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8 Best Ed Greenwood Books (2024)

Best Ed Greenwood Books ReviewBio

Ed Greenwood is a brilliant author from Canada who is known for being the original creator of the Forgotten Realms game world.


He has many Forgotten Realms novels to his name now and is a very admired author by the FR community. The books that we are about to review in this article are some of the best Ed Greenwood books and you definitely don’t want to miss these if you are a fan of the fantasy book genre and the Forgotten Realms campaign setting.

Best Ed Greenwood Books

Elminster: The Making of a Mage


Famous Elminster

The first book that we are about to show you in our review is also the first book in the Forgotten Realms: Elminster series by Greenwood himself. The story that this book has to tell you is a very important one for the books that come after it as here is where you get to meet the all-powerful and famous character known as Elminster. If you want to read Ed Greenwood books in order, this one should not be skipped.

Ancient Days

The story in this book takes place during ancient days in the Forgotten Realms when Elminster was but a young boy, a shepherd boy who knew nothing about magic or being a warrior and wizard.

Elminster would never have thought that the following event was going to change his life so drastically. One day, a magelord who rides huge and powerful dragon land near Elminster searching for him, Elminster is told some harsh but very real truths and his life would never be the same again.

Long Road Ahead

The road ahead for the boy is definitely not going to be easy but as you read the following books of this amazing series, you will discover that it will most definitely be worth it. The stories that follow with this amazing character are definitely something to look forward to as some amazing things await to happen in the next Ed Greenwood books.

Elminster in Myth Drannor



This is actually the second book of The Elminster series and the events here follow directly after the ones in the first book, Elminster: The Making of a Mage.

The road that Elminster chose to go on takes him to the great elven city of Cormanthor. You get to find out so much about the elves themselves as a race as you will be seeing a lot more of them in the vast Forgotten Realms world.


You also get to read about the Heartlands in this book, the home to ruthless barbarians and enemies to the elves. You will find that the elves have many enemies as they trust no one for the sake of defending their kingdom. Without a doubt, one of the best Ed Greenwood books!

Both wizards and warriors of all races threaten their great city full of riches and majestic scenery. Elminster, however, was guided straight to Cormanthor to the Tower of Song where he will spend the next twelve summers training to become one of the most powerful wizards in all of Faerun.

Mighty Magic

Many mighty mages will be helping Elminster achieve his skills and be trained to bend magic at will. From what history tells us after that, when Mythal was laid, the astonishing kingdom of Cormanthor became Myth Drannor and Elminster was among the ones who wielded that mighty magic that took part in those events. Without a doubt, this is the top Ed Greenwood book!

The Temptation of Elminster


Mighty Mystra

Following this story is our next pick for one of the best books by Ed Greenwood and this story follows directly after the previous one as well. These books and stories go wonderfully together and it shows that Ed Greenwood is an outstanding writer.

The story in The Temptation of Elminster talks about Elminster’s journey as he seeks the mighty Mystra herself, the goddess of all magic.

Many Years Later

A very important fact to mention here is that although the book follows the story after the previous one, it actually takes place many years after the events in that one as for those many years, Elminster has been trapped in a dusty tomb, unconscious and in stasis.

After that, he hears from Mystra and she has some troubling news for him. Her orders are that Elminster should not use his magic for a while as he needs to learn how to survive only with his wits and other skills.

Exciting Twists

Some exciting twists finally start happening as Elminster discovers someone to further train his abilities but this master turns out to be a wicked sorceress who uses all kinds of temptations to make sure that Elminster forgets about Mystra and starts doing her bidding instead.



Shandril’s Saga

This next amazing book by Ed Greenwood is not a part of his famous Elminster series but it comes from Ed’s other series, known as Shandril’s Saga. Spellfire is the first book from it and here is why this one is another one of the top Ed Greenwood books out there.

Shandril of Highmoon

The story of this book follows a young character, a girl who thought there was nothing special about her until the whole world will be coming for her and something that she possesses. Her name is Shandril of Highmoon and she has in her hands, The Fire That Burns, something so powerful that it could easily slay a dragon in an instant or heal a badly wounded warrior in seconds.

You can imagine now why after finding out, everyone would be coming for her. Most of those coming are evil characters, looking for the power of this artifact to carry out their dire and selfish plans as who knows what might happen if this were to fall into the wrong hands.

All Hope Lost

Now, on the run from more than half of the evil sorcerers in the land, Shandril doesn’t know what to do as countless minions of theirs are gaining to her location fast. When all hope seems lost, Ed surprises his fans with a bit of good news. Shandril receives help, and just in time, by a handsome young wizard, a few strong knights of Myth Drannor, and a familiar old mage from Shadowdale.

