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35 Best Horus Heresy Books (2024) Review

Fascinating Universe

For what it’s worth, it is oftentimes far more interesting, fascinating, and absorbing to be encompassed by a fictional world, be it of a book or a book series, of a movie franchise, of comic books, of video games, even of something belonging to one’s mind and imagination.

Best Horus Heresy Books

Part of Something Greater

Creating or having the rules be created for a special, unique, and not accessible to all world is perhaps what drives this force in us. We want to be part of something greater, but ours is a time when great things aren’t always afoot; in the fictional world, though, great things are interminably happening and that is what attracts us in our best Horus Heresy books review.

One such world is the narrower, yet not narrow at all Horus Heresy series. Let’s take a look at what the best Horus Heresy books are. We’ll first talk about the Horus Heresy main storyline, then about the Primarchs, and we’ll finish off with the Horus Heresy novellas.

Horus Heresy Novels

Horus Rising by Dan Abnett


First Release

Dan Abnett is a comic book author and a novelist whose works have seemingly always been connected to the Horus Heresy series and broader Warhammer 40k Horus Heresy series. Horus Rising, the first of the Horus Heresy novels, was released in 2006.

It is known that the Imperium has been positioned at the topmost place for the last while, seeing as they have conquered many lands and their expansion tactics are second to none. However, when the Emperor decides to take leave and bestow his might to none other than Warmaster Horus.

Everything Points to Horus

However, the old Emperor could not have expected the reception, first and foremost, and what the heart of Horus would find as an impression from the ordeal. Curious things are afoot and it seems that they stem from one person and one person only – Horus.

False Gods by Graham McNeill


Coming to an End

Scotland-native Graham McNeill is a terrific author. Graham, for instance, in our opinion, has written one of the best Horus Heresy books in False Gods, published in 2006. If you would like to read the Horus Heresy novels in order, False Gods is the eighth book of the series.

The time that the Imperium has spent being on the top of the food chain and being regarded as one of the most organized and strongest societies, it seems, will soon be over. Where there are grand occurrences and great things being done, there are always undermining and demeaning things that follow a step back.

Unlimited Power

With Warmaster Horus now enjoying the nigh-unlimited power he holds it would not be out of the ordinary if he were to forgo his more pleasant and kind ideas for something far more diabolical. Definitely a book that we wholeheartedly and with no doubt at all recommend to our readers. This is where the seeds for the series are actually sewn.

Galaxy in Flames by Ben Counter


Isstvan III

Ben Counter is an author who graduated with a major in Ancient History, so one can conclude that his insight and knowledgeability on the topic would yield great results in terms of the story. Galaxy in Flames is the third novel of the Horus Heresy reading order.

Warmaster Horus, having been wounded quite a lot in the preceding events, is now being rejuvenated and it doesn’t seem like it’ll take a lot of time. The Imperial army’s leader, Horus, upon his getting back in shape commands the armies towards Isstvan III and their army of rebels.


Horus’ warriors are cut from the finest cloth, though, and soon the rebels are all defeated without much issue. Then, however, we learn of something that had been going on in the background of things. We learn that Warmaster Horus had committed heresy and soon enough the Space Marines land nearby.

Legion by Dan Abnett


State of the Imperium

Legion is another amazing achievement from the hands of the masterful Dan Abnett. Dan Abnett’s Legion was released in 2008 and it showcases the state of the Imperium at the present moment. Don’t skip this one if you want to read it in a proper Horus Heresy book order.


It does not take much knowledge, insight, nor even prophetic or envisioning powers to deduce that war has come to the Imperium and it is only a bit before it is a full-on bloodbath. The Astartes Brotherhoods’ most well-known warriors named the Alpha Legion’s Space Marines are embroiled in a battle against a queer-looking, yet powerful race of aliens.

The Imperial Army was already in battle against them, but the Space Marines came to their aid. However, between the separate groups and factions, there is also a bit of incongruity and uneasiness, so that if relations don’t remain intact, then war will be fought on more than just one front.

