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The Sundering Series Review (2024)

Legendary Authors

The Sundering is a series that consists of six books written by a few legendary authors known for their amazing novels from the Forgotten Realms Saga.

The Sundering is actually part of the larger series known as The Legend of Drizzt, in which you get to read about many signature characters of the authors, such as Drizzt Do’Urden. Be sure to read this review if you wish to find out more about the six books inside.

The Sundering Series

The Companions by R. A. Salvatore



This is the first book of The Sundering novels and the one that is going to introduce you to the plot and the story that is about to be told in the coming pages and books. Here you get to meet some of the most important characters of the book, including Drizzt, and find out what the main plot is going to be talking about.

Companions of the Hall

First, if you do not know who the Companions of the Hall are, they are a group of heroes, friends, who go on very exciting adventures together and make sure to fight all kinds of evil along the way. You will be reading about these characters throughout the stories in The Sundering books so it’s important that you know them.

The story follows as Drizzt’s life is in danger and he will be depending solely on his trusted Companions to aid him like so many times that he has aided them when needed. Four of the Companions, Bruenor, Catti-brie, Regis, and Wulfgar have actually been given a second chance in life after the goddess Mielikki gave them their lives back which they had lost so tragically.

Will to Live

Drizzt will finally be able to get his will to live back again after finding out about this good news. While all of this is happening, the first events of R. A. Salvatore’s The Sundering series have begun and you get to read about all of that in the coming books.

The Godborn by Paul S. Kemp



This is the second book from The Sundering series and in this one, you get to read about events that follow directly after the first book ends as things are about to get super exciting and very tricky for everyone.

In this part of the series, you will be reading mostly about a character known as Vasen, the son of Erevis Cale, and the one character who will be given a lot of responsibility to carry on his back very soon.


Vasen is going to carry out the legacy of his father and he continuously sees his father in dreams as he constantly tells him that he must not fail. These dreams begin to haunt him every night and things tend to get messy very quickly.

The only thing that Vasen is told in his dreams is that he must not fail while he still doesn’t know what his father is talking about and whether or not he is ready to take on the huge responsibility that his father talks about. All you need to know is that there is something huge happening in the land of Faerûn.

The Adversary by Erin M. Evans


Taken Prisoner

Erin M. Evans is the author of the third book of the series and she will be talking about a story that follows her own signature character, Farideh. The events in this story are definitely exciting and Farideh is about to learn a whole lot of new things about the world that she lives in and about her biggest enemies, the Netherese.

Her story starts when she is, unfortunately, captured by a few Netherese agents and is immediately taken to one of their prisons. She sees a bunch of characters there that she thinks are enemy prisoners of the Netherese but she soon discovers that not all of these people are their enemies.

Rescue Attempt

Some of them are innocent people, who are chosen to have some special abilities. That however doesn’t mean that they should be locked away. An amazing rescue attempt then begins by Farideh’s sister and the rest is up to you to discover how it all turns out.

Just be prepared to uncover some deep secrets and plots from the Netherese that will definitely turn into a new and even more thrilling story.

The Reaver by Richard Lee Byers


Anton Marivaldi

The author that is writing this amazing volume of The Sundering series will be introducing you to a new character, his name is Anton Marivaldi and he is a known reaver who stops at nothing to get his bounty.

Many of the characters who you will be meeting in this book are not established ones like in the three books before. These ones are new faces and exciting ones for that matter.


Some of the main characters you will be reading about in this book are the reaver and pirate Anton Marivaldi himself, a boy prophet of the god Lathander called Stedd Whitehorn, and a Thayan Red Wizard known as Umara Ankhlab. All of these characters in this The Sundering book are about to get involved in an event that will become known to all of Faerûn.

Stedd Whitehorn

The story begins with Anton himself as he and his pirate crew are searching for a boy called Stedd Whitehorn as there is a huge bounty on him and Anton never shies away from huge bounties. This boy will be important if the land of Faerûn is ever to be saved as crops have begun dying and a whole series of other catastrophic events have left the people hungry and desperate.

The Sentinel by Troy Denning


Kleef Kenric

This is the fifth book of The Sundering series in our review and in it, author Troy Denning will be showing you a story that involves a character of his known by the name of Kleef Kenric.

Kleef is a paladin who has been sent on a mission to stop some evil forces from taking advantage of the chaos that is currently taking over the land of Faerûn. If these evil forces should succeed in their plans, they will become powerful and take control over the Realms.

Exciting Journey

This journey will definitely be exciting for Kleef as he has just discovered that his god has blessed him with some truly astonishing gifts. His mission will make him some strong and trusty allies with whom he will later travel to the Underdark on a quest to stop the rise of the goddess of Death.

Dangerous Secrets

There is just one more twist in the story, Kleef learns that the allies that he is traveling with have been hiding some deadly and dangerous secrets. These secrets could not only mean the end of Kleef, but the entire Forgotten Realms themselves. There are many exciting surprises that lie in this book and you get to discover all of them on your own as we definitely don’t want to spoil all the fun in our review.

The Herald by Ed Greenwood



Finally, the sixth and last book of The Sundering series has finally arrived and you will soon find out that this book is definitely not the least.

Ed Greenwood has managed to write an extremely exciting The Sundering novel in which you get to read about and further explore one of the most exciting characters in all of the Forgotten Realms Saga, the powerful wizard Elminster himself.

Future of Faerûn

This book will show you a story in which Elminster will have to give it his all in order to fight for the future of Faerûn as something catastrophic has begun. Agents of the Shadovar have begun appearing more frequently as they search for the arcane secrets that will finally be able to power their devastating war machine that will be marching toward Myth Drannor.


However, Elminster will be needing some help from a few allies this time as the goddess of all magic Mystra, the one that gives him his powers, has withdrawn from the world and Elminster is not as powerful as he once was. So, with the help of Storm Silverhand and Amarune, Elminster is about to take on these deadly enemies in the name of Faerûn’s future and well-being.

Have Fun!

Hopefully, you enjoyed our review and that you now know what to expect from The Sundering series. The stories are ones of great adventure and a lot of thrill in which you get to read about some old and unforgettable characters but about some new and even more thrilling ones as well.


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