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5 Best Mark R. Levin Books (2024)

Best Mark R. Levin Books ReviewBio

Mark R. Levin is an American lawyer… and a host of other things. A Writer, radio host, and he has participated in non-profit organizations. His CV is definitely impressive.


At 19, he graduated summa cum laude with a B.A. in Political Sciences from the Temple University Ambler, in Pennsylvania. Three years later, in 1980, he had earned a Juris Doctor from the Temple University Beasley School of Law.

Best Mark R. Levin Books


He worked as an adviser to cabinet members under the Reagan Administration, and later had positions in both the U.S. Department of Education and the U.S. Department of Interior. His administrative career ended after becoming chief of staff to Attorney General Edwin Meese.

After his experience in the public sector, he turned to practicing private law, demonstrating an interest for Constitutional matters and eventually joining the non-profit legal advocacy group Landmark Legal Foundation.

Always Busy

Being a legal eagle wasn’t enough to keep him truly busy, it appears, because Levin decided to start contributing to conservative radio programs such as The Rush Limbaugh Show and The Sean Hannity Show, until the time eventually came for him to star in his own show: WABC gave him his own slot in 2002.

And of course, he writes, which is why you’re getting a best Mark R. Levin book review. He’s published not one, not two, but a total of seven books. Below you will find a review of Mark R. Levin’s best books.

Men in Black


Aliens Included

The Men in Black here are not alien-fighting secret agents, but judges in robes. A story about judges can be just as full of suspense nonetheless, and also includes aliens! (the immigrant kind, though)

Dangerous System

Over the course of 250 plus pages, Levin makes a case for the dangerous effects the Supreme Court has on the American political system. Made up of only nine members that are not democratically elected and serve for life (i.e. can’t be fired), that translates into the possibility of just five people – which is the number of votes required for a majority – making deep-reaching decisions that permeate the legal system and hence, the citizen’s life.

Clear Vision

As stated in the biography, Levin is a Constitutional Law expert, so he definitely knows what he is talking about when it comes to this branch of the Legal system. He argues from a clearly conservative point of view, in line with his own beliefs, and questions the idealness of the current system, accusing the Supreme Court justices of “legislating from the bench”.

“America’s founding fathers had a clear and profound vision for what they wanted our federal government to be,” the lawyer-turned-author has said. Here, in Levin’s first published work, he will take you through why the current system is not respecting the original vision on which the United States of America was founded.

Rescuing Sprite



Rescuing Sprite tells the story of how the Levin family adopted a rescue dog, and the rollercoaster ride of emotions that ensued.

In 2004, the family decided to get their family dog, Pepsi, a new brother and adopted a Spaniel mix they christened Sprite (I’m sensing a soda-related pattern) from the local rescue.

Much Older

Sprite immediately stole everyone’s hearts, including Pepsi’s, as dogs are known to do. With his big, soulful eyes, his upbeat personality and fuzzy furry cuteness, Sprite became a beloved member of the Levin clan in no time.

However, in Halloween, Sprite suddenly collapsed. An emergency visit to the vet showed that Sprite was, in fact, much older than anyone expected, and his health was not in tip-top shape. Over the course of the next two years, Sprite’s condition progressively worsened but that didn’t stop the furry angel from showering his human family with the kind of love only dogs can dish out while expecting nothing in return.

Personal Story

Rescuing Sprite: A Dog Lover’s Story of Joy and Anguish is a heart-wrenching and deeply personal account of the incredibly bond formed between man’s best friend and their lucky owners.

Liberty and Tyranny


Political Again

If you’ve finished drying your tears after reading about Sprite, in Liberty and Tyranny Levin gets political again and stops pulling on your heartstrings. The full name of this book is “Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto”, so the political views that underlie this body of work aren’t exactly a mystery.

In Liberty and Tyranny Levin describes and gives a definition of the different conservative ideals and beliefs, such as fiscal conservatism, social conservatism, neo-con, and so forth, in order to give a better understand of what conservatism truly stands for, and the multiple views it encompasses.


He also hails conservatism as the answer to the question of how to better preserve individual freedom in American Society. According to Levin, the current U.S. Federal Government has become a leviathan of epic proportions that is largely unaccountable to those it governs.

Through its insertion into almost all aspects of the American citizen’s life it is slowly eroding the liberties and freedoms the Founding Fathers so painstakingly tried to ensure for future generations in the Constitution.

Position of Authority

Levin describes the modern progressive and liberal conceptions as, in fact, “Statist” in nature, as they believe a ubiquitous, all-encompassing State is the way forward. However, the author disagrees with this statement and argues his position with auctoritas thanks to his years of professional experience and his academic background in Constitutional Law.

If you already identify as a “conservative”, this book will no doubt interest you for all the information it provides: but even if you don’t, this collection of conservative essays will be an excellent way to get into the “enemy’s” mind and understand how they think.




After making a case for conservatism in Liberty and Tyranny, Levin now explores the perils hidden behind the concept of “Utopia”, and how utopianism has been the seed that has allowed statism to bloom.

Philosophical Tour

This book takes you on a philosophical bus tour with stops at Plato’s Republic, Thomas Moore’s Utopia, Thomas Hobbes’ Leviathan, Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto and many others to lay the theoretical foundations for utopian views.

It then presents a case for how such beliefs actually erode liberty within a State, when concepts like freedom and equality are misunderstood as being freed from all responsibility or being guaranteed equal outcomes, respectively.

Drawing Board

Levin pokes and prods at the flaws of statism and its intellectual grandfather -utopianism – and argues that the best bet to preserve the U.S. as a liberty-guided society is to go back to the drawing board designed by the Founding Fathers. Indulging in statism is a way of playing with fire, and being blind to its consequences may make America’s fate similar to that of Icarus, who lost his wings because he flew too close to the sun.

The Liberty Amendments


The Framework

In The Liberty Amendments, Levin once again charges against Statists. If you’ve read the four previous summaries of the best Mark R. Levin books, by now it’s no secret that Levin has a bone to pick with them about their interventionist ways.

He also believes that the answers lie with the Constitution, as it was initially drafted to be understood: the framework that allows people in the United States of America to live freely and coexist peacefully.

Checks and Balances

The Founding Fathers were smart enough to create a system of checks and balances since they knew that, sooner or later, humans will be humans and there was a chance that Government would try to abuse its powers over the people – hence, the Bill of Rights.

Restore the Original

In this publication, Levin sets about offering amendment ideas that could possibly restore the original meaning of the legal text and hit the brakes on the liberal changes imposed by the “living Constitution” way of modifying it. Through his eleven proposals, which include steps like imposing limited terms for Supreme Court Justices or limiting federal spending and taxation, Levin creates a blueprint for how the American Republic can be restored.

Mark R. Levin is a leading conservative writer on issues such as government, the importance of freedom, and the philosophical tenets that underpin the making of the American Republic.


As an expert in Constitutional Law, his top books are well-researched and meticulous, providing the reader with sufficient facts and many, many references to some of the world’s most prominent thinkers in addition to the author’s views on modern-day politics.

And, in the midst of the serious, intellectual sea of printed words, there’s the story of good old Sprite to make your heart glow and give you a serious case of the “awwws”. We recommend reading some of the best books by Mark R. Levin.

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