A Thousand Sons by Graham McNeill



The 2010 novel from Graham named A Thousand Sons is perhaps one of the best that Graham has published and a vital book for the Horus Heresy book order.

Magnus the Red along with the Thousand Sons’ Legion have nowhere to go, but on Prospero – their very own home-world – so as to find a sanctuary or a refuge of sorts. Magnus had been censured at the Council of Nikea for the unwarranted and unprovoked flaunting of his magical powers, so they all opted to take the journey towards Prospero.

Hidden Truth

While the story of Warmaster Horus is yet to actually begin, Magnus the Red had visions of what is to happen. Then, Leman Russ along with his army are dispatched towards Prospero so as to annihilate the habitants and the planet, itself. However, when Magnus’ visions reveal a terrible, hidden truth, things might not be as they seem.

The First Heretic by Aaron Dembski-Bowden



Aaron Dembski-Bowden was born and raised in London, United Kingdom, and his work on the Horus Heresy novels is definitely one of the best. In 2010, The First Heretic was published and it only hit home how great a writer Aaron actually was.

While the Great Crusade was getting steam and seemingly only just beginning, the World Bearers are scolded and spoken ill of for the worship they indulge in. Following this, Lorgar along with his army then have a complete one-eighty change and they begin devastating world upon world, mercilessly.

Grip of Chaos

Then, however, as they were making their way through the galaxy, a force incomprehensibly old meets them and soon enough they are in the grip of Chaos. The World Bearers’ change is only fast-tracked now as their intentions lose all resemblance to the things they adhered to as of yore.

Prospero Burns by Dan Abnett


Track Record

In 2010, Dan Abnett’s masterful writing and distinct writing style gave us the amazing novel titled Prospero Burns. This is the tenth book of the series, if you are interested in reading Horus Heresy novels in order.

The story of Magnus the Red and the Legion of a Thousand Sons is a well-known one and their track record with the people entails a less-than-enthusiastic essence. It is public opinion and, more importantly, the opinion of the higher-ups that they need to go.

Burn it Down

As such, Leman Russ, being the Primarch of the Space Wolves, arrives on Prospero so as to follow the orders that were given to him. While Prospero is a planet of very powerful, even frightful wizards and sorcerers, Leman and his lot are not deterred in the slightest.

The Primarch’s heart, one tingling with the intrinsic rage it has, leads Leman towards Magnus. As of yet, Leman’s only intention is to see Prospero as it burns under his heels. Surely, one of the best Horus Heresy books out there. If you enjoy this book as much as we do, you must take a look at our selection of the best Warhammer 40k novels, where you can find this Dan’s work as well. 

Know No Fear by Dan Abnett



Dan Abnett is one of the writers that helped define the Warhammer 40k Horus Heresy and a number of other series. In 2012, Know No Fear was published and it showcased the greatness of Abnett in a new light.

While on the way back towards Ultramar, RobouteGuilliman had not the slightest inkling of what the Warmaster Horus had in store for him and his lot. Roboute did not even know that the Warmaster had committed heresy, the most despicable of sins in the world.

Upper Hand

Roboute came to Ultramar in order to get ready for a bout with an incursion of orks, but what can he do when his supposed brethren attack him and his Ultramarines? Not far away, though, is Lorgar and his army. Lorgar and Roboute had been rivals for years now and Lorgar now had the opportunity to one-up Roboute and cement his place as the best.

Angel Exterminatus by Graham McNeill


Patience Has Run Out

Graham McNeill’s trademark skill is what made the 2012 novel Angel Exterminatus one of the absolute best Horus Heresy novels. Olympia’s executioner and the Siegecraft’s master, Perturabo, has been looked upon in an inferior light when compared to the Primarch brethren he has, and he has had enough.

