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8 Best Margaret Weis Books (2024)

Best Margaret Weis Books ReviewBio

Margaret Weis is an American author who is mostly famous for her outstanding fantasy and science fiction novels, the memorable and unique characters inside, and the unforgettable and epic adventures that you can easily get addicted to in her stories.

Famous Works

Some of her most popular works include the epic fantasy dragon series Dragonlance, Endless Quest, Darksword, the Angel Series, and many more which you will find out all about in this review.

Best Margaret Weis Books

Dragonlance: Chronicles Series


Legend Is Born

The book that will have the pleasure of starting off this list is the Dragonlance Chronicles where you get to read a story of epic fantasy and thrill. This is the first series that started the whole Dragonlance series that has well over 100 books in it.

In the Dragonlance Chronicles series, you get to see how this amazing story starts with the three initial books, Dragons of Autumn Twilight, Dragons of Winter Night, Dragons of Spring Dawning.


You get to meet many heroes in this series of all kinds, human ones, elves, dwarves, barbarians, knights, and all of them have one common enemy, the Queen of Darkness and her terrible dragons and minions that have the power of causing so much destruction. We love this book series so much, that we mentioned it in our article about books similar to Eragon series.

The world where all of the action happens is called Krynn, a fictional and magical place where so many surprises will be revealed as you start your own thrilling journey there. Overall, this series is an amazing one where the myths of dragons seem very real and they present quite the exciting events and stories.

Dragonlance: Legends Series


The Queen of Darkness

Margaret Weis is contributing to the amazing story of Dragonlance with another series that holds three more outstanding books. In Time of the Twins, the first book, you read a story about how the terrible Lance war is finally over and all of the characters can finally enjoy a bit of peace.

The Queen of Darkness has been weakened and sent back to her own land where she rules all, Krynn is, however, devastated by the conflict that has occurred there and there is much to rebuild.

War of the Twins

The second book is called War of the Twins and in it, Margaret tells you that 100 years have passed since an event called the fiery Cataclysm almost destroyed all of Krynn and she explains how the people of Krynn have endured these hard 100 years.

And the final book, Test of the Twins, is the story in which Raistlin finally opens the portal to the Queen of Darkness’ dark land and enters. Raistlin and the Queen engage in a fierce battle for a seat among the gods.

The Death Gate Cycle Series


Deadly Conflict

The third choice for our best Margaret Weis books pick is this series that consists of 7 epic books. The story in these books is a thrilling one indeed as you get to read about the never-ending conflict between two deadly races, the Sartan and the Patryns.


Both of these races have evolved and mutated for hundreds of years after the effects of a nuclear holocaust that happened to their world. Now, they fight for domination and the Sartans have devised a plan to fix everything and live in peace by dividing their world into 4 realms and creating a fifth one that will be called the Labyrinth which will be a prison for the Patryns.


After the separation and division of their people into the 4 separate realms, the Sartans eventually lose contact with each other and just disappear from each other’s scopes. The story gets even more exciting after a few centuries pass and a Patryn called Xar manages to somehow escape the Labyrinth prison and begins to free other Patryns and plan the downfall of the Sartans.

Dragonlance: The Second Generation Series


Short Series

There are only two books in this amazing series by Margaret but don’t let that fool you as the story inside is one that you won’t forget very soon as it is a part of the vast Dragonlance Universe and a lot of exciting events go on there every day. You can learn more about this amazing book in our review of the top Dragonlance books.

The Second Generation

The Second Generation is the title of the first book in the series and the story inside talks about the post-Lance War world of Krynn in which the dangers and troubles of the people are not yet over. You get to read about even more exciting events than the Lance War as a terrible evil and darkness is yet to emerge and become a huge threat to all.

Dragons of Summer Flame

The second book in this series is Dragons of Summer Flame, a story about how Palin Majere has decided to cross the portal into the Abyss, the Queen of Darkness’ home, in search of his lost uncle Raistlin, if you remember, he went there a while ago to defeat the Queen and claim a seat with the Gods.

Dragonlance: The War of Souls Series


Unique and Fascinating

Don’t be surprised by seeing so much of Dragonlance in this review because it is her most famous and desired story ever as it’s one of a kind and unique thanks to the fascinating events and characters presented inside.


Anyway, the story in the War of Souls series is spread out into three books and you get to read about yet another war that Krynn and its people will have to suffer through, the biggest and most terrible one of them all, the War of Souls. The first book, Dragons of a Fallen Sun, will make sure to introduce you to  the events that start this war.

Dragons of a Lost Star

The second book, Dragons of a Lost Star, will be showing you what is going on as the war has started and what events take place first. The shield of the Elven Silvanesti Kingdom has fallen and there are many characters who will be taking you on this journey with them. And the last book manages to tell you about the biggest battle that this war is about to offer.

Dragonlance: Tales I Series


Untold Tales

We have one more of her amazing Dragonlance series in our selection of the best Margaret Weis books and this story is all about a few more untold tales of Krynn. Tales that have never before been mentioned and present some new and exciting content for the biggest of the Dragonlance fans.

9 Short Stories

You get to read about the elves, sea monsters, the fearless Dwarves, and so much more. There are nine short stories in the first book of this series and a few more in the two following books.

Magnificent Adventures

The second book, Kender, Gully Dwarves, and Gnomes, offers another exciting adventure in which you read about the three sons of Caramon Majere and their magnificent adventures in a few more short stories, and the last book, Love and War, presents ten more short stories in which you find out awesome secrets from the past about the world of Krynn.

The Darksword Series



Finally, we have a non-Dragonlance series this time and this one is nothing less thrilling as Margaret tends to make all of her epic fantasy series winners. The Darksword series holds 4 books, the initial three original books of the series, and another single volume one which is a great bonus.

Born Without Magic

The series talks about a character who was unlucky enough to be born without any magic in his blood in a world and society where magic is literally life, their daily lives and everything else depends on using magic and you can see how this proves hard for the character.


Even worse for him is that there is a prophecy about him that he will destroy the whole world one day. The series holds a lot of mystery, thrill, and amazing characters who won’t let you ever feel bored.

Rose of the Prophet Series



This best Margaret Weis books list is finally coming to an end as we reveal the last, but definitely not least, book series in here. The Rose of the Prophet is a trilogy and the story takes place in the fictional world of Sularin where a series of twenty Gods rule all.

There is one main God, called Sul, who was in charge once but now the rest of them have separated and each rule separate groups of people and their power and status depend on the worship and faith of the people below.


There is one interesting character called Quar, he is one of the Gods and he makes this story all the more interesting as his ambitions to acquire more and more power are beginning to consume him and all sorts of dangerous and thrilling events start occurring.

Margaret Weis has many more books to her name and we are not saying that those are not good, but the ones in our best Margaret Weis books review are a few of the top ones, in our opinion, and you can definitely check for yourself as you start reading them.

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