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Dragon Prince Series Review (2024)

Melanie Rawn

The Dragon Prince series is a fantasy series by American author Melanie Rawn. It’s a trilogy in which you get to read a story of great adventure, thrill, and suspense. This series also introduces you to a very thrilling character called Rohan who you will be reading a lot about throughout the whole series.

Dragon Star

There is another book by Melanie that follows as the sequel to this one, that one is called Dragon Star. Make sure to check out this review if you want to find out how this amazing story of adventure and dragons begins.

Dragon Prince Book Series

Dragon Prince


Prince Rohan

This is the first book in the series and the one that starts the whole dragon adventure and thrill. The first most important character that you must meet from this book is Prince Rohan, soon to be the ruling Prince Rohan.

The story follows Rohan as he is the son of Prince Zehava who is actually doubting his abilities to be the next King but when Zehava is unfortunately wounded in the middle of a dragon hunt, Rohan finally gets his chance and becomes ruling Prince a bit earlier than expected.

High Prince Roelstra

The important thing to know here is that Rohan is the protagonist of the series and it’s about time that you get to meet the big bad antagonist of this particular book, the High Prince Roelstra. This guy is an evil ruler who doesn’t care too much about anyone, unlike Rohan who is the true Prince of the Desert and is a compassionate and friendly person.

The next thing on Rohan’s schedule after replacing his father on the throne is keeping his people safe and one way to keep them safe from the evil man known as Prince Roelstra is by forming an alliance with them with a marriage between the two princedoms.

Sioned, The Sunrunner Girl

Sioned is the second most important character in the book as she is soon to be Prince Rohan’s wife and the key to these two princedoms joining forces. Sioned is a Sunrunner who was offered to Prince Rohan by the Lady of Goddess Keep and a lot goes on until these two get to have their marriage and complete the ceremony.

Those exciting events are definitely too good to be spoiled in our review so you get to keep the excitement from all of that and enjoy the following pages for yourself.

Extraordinary Abilities

One more important little detail you must know is that the Sunrunners are definitely important in this book as Sioned herself is a Sunrunner and a marriage between them and a Prince is something these people have never seen before, so the following events are surely going to get super tricky for everyone.

The special thing about the Sunrunners is that they have something more to them that allows them to have out of the ordinary abilities powered by light and also to be able to communicate through light only.

The Star Scroll


14 Years Later

This is the second book of Melanie Rawn’s series and the plot here takes place fourteen years after the events of the first book, Dragon Prince. This time Rohan and Sioned are High Prince Rohan and High Princess Sioned and are still living happily together along with their son Pol who is growing up fast.

You get to find out that the responsibility of Rohan and Sioned has grown immensely as they now have to keep the peace between the people and there is also a secret about the dragons that they must keep at all costs.

Excitement Keeps Flowing

The story has its diplomatic scenes where lots of characters gather and long but meaningful conversations begin, there are also more than a few assassination attempts that are a sure way to keep the excitement flowing. You also get to find out about another character who is becoming quite the threat to the Prince as his purpose is to destroy him.

The Diarmadh’im

There is even more serious danger ahead for your favorite characters as there is an ancient enemy of the Sunrunners, the Diarmadh’im who has just appeared after a long time of being in the dark.

This enemy will prove as quite a serious threat as they are plotting something that could destroy so much for these characters and not just their lives. You get to see Rohan, Sioned, and a few others at their best as they try hard to sniff these guys out and stop at nothing to assure the safety of their people and everyone they love.

Hidden Meanings

Another great thing about this  series is that there are a lot of characters involved and you definitely must pay attention to everything that goes one, to those political and diplomatic meetings in which there are tons of hidden meanings and messages that later reveal their true meaning, to the facts and secrets that have been hidden ever since the first book such as the fact that Sioned is not Pol’s birth mother but it was the hated and luckily dead, Ianthe.

And finally, is revealed the long-lost Star Scroll which holds a lot of secrets and answers to how the protagonists can finally get rid of the threats that are currently making every matter in the princedom worse.

Fascinating Story

This book is also one in which you get to see a lot more dragons as opposed to the first one which didn’t really have that many dragons in it, but the story is still as fascinating as the other books in this series and you are definitely going to enjoy yourself if you find stories about dragons and deadly threats interesting.

Sunrunner’s Fire


Prince Pol

The last, but not least, book of Dragon Prince series is Sunrunner’s Fire, the story that continues after the events of its prequel and the story that finally shows you how this amazing story filled with dragons, Sunrunners, princes, princedoms, deadly antagonists, and much more ends.

This is the final book of the series and in it, you don’t get to see very much of Rohan and Sioned as this book mainly focuses on Pol, their son. He is finally a ruling Prince and he will get to find out what it actually takes to be the main man in charge and what responsibilities this job will offer, if he can handle those responsibilities or die trying.

Lord of Goddess Keep

The main threat that occurs in the plot of this story is an ancient evil who has resurfaced again. This ancient foe once nearly destroyed the entire Sunrunners’ civilization a long time ago and this time they must make sure it doesn’t come to that.

Andry is a new character who you get to meet and he is a fascinating one for that matter. He is the new Lord of Goddess Keep and he is the first to learn about this knowledge that this ancient evil is coming again and he has started to train the people of the city of Radzyn in the way of sorcery if they are ever to have enough power to stop this foe.

Pol’s Struggles

Pol is also going through some rough times as being the ruler Prince definitely comes with its own problems and struggles. Aside from other problems, he is training super hard to become the person and warrior his parents always wanted him to become.

Soon, he will start a journey of his own that will prove if he has what it takes to be Prince as he learns that dragons are being hunted to a serious extent so he travels to Elktrap Manor along with his friends Riyan and Sorin. Sorin was unfortunate enough to be killed in this journey but you get to find out how for yourself as we have already given out too many spoilers in this Dragon Prince review.

Epic Battles

There are a few battles of epic proportions that follow in the next scenes but we simply can’t reveal all of that as these are some of the most exciting events in the whole book and you get to keep all of the excitement from reading them for yourself.

A few things that you get to find out are that Pol is challenged to two battles from characters who wish to take his place as Prince and Riyan accepts one of those instead of Pol so that he can focus on the more important one. You also get to see a bit more from Andry in this final book as he steps in at the last moment to save the day. As for Pol, you get to find out for yourself if he manages to prove that he is the true Prince and come out on top.


These are the three books that Melanie Rawn’s series consists of and the review of how the story in this epic fantasy tale goes on. Be sure to read it for yourself if you happened to enjoy our review.

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