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10 Best Michio Kaku Books (2024)

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If you have ever explored even a bit of the world of physics and science in general, chances are that you have stumbled upon the name Michio Kaku. This man is, before all, one of the most popular theoretical physicists in the world, an expert on string theory, and a best-selling author.


Kaku has many books related to science and psychics. His work allows readers to dive deep into the mysteries of the world and theories that would be extremely hard to understand without his amazing way of storytelling. Some of Michio’s most popular books include The Future of Humanity, Hyperspace, Physics of the Impossible, and plenty more. Here are a few of the best Michio Kaku books out there.

Best Michio Kaku Books

Physics of the Impossible


Exciting Theories

In 2008, Kaku unleashed this outstanding masterpiece that allows readers to let loose and take advantage of the mind’s imagination to the fullest. Physics of the Impossible is filled with the most exciting technology theories that not one science fiction lover hasn’t thought about at some point in their life.

Impossible Ideas

This book talks about similar ideas that were thought simply impossible one hundred years ago like the atomic bomb, lasers, even the TV. Now, you get to read about invisibility cloaks, death rays, teleportation, and Kaku’s take on each of these.

The best part is that this is not a science fiction book, Michio doesn’t tell you that this is easily achievable but instead, he shows you the possibilities of this technology coming to reality and what it will take for us to succeed. If you want to learn about their concepts, this is the theoretical physicist to teach them to you. 

The Possibility Is Real

It’s the perfect book to make you a bit open-minded toward this. Remember, many thought the same about our smartphones today, about the screens before our eyes, and so much more. If the possibility is there, then it is inevitable and bound to happen someday.

This is exactly what Michio is trying to tell us and given that he knows way more than us on this matter, we all could learn a thing or two from this genius mind. Many of Michio Kaku’s books’ best ratings come from this masterpiece so you are in for a treat.



Untapped Secrets

Haven’t you ever wondered about what lies out there far beneath the stars? There could be endless possibilities, parallel worlds, tons of different dimensions, an infinite number of untapped secrets, and so much more.  This is another one of the best books by Michio Kaku so be prepared to learn a lot and have fun along the way.

Michio is known for writing fun books that are also educational and quite open-minded. Hyperspace is the type of book that makes you think about the endless possibilities beyond the surface of our planet. The fun part here is that there are many complex terms and theories mentioned in this book, but Michio tells them in such an elegant manner that even a child would understand everything going on inside. 

Expect to Learn 

Some very exciting topics you can expect to read in this one and many of the best-rated Michio Kaku books are baby universes, parallel universes, wormholes, new dimensions, superstring theory, hyperspace theory, and much, much more.

All of this will be extremely easy to visualize and understand given that it’s coming from a genius who spent his childhood building super-colliders in his parents’ garage. Michio has been learning about terms like these ever since he can remember about himself so you will be glad to know that you can learn a lot from him and Michio Kaku’s best book for many.

Parallel Worlds


Popular Theories

First published way back in 2004, Parallel Worlds is a book that does an amazing job of taking readers on a journey through our cosmos filled with fun, learning, and everlasting excitement. Why is this one of the most popular Michio Kaku books ever? Well, you can only really know by diving in yourself but we can try to explain as well. 

Parallel Worlds talks about a few topics that Michio has been studying for years and knows more about than most. This includes a few theories like the M-Theory which states that our universe is just one in a bubble filled with countless more.

Things You’ll Want to Learn

But wait, the fun doesn’t end here. You also get to read some really interesting ideas and facts about black holes and time machines. The time machine may be very far away from becoming real, but Kaku sure can tell you a thing or two that will convince you that its creation is inevitable. 

Another mystery that gets tackled here is one of the biggest unanswered questions of our time, “What happened before the Big-Bang?”. While no one really knows this, you’d be surprised to find out how many very logical theories are out there. If you think you hate physics and science, this is one of the must-read books by Michio Kaku to introduce you to the excitement of this new world and turn you into a true fan.

Physics of the Future

Amazing Future

We have established by now that Dr. Kaku’s books are here to teach you but also let you have fun at the same time. Well, Physics of the Future is nothing less than fun and educational.

What this book has to offer is an amazing look into the future based on information he was able to gather from his own mind and also from hundreds of interviews with some of the world’s leading scientists. 

What the Future Holds

By 2100, we have the chance of achieving so much according to his theories but we won’t spoil the fun here. You get to find out everything he talks about inside and how all of it is actually possible.

A few hints of what you can expect to find out inside may include something about artificial intelligence and the amazing benefits it can offer to help humanity. Something about car technology, transportation, medicine, and more might also be mentioned inside. 


This book is basically a guide to what you can expect in the very near future. Even if only half of it turns out to become reality, we will be more than satisfied with the results. You not only get to find out what is possible, but Michio also explains how it is possible and much more on the topics included.

The Future of the Mind


Modern Science

If you have ever wondered how human consciousness works and what its limits are, then this is another must-read book from this excellent writer. Kaku’s fast-paced writing and easily understandable explanations make his books perfect to learn from for everyone. Although Michio is an amazing physicist, he has a vast understanding of modern science and in The Future of the Mind, he dives deeper into areas like biology, neuroscience, and evolution.

In many of the best-selling Michio Kaku books, we have seen that he likes to talk about the possibilities in the near and far future. In this book, he explains some exciting terms and ideas that are already being developed and he shows us the possibilities and benefits they might eventually bring us. 

Endless Possibilities

Some exciting scenarios he includes inside are the freedom to send our consciousness throughout the universe, to explore the stars with minimal risk, how we can be able to upload our memories on a so-called “brain net”, control technology with a mere thought, and many more exciting topics like these.