Xenos Weapon

The army of Perturabo has had boring, mortifying tasks thrown their way, seemingly just out of spite, for the longest of time and enough is enough. As Fulgrim gives Perturabo an opportunity to be the leader of an expedition for a rather old and scarily powerful Xenos Weapon, Perturabo accepts immediately.

The two factions, the Emperor’s Children and the Iron Warriors come together and walk into the Eye, a warp-rift. The Angel Exterminatus is what they are in search for, but soon enough a plethora of different enemies are on their tail.

Betrayer by Aaron Dembski-Bowden


Shadow Crusade

Aaron Dembski-Bowden’s expert skills and smooth abilities are what make Betrayer such a wonderful book and definitely one of the best Horus Heresy books. It was published in 2012, spanning a bit under three-hundred-and-fifty pages.

The time of the Shadow Crusade is upon us. While the Ultramarine forces are still recovering from the unexpected, yet devastating assault of Kor Phaeron upon the planet Calth.

Reign of Terror is Over

Lorgar and the World Bearers are not ones to stay put and strike at the worst of times. Angron and the World Eaters, on the other hand, go across the various systems in front of them, devouring and devastating everything in their path.

However, when Armatura, a garrison world, is their supposed next prey, it may be the case, that their reign of terror is over. As the worlds are set ablaze, as armies are set to kill each other, then a Primarch is fated to fall to his knees.

The Unremembered Empire by Dan Abnett


Imperium Secundus

In the terrific and very much deserving of its spot on our list of the best Horus Heresy primarchs books titled The Unremembered Empire, Dan Abnett does wonders. Primarch Roboute Guilliman of the Ultramarines is under the impression that the marvel that is Terra has been brought to its knees by Warmaster Horus already, so he has nothing else to do than to found the so-called Imperium Secundus.

Second to None

Guilliman saw the unexplained vanishing of the guiding light of the Astronomican – one that was at the Imperium’s crux – and deduced that Horus had surely done the unthinkable and conquered Terra.

All the warriors that listened to Roboute’s words and came to Ultramar were a helping hand in the Secundus’ construction. Nonetheless, there are still those that undermine Roboute, be it from within his ranks or from the exterior. But, Roboute’s will is second to none.

Scars by Chris Wraight


Picking a Side

Great Britain’s own Chris Wraight is an exceptionally talented writer that has worked on a couple of the Horus Heresy tales, too. One of Wraight’s best works is the 2014 novel Scars. It is a must for everyone who wants to read the books in a proper Horus Heresy reading order.

It has become the case that Jaghatai and the White Scars Legion are forced to pick a side: either side with the Emperor or with Warmaster Horus. Following the conquering of the world Chondax, Jaghatai Khan and his men made the discovery that Horus had committed heresy.


As such, the legion is sitting on a fence. Part of the Legion want to stand with Horus, while the other vow their faithfulness to Terra. However, as Leman Russ, the Space Wolves’ Primarch, sends a signal of harrowing content, the Alpha Legion is dispatched towards Chondax.

Time is of the essence as Jaghatai must pick a side and not back down from the choice that he makes. Will they side with Warmaster Horus? Or will Terra receive aid from the White Scars Legion?

The Path of Heaven by Chris Wraight


The Fifth Legion

Another favorite from the inventive hands of Chris Wraight is his 2016 novel bearing the name The Path of Heaven. We would like to also recommend reading Horus Heresy novels in order.

The Fifth Legion had been away from the Imperium’s range for quite some time now and in their absence, very many things had happened, both great and fiendish.

Picking a Side

It was only when Jaghatai, the primarch of the Fifth Legion, had slaked his thirst concerning whether the righteous choice was made, that the White Scars Legion picked a side and stood with their choice. The treacherous were immediately attacked by the White Scars and in an unrelenting fashion, too.


However, nearly a half-decade after, the White Scars’ will is crumbling as they can’t withstand any more assaults from the Death Guard or the Emperor’s Children. There is only one way they can go on and that is if the Stormseers arrive fast enough to aid them in the horrible battle that will soon begin. One of the best Horus Heresy books, without a doubt.

