificent Solamnic Knights again, about a race saving Ogre and so much more.

The Cataclysm

The second book is The Cataclysm and this is a story about how the Kingpriest’s arrogance manages to make the gods mad and get Krynn into trouble again. The final book is called The War of the Lance and here comes one of the most exciting wars that have ever happened on Krynn, an exciting battle between the Queen of Darkness’ minions and the followers of Paladine.

The Soulforge by Margaret Weis


Raistlin Majere

We are approaching the end of our article as there are only two more best Dragonlance books to go. The Soulforge is a book that finally brings you some valuable insight on the world and life of the mysterious Raistlin Majere. The story starts off when he is only 6 years old and is just about to be enrolled into a school for studying magic.

Troubled Character

You get to see his mind form from a younger age as he is truly gifted, no one can deny that, but he is also troubled as dark thoughts begin to slowly consume him from even way back then. Then comes the life-changing story, Raistlin’s life-changing story when he finally has to take a test to become a true wizard that will truly surprise him and everyone else.

Dragonlance: Preludes Series by Paul B. Thompson


Long Journey

Finally, the last series in the best Dragonlance books is here, and inside are six books to finish the story for you, so that you can feel comfortable knowing, how the journey finally ends.

A journey that probably will take you a long time because there are quite a lot of books in this vast series but it will definitely be worth it for readers, who adore genres like this one.

Darkness and Light

The books inside start with Darkness and Light, then follow Kendermore, Brothers Majere, where you have an especially interesting story to be excited for, then comes Riverwind the Plainsman, Flint the King, and it all ends with Tanis, the Shadow Years.

If you didn’t notice, these books all have a few things to tell you about your favorite characters throughout the series, how their lives are now and how they have changed throughout all this time.

Legendary Series

Many readers get super excited, when they find stories they like that have so many books inside just like this one. This offers them a lot of content to be excited for and if you are that type of reader, then you will definitely have a lot of fun reading this legendary and thrilling story about the world of Dragonlance. Thanks to our review, now you know what to expect inside.

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