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7 Best Ben Shapiro Books (2024)

Best Ben Shapiro Books ReviewBio

You may know Ben Shapiro from the political scene. He often speaks his mind and is not afraid to tell the truth. However, harsh it may be, Ben believes that we should all face it and work together to always make things better.

Aside from his many accomplishments like being the youngest nationally syndicated columnist in the United States of America, writing columns for the Creators Syndicate and Newsweek, being editor-in- chief for his own news website called The Daily Wire, hosting his own daily podcast that discusses many political topics and much more, Ben has also written many books that make the readers really think about what he has to say.

Wide Range

Shapiro talks about many topics in his books like, of course, politics, religion, race, his personal life, philosophy, and discusses many points of view for the people on the same topics. All of his books hold valuable knowledge about what we mentioned and these are, in our opinion, the best Ben Shapiro books.

Best Ben Shapiro Books

The Authoritarian Moment



This latest book from Ben Shapiro is considered one of his best, and this time he is asking the question of how far Americans are willing to go to get each other to fall in line. Will it come down to using force? This is what Shapiro explores in this book, focusing on the post-Obama/Trump era.

Throughout this book, Shapiro postulates on how the left uses varied mechanisms to ideologically capture most American institutions, such as Hollywood, news, TV, high finance, to name a few. He shows how the left uses these things to influence people into believing what the left wants them to believe, to “renormalize” people’s thoughts, rather than letting them make their own choices and apply their own minds.


Shapiro is essentially trying to explain how America got into the somewhat authoritarian position it seems to find itself in today, while also trying to present some solutions to this problem. The tactics that the hardcore left is using to push their own political agendas on the public seem to go against the very principles that America was founded on, and that’s where Shapiro finds his issue.

If you already listen to Shapiro’s talks/podcasts/videos, then none of this would necessarily be new information to you. If you are not a fan of Shapiro and never engage in his work, then I don’t think it would be a bad shout to give this a read. He definitely is aiming it at the broader public, and you don’t have to agree with everything in here, but there is definitely some food for thought.

How to Destroy America in Three Easy Steps



This highly rated book from Ben Shapiro is definitely one that you are going to want to add to your list. It was released in the midst of the Covid19 pandemic in 2020, and certainly is still making waves today. Shapiro writes about how Americans seem to want to tear down the very country that took them 250 years to build.

He goes into how people just cannot agree on anything these days (which is true), not even what it is that makes America so great in the first place. We are living in a time of civic unrest. People seem to be tearing down all the history, philosophies, and culture that made America what it is today. Everyone has an opinion, and everyone has something to say, but it seems like this push towards “disintegration” is only tearing the country apart.

Two Groups

Shapiro believes that disintegrationist’s are attacking the values that this great nation was built on, always saying that we are “stronger together” but then tearing apart the very foundations that kept people together all these years. They are attacking things like free speech and self-defense, placing more importance on the government and less on the shared truths of this union.

Essentially what Shapiro is saying is that to be a cohesive nation, the foundational truths of this country need to be upheld. This is a very open look into the two groups of people that there are in America right now. I would recommend giving this a read if you are wanting to make sure you’re as informed as possible about the political climate we are living in today.

The Right Side of History


Valuable Insight

The first book that starts off this list is The Right Side of History, one of Ben’s books that talks about Judeo-Christian values and other social and political topics.

This book, like many others by Ben Shapiro, addresses topics and terms that definitely need to be discussed and considered by people everywhere, and his books always bring some sort of valuable insight to whatever topic he decides to discuss in his writing.

Personal Thoughts

You get to see his own real and personal thoughts on everything that he talks about in his books so you know that even if this man is not always right, he always describes what he thinks, but more importantly, he describes why and based on which facts he has the opinions that he has.

The book mainly focuses on Ben’s thoughts on the Judeo-Christian system being the best and most rational one to use for meaning and society. You get to see his point of view on this matter and some very detailed discussions and examples of why his mind is set so firmly on this fact.

Smart Guy

You will find from most of the books in this list that Ben Shapiro is truly a very intelligent man who has managed to understand some facts that others have trouble with as he shows you in this book.

