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13 Best Books Like Eragon (2024)

Best Books Like Eragon

Christopher Paolini

If you are here, then that means that you have read the book called Eragon by Christopher Paolini. This article contains a few of the best books like Eragon that have high chances of becoming your next favorite dragon book thanks to the adventures and unique characters inside. Make sure to read the contents of this review if you wish to find more books such as that one.

The Inheritance Cycle

The story in Eragon starts with and follows a fifteen-year-old boy named Eragon who one day finds what looks like a thoroughly polished blue stone and he takes it back home thinking that it might bring his family a few days of food if he sells it. This stone later turns out to be a dragon egg and a baby dragon hatches which brings a whole new meaning to Eragon’s life.

Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson



Here is the first book that starts off this list as Mistborn is the first book in Brandon Sanderson’s series bearing the same title. The contents inside this book tell a story of a world in which there hasn’t been any sign of happiness nor even any kind of life for a thousand years.

Lord Ruler

These thousand years that the author speaks of have been some hard times as the Lord Ruler, The Silver of Infinity, had made sure that his absolute power and control over the world was never to be questioned by anyone.


Then appears a character named Kelsier who after a long time just snaps and discovers within him, a long-lost mythical power, the power of Mistborn. After discovering this power, Kelsier starts plotting a genius plan to finally bring freedom to this land, and much like in Eragon, it seems like a long shot and a nearly impossible task.

The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss



This book by Patrick Rothfuss brings you over 600 pages of a pure action-packed thrill as you get to read about the life of a boy who has to go through some rough times to finally fulfill his dreams.

The character who will be leading you through this adventure is a young man called Kvothe, a character who overcomes everything life has to throw at him to eventually become one of the most notorious wizards in that world.


You get to read his story from his early days, from when he was a sad orphan in a city where the crime was at its highest. The story of how he barely manages to get into the school for magic is another tale that will leave you wanting more, and so many more adventures of this young man’s life that ultimately lead to his glorious status and success.

Pawn of Prophecy by David Eddings


Kings and Gods

The third book in our best books like Eragon review brings you to a fascinating book by David Eddings, a book that talks about thousands of years of history in a world of Kings and Gods and the exciting events that occur on a daily basis there.

This world in the story tales of a great prophecy that must be fulfilled at all costs as the main plot begins to unravel and you start meeting some of the best and most important characters in the book.


One of these fascinating characters is Belgarath the sorcerer, a character who saved the world of men a long time ago after another, more evil character, called the God Torak had drawn men and Gods to war.

This is a story of magic, war, struggles, and so much action that will leave you wanting a sequel, and luckily for you, there actually is one as this book is the first of a series by David called The Belgariad.

The Sword of Shannara by Terry Brooks


Shea Ohmsford

The first book in this trilogy by Terry Brooks called The Original Shannara Trilogy is our next pick. In this one, you get to read the story of a character named Shea Ohmsford, a character who will prove very valuable and crucial to the safety of the world that she lives in.

Warlock Lord

The plot follows a deadly event which has been caused by a great evil, the Warlock Lord was devising a plan to destroy the whole world, and the only thing that could now stop this great threat is an ancient and powerful weapon, the Sword of Shannara.

True Heir

The catch here is that this weapon can only be used by the hands of a true heir of the Shannara family and Shea just happens to be the last of her bloodline. That’s enough spoilers of that story as you can expect quite the exciting events after this.

Dragon Champion by E. E. Knight



The main character in this adventurous book is a dragon called Auron, a very unfortunate dragon as he has had to witness his siblings being killed in front of him. His story now starts after he finally escapes those who killed them and were probably going to kill him too.

Auron might just be the last of his breed and the only thing guiding him through life now is hope as he starts his journey to find more of his own kind.

Dangerous World

Auron has to find who is killing the dragons off as he meets dangerous humans and hunter elves who have no problem even thinking about killing. The world that Auron lives in is dangerous and you get to find out if his will to survive will be enough.

The Eye of the World by Robert Jordan


Main Characters

This interesting fantasy tale by Robert Jordan talks about quite the amusing plot and it follows five main characters who make this exciting adventure possible.

The five protagonists who you will be reading about in this story, the first book of Jordan’s epic series called The Wheel of Time, are Rand al’Thor, Matrim Mat Cauthon, Perrin Aybara, Egwene al’Vere, Nynaeve al’Meara.