Crown of Fire


On the Run

Crown of Fire is the second book in the Shandril’s Saga series and the one that follows after the events of the previous one in our best Ed Greenwood books review. You get to find out that she is still on the run and is being constantly chased by many evil characters who still want what she has.


Some of these evil forces who wish to take the spellfire from this orphan girl are the evil Zhentarim, the powerful cult of the Dragon, and many more. It doesn’t matter to them that she is a poor and innocent orphan girl, they will kill whoever it is, without a second thought, if it means getting the unthinkable power of the spellfire.

Destroying Her Enemies

Shandril decides not to run anymore and the fun finally begins. With the help of Elminster, the knights of Myth Drannor, her lover, and a very determined dwarf, she decides to use the power of the spellfire and destroy her evil enemies.



Azoun IV

Cormyr is the first book of Ed Greenwood’s series called Forgotten Realms: Cormyr Saga. Cormyr is a nation that has been ruled by the Obarskyr family since it was first built almost one and a half millennia ago. The current King of this land is a character known as Azoun IV but he is also currently on his deathbed and the land will soon be looking for a new ruler.

History Unfolds

There are many who can’t wait for him to finally pass away so that they can claim the throne for their own and selfish reasons. You can find this book on our list of the best Forgotten Realms novels, too!

In the middle of all of this, the history of this kingdom begins to unfold and you get to read a story about the ancient history of this land also known as the Forest Kingdom. An exciting story awaits you, one that will talk about powerful characters, rulers, wizards, all a part of this mighty nation that has so much to tell.

Shadows of Doom


Shadow of the Avatar Series

Shadows of Doom is the first book of another series from the exciting Forgotten Realms campaign setting and one of the best Ed Greenwood books. The series is called Shadow of the Avatar and the stories inside talk about familiar characters once more, Elminster, Mystra, and a few other exciting ones.

Time of Troubles

The story begins at the eve of Time of Troubles, a period in the Forgotten Realms in which all magic is disrupted and dark times lie ahead. Avatars, the moral forms of the Gods roam the lands now as they are weak in magic in this time of crisis as well.


As the gods gathered, Mystra knew that she must find a successor for her power as she feared that dark times lie ahead for her as well. There is one character who will be offered to carry a huge part of her divine power in them and you can probably guess who that character is. This is a perfect example of the best Ed Greenwood novel.

Silverfall: Stories of the Seven Sisters


Immortal Daughters

The last book in our list of the best Ed Greenwood novels is Silverfall, a collection of some very exciting stories about a few characters known as the Seven Sisters. All of these seven characters are related to Mystra, the goddess of magic.

They are immortal women and daughters of Mystra herself. All of them were spellcasters and born to the ranger known as Dornal Silverhand and his wife Elue Silverhand, a woman that Mystra possessed so that she could give birth to her daughters.


Anastra Sylune Silverhand is known as the kindly witch of Shadowdale, Alustriel Silverhand is known as the unashamed Lady of Silverymoon, Dove Falconhand is one of the seven sisters as well and she got married to a knight, Florin Falconhand.

Then there is Storm Silverhand, a famous Harpess and sorceress, and also Bard of Shadowdale. The rest are Laeral Silverhand, the Lady of Waterdeep, The Simbul or the Witch Queen of Aglarond, and Qulie Veladorn, the youngest sister of them all.


These are what we consider to be a few of the best Ed Greenwood books out there but you are definitely free to read all of his books as there are some very exciting stories to be read.

How Much Did Ed Greenwood Sell Forgotten Realms for?

Ed Greenwood sold his rights to the Forgotten Realms for $5.000 in 1987.

Where Does Ed Greenwood Live?

The latest news about the home of famous author Ed Greenwood was released in 2020 on February 9 and news says that his current home is at a farmhouse in Ontario. Ed keeps busy by working as a library clerk as he gets inspiration from that job.

Why Isn’t Ed Greenwood Writing in the Forgotten Realms?

Ed Greenwood is the one who started the Forgotten Realms series but he later sold his rights for $5.000 dollars in the year of 1987.

Who Is Ed Greenwood?

Ed Greenwood is a Canadian author mostly known for being the original creator of the Forgotten Realms game world. He was born in 1959 on July 21 and later became an outstanding fantasy writer who has many famous titles to his name.

Best Ed Greenwood Books Reading Order:

  1. Spellfire
  2. Crown of Fire
  3. Elminster: The Making of a Mage
  4. Elminster in Myth Drannor
  5. The Temptation of Elminster
  6. Cormyr
  7. Shadows of Doom
  8. Silverfall

Keep in mind that this is the chronological order of the particular books in our review, there are still books in between these that are a part of the series in which these separate books sit in.

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