Thoughts about the Judeo-Christian values on which Western civilization is built on and that those values are indeed one of a kind. If you are new to Ben Shapiro’s writing, then this one is the best Ben Shapiro book to get you introduced to his complicated and exciting world.

How to Debate Leftists and Destroy Them


Not For Everyone

This is a how-to book that has a few rules on how a conservative can fight a leftist in an argument and crush them.

I’m sure that we all have separate political opinions for whatever individual and personal reasons, which is actually okay, but as it is Ben Shapiro’s book, he intends the book mainly for conservatives, but anyone can read it and learn a thing or two about politics.

Simple Rules

A few disses are mentioned towards leftists as he believes that their opinions are wrong and he has put together some unbelievable rules on how to win an argument with these hard to argue with politicians.

Ben actually refers to this book as a survival guide in politics and not exactly a how-to book as he truly believes that winning an argument with a leftist is very, very important. He talks about things like to stop taking the bullying and learning to argue in order to achieve victory.

Takes Some Dedication

The book is definitely for people who know a few things about politics and are very engaged. It takes commitment and a motive to learn the things that Ben is talking about in this book, so feel free to take a look if you have all of those things.



Perfect Example

We all know that in politics everyone says anything, justifies anything, means anything, and so on. Many people explain different things with politics that can mean absolutely anything. Ben is not afraid to speak his mind against the Lefts and this book is a perfect example of that.

In Bullies, Shapiro wants to show his readers that the Lefts are the number one bullies in the political world as well as they don’t hesitate to use any resource available and at all means to destroy and completely humiliate their enemy in the media.

Living Hell

He talks about how they use terms related to people’s race, their sex, and so on. He even explains that they have the absolute love to bully the living hell out of conservatives and use the very things they do to them to blame and accuse them of doing. Since they have an explanation for everything, without caring if it makes sense or not, they are ready to do it.

Bullying and Discrimination

Ben absolutely hates everything these people stand for as they bully their opponents, discriminating them, and then claim that they are the victims. They are pathetic in his eyes and he truly wants to show everyone that they are the ones who will doom America and he knows their tactic is to end political debate through bullying, which Ben does not support at all.



School System

Not many people will agree on this with Ben, but the ones who do, understand what he is talking about in this book. This is a book in which Ben talks about the school system in America, specifically the Universities, and how they blindly teach the same things to students without ever giving them something to discuss and argue about the facts whether it’s correct or not.

He relates the Leftists again in this story as he believes they control this system. Now, some might say “but he went to University himself and he has no right to talk about this”, but who better to talk about something like this than someone who has actually experienced it and seen how it works.


Many people hate the system, but pressured by society, they have nowhere else to go so they push through with the hope of finding happiness after they graduate. Ben talks about how this institution brainwashes the minds of promising and impressionable young people, molding them into what they please.

Open Discussion

He argues that universities should be a place for open discussion, which in his words, are far from that. Ben makes sure to let everyone who reads this book know that he hates the idea of blindly learning something told to you without ever thinking for yourself and asking whether it makes sense or not, whether it is right or wrong.

Primetime Propaganda



In another attempt to expose the true intentions and acts of the Lefts, Ben writes an in-depth book on how they have managed to manipulate even the biggest form of entertainment the people love. A famous movie critic by the name of Michael Medved reaches out to Shapiro to tell him all about how the left side has managed to manipulate even this with their political agenda.


He intents this book on exposing them for corrupting the Hollywood movie scene with their content which Ben is highly against. We all know that he is the opposing side to these people and aside from writing books about it, does anything in his power to put them to rest and stop them at all costs. However hard that maybe, Ben tries to explain to people through books such as this one the corruption that their country is under.

Political Agendas

In Primetime Propaganda, Ben mentions his interview with many people involved in the TV scene of what they know that further supports his understandings and accusations. Admitting that Hollywood supports and promotes political agendas, the people tell him that they are relieved it’s out in the open.

Final Thoughts


This list of the best books from Ben Shapiro include the books that we thought explain his philosophy and thoughts most honestly and directly, They should be enough to show you how this man thinks and what he believes in, after which, you can freely read any of his other books and have an easier time of understanding what he is talking about.

Michael Englert

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