You need to understand that these are not just some exciting ideas that someone has come up with and is telling them to us.  These are all very real possibilities that one of the best theoretical physicists in the world is trying to explain to you. Michio knows what he is talking about, he has been researching all of this for years and understands that the technology for this is getting closer every day to becoming a reality.

The Future of Humanity


Broad Topics

Michio simply can’t stop sharing his knowledge about the possibilities of our future and showing us what we can expect. This is the new book by Michio Kaku, or Kaku’s latest book to be more precise, published in 2018, and what you can expect to read inside are stories and facts about interstellar travel, immortality, terraforming Mars, and our options and possibilities beyond Earth. 

These are broad topics and are told by many out there, but any Kaku’s fan will know that it will be so much more fun and easier to understand coming from this brilliant physicist. It’s tough to be both an amazing scientist and a great writer but Michio has become both.

The World Is Changing

So, Kaku takes the fact that we are on the verge of leaving Earth and trying to find a new home in the galaxy into account and uses this opportunity to talk about the possibilities, options, and problems that we might face with this new adventure. He explains just how possible this is and what it will take to achieve it.

It won’t take long for you to confuse this book as science fiction but it’s far from being fiction. What Michio wants to show his readers is how technology can change humanity’s future and how this may be sooner than we all think. Having said that, it also won’t take you long to understand why this might be the best Michio Kaku book to start with.

Einstein’s Cosmos


Man Who Changed the World

Next on Michio Kaku’s recommended books list is an outstanding biography of Albert Einstein’s life. You’ll probably never find a physicist out there who doesn’t have Einstein as one of their idols and what Michio has to say about this man who changed the world forever will sound very appealing to you.


If you don’t know all there is about Albert, Michio has taken the time to explain this man’s success, personal life, and so much more through his own words and shares with us his thoughts on this amazing legend from the 20th century.

You can see how having Einstein as an idol managed to influence the life of Michio. He became one of the world’s best theoretical physicists, string theorists, and professors. And now, he is trying to show his readers what was it that made Einstein what he is. 

Albert Einstein’s Story

You get to read a bit about everything, Albert’s personal life, how he spent his days while being a student, how wars and the holocaust influenced him, his work, theories, and so much more. How about his love life, marriage, and his last days of being on this Earth?

It’s all in there and you have a front-row seat to enjoy all of it. If you have read anything from Michio before, you know that his writing style is superb when it comes to understanding everything easily and being entertained until the end.

Beyond Einstein


Getting Serious

Things are about to get a bit more serious with this next choice for one more of Kaku’s famous books out there as he gets into more detail with this one. Beyond Einstein is a book that dives deep into the world of superstring theory and what you are about to learn might be too much to handle in one sitting so plan accordingly.

If you plan to read Michio Kaku’s books in order, this is the second one, published in 1987. Michio is not the only one who has a part in this masterpiece as Jennifer Trainer Thompson, a James Beard Award-winning author, helps Michio make this one of the top Michio Kaku books around. So, what can you expect to learn in this one and what does it have to do with Einstein?

The Theory of Everything

The book initially talks about superstring theory, a theory that tries to explain everything in existence through one theory and it might have something to do with Albert Einstein’s dream and what he called The Theory of Everything.

It certainly makes sense but Michio will help you learn more about this fascinating topic so be prepared for what is about to follow. What many Michio Kaku book reviews about this one show is that his readers simply love that he mentions many of the important players throughout history who had a part in this. This is an amazing way to learn about science, physics, history, and many brilliant minds.




Thanks to brilliant minds such as Michio and countless others, the world is progressing much faster than in the past in terms of revolutionary technologies and mind-boggling ideas that are being realized every day. What Visions has to offer you is Kaku’s take on such revolutions that changed the world that we live in day after day.

Kaku begins the story by explaining that the next century will bring so much more than what physics and science have brought in the past combined. As always, Michio doesn’t just throw around ideas that might become a possibility. No, he shares what he believes in, not just because he thinks it’s possible, but because he has researched it all thoroughly and knows what it takes for it to happen.

Detailed Sections

He divides the book into a few sections, each explaining separate areas, and facts. The first opens our eyes and introduces us to a world in which cyber-technology has the possibility of changing almost everything.

This includes nanotechnology which has the power to do absolutely everything we desire, from healing the smallest wounds to building bridges and so much more. The second section talks about biology and explains how the manipulation of DNA can allow us godlike abilities. It’s hard to pull off but more possible than anything.

Quantum Physics

And in the final section, Michio introduces us to the world of quantum physics. There is so much to be covered here so make sure to set aside extra time for this section. Many of the best books written by Michio Kaku tend to have sections like this one which only makes you understand everything way more easily.

Introduction to Superstrings and M-Theory


Amazing Introduction

This is the last book from Michio Kaku’s best books list and the contents inside are something to get really excited about.

Some of his other books mention a thing or two about superstring and M-theory, but this book is the ideal one to introduce you to these topics and show you what they are all about. And, who better to explain all of it than a best-selling author, an excellent theoretical physicist, a professor, and so much more.

Michio’s Expertise

Michio is an expert in these two fields and you can rest assured knowing that you are in good hands. This is one of the books by Kaku ranked as Kaku’s best-selling book. It was published in 1999 but even now, superstring is a theory that is very popular among scientists and is still boggling the minds of many brilliant physicists.

This theory is also known as the Theory of Everything and although it’s known as trying to explain that all that exists can be broken down into one general theory, there is so much to know that you’ll need to make extra room in your head to fit all of it in.


M-Theory, on the other hand, unifies all versions of superstring theory, and here is where things can get a bit complicated. Lucky for you, Michio is the one explaining all of this so it won’t be too long until you get what he is talking about.

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