Eye of the World

There are many different places that these characters will take you to visit, never too far away from danger as they find themselves in very tricky and life-threatening situations wherever they go. They later discover that the Eye of the World, one of the seven seals of the Dark One, is in danger and the adventure continues to make sure this seal is never broken.

Gardens of the Moon by Steven Erikson


Destructive War

Our next pick for one of the best books like Eragon is this book by Steven Erikson that belongs to and is the first of his fantasy series called Malazan Book of the Fallen. The story here tells you about the Malazan Empire, about the war that has done so much to set it and its people way back.

Protecting the Empire

The main book in here revolves around a war and the protection of the empire at all costs along with a few characters who you get to meet as they give it their all to protect their home. There are many characters to meet here actually as they all might not be on the same side but still present a lot of amazing reading material.

Magician by Raymond E. Feist


Pug and Kulgan

Two main characters carry the story in Raymond E. Feist’s magnificent book about a world of magic and wonders. An orphan boy called Pug is one of the two main characters here who has dedicated his life to studying magic with the master magician Kulgan, the second of the two most important characters in the book.

Dark Evil

These two characters are going to make this story a whole lot more interesting as both of them have a lot of wonderful traits to offer and the story gets way more interesting as a dark evil starts to unleash which might only be stopped by these two powerful characters.

Dragonsong by Anne McCaffrey


Harper Hall Series

Dragonsong is a part of the dragon series called Harper Hall, a series that talks about dragons and humans that live in peace as they fight a common enemy together. Dragonsong is the first book of this series. The story in it is about Menolly, a young girl whose sole wish was to become a Harper of Pern, some of the most talented musical characters in their world as their talents for music and singing was something not taken for granted.

Becoming a Harper

You get to read Menolly’s story as she runs away from home because of her father who won’t allow her to become a Harper and she starts her own adventures which might just lead her to what she has always desired. You can learn more about another McCaffrey’s work in our review of Dragonriders of Pern series.

The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson


The Stormlight Archive Series

The Way of Kings is a one thousand page book by Brandon Sanderson that starts off his series called The Stormlight Archive. This epic fantasy tale talks about a story that focuses on a few different characters and jumps from scene to scene in each of their lives.

Main Characters

The main characters who you will be reading mostly about here are Kaladin, Shallan Davar, Szeth-son- son-Vallano, Dalinar Kholin, and a few extra ones that aren’t as important. The story in the book tells you events from each of their lives, events that involve assassinations, fear, adventures, all of that in a very unpredictable and cruel world.

The Blade Itself by Joe Abercrombie


Thrilling Story

The Blade Itself written by Joe Abercrombie is another one in our review which holds a thrilling story about the lives of a few unique characters whose lives are far from boring.

Awesome Characters

A few of these characters are Logen Ninefingers, a known barbarian who has done a lot of bad deeds and managed to survive but this time his luck may have just ran out. Then there is Captain Jezal dan Luthar, an officer, and fighter who has a dream of being a great fencer but his plans might be ruined as a war is approaching.

Dragons of Autumn Twilight by Margaret Weis


Dragonlance: Chronicles Series

The first book from the amazing Dragonlance: Chronicles series by Margaret Weis is here and the story in this book is something to be excited about. You can learn more about this book in our selection of the top dragon books!

Dark Times

In our next to last choice for best books like Eragon, we have a story about life-long friends who have finally gotten back together but for troublesome purposes, they both hear about rumors of dark times and war that have them both concerned.

Fate of the World

Their adventure begins when they encounter a gorgeous woman with a magical staff who sends them on their next adventure that will determine the fate of their world and their lives.

Scorched by Mari Mancusi



The last book we have in our pick of books similar to Eragon is this amazing story in which you read about a character named Trinity who discovers a mysterious dragon egg in her small town of Texas.

Connor and Caleb

Connor who has traveled from a future where dragons have scorched almost everything and Caleb who is the opposite of his brother Connor and Caleb wants to save the dragons, not kill them. This is an epic story in which you read about a few characters who have different intentions but manage to find common ground as the story progresses.


These are our top picks for some of the best books like Eragon out there as the stories inside are all very similar but yet unique in their own way. You have amazing characters with different traits and flaws, adventures that are filled with suspense, and tons of excitement.

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