Praetorian of Dorn by John French


Amazing Work

Nottingham, England’s own fascinating and highly touted author John French exceeded even the wildest expectations that we bore concerning his work on the Horus Heresy series. Truly, French’s work is one of remarkable worth and we consider the 2017 novel Praetorian of Dorn as one of the greatest in the series.

Emperor’s Praetorians

It is a crucial read for those of us searching for the proper Horus Heresy books in order. The first attack upon the Solar System has been carried out and the Imperial Fists’ reputation is tested.

Rogal Dorn and the 7th Legion had been bestowed with the titles of being the Emperor’s Praetorians, but not until Horus embraced heresy was their full duty manifest. As the Solar System and Terra are now imperiled, the praetorians of Dorn arrive on the scene. One of, if not the most exciting book in the series.

The Master of Mankind by Aaron Dembski-Bowden


Imperial Palace

The Master of Mankind is rightfully on our list of the best Horus Heresy books and it doesn’t require one to be a genius to figure out why exactly. For one, The Master of Mankind is an exhilarating, charming, and akin to an adrenaline-rush novel that we just love.

As the treachery and the betrayal of Horus scorches the planets of the galaxy, a war sees its beginning below the Imperial Palace.

Coming Together

The Custodian Guard titled Ten Thousand, the Sisters of Silence, and Fabricator General Kane’s Mechanicum warriors all come together so as to do battle against the daemonic beings that came following Magnus the Red’s arrival.

Battle Titans and legions of Chaos abound as the Throneworld is slowly, yet surely becoming one of the least secure places in the galaxy. Casualties are counted day in and day out, but is the loss of hope not a greater loss?

Wolfsbane by Guy Haley


A Promise

A writer like Guy Haley has been featured on a number of different series’ book covers seeing as his potency when writing is nearly unmatched. It is not possible to make a complete Horus Heresy book order without Wolfsbane. You can learn more about the author and his work in our article about The Beast Arises books. 

The Space Wolves’ Primarch, Leman Russ, has a task to fulfill and that task has to do with committing fully to the vow and the promise that he made a long time ago.

Leaving Terra

If he deliberates for too long, then Horus will finally enter the Segmentum Solar and many losses will follow. As his Primarch brethren show their resistance for such a thing, Leman calls upon his army to leave Terra and they are set to go to where Horus is.

Word has been received that Horus is unlike what they once knew him; as it stands, Horus is a man with so great a power that none may have hope of surviving a battle with him. However, the promise of Leman is something that he holds steadfast and he will not back down, even if death itself may be in his opposition.

Slaves to Darkness by John French


Last Hope of Terra

English writer John French strikes again with his wonderful books. Published in 2018, Slaves to Darkness is an essential book for anyone searching for the Horus Heresy novels in order.

A battle that saw casualties on both sides now also sees the treacherous as they make their way ever closer to Terra. Roboute Guilliman and the Lion are coming back as fast as they conceivably can, and they might be the last hope Terra has.

Too Far Gone

Horus’ warriors then are faced with the decision to come together so as to seize the Throneworld. Mortarion was dispatched with the vanguard, while Lorgar and Perturabo were left to lead Fulgrim and Angron.

However, Lorgar and Perturabo might be too far gone for even Horus to order and as the Warmaster’s injuries are many, Maloghurst is the only one that can keep the Warmaster’s armies together.

Heralds of the Siege by Nick Kyme



Nick Kyme, an author born in 1977, has certainly put out some of the best books that the Warhammer 40k Horus Heresyhas seen. His 2018 novel Heralds of the Siege only shows that Kyme is fantastic.

In Heralds of the Siege, we see that Horus is the victor. Terra can sense that the fleet of Horus is upon it, but it can’t do anything to stop it. Here, we learn of the stories of those that fell before Horus could come here.

The Last Siege

While some might have had a great part in the events that unfolded, others were merely blood waiting to be shed, but that is all irrelevant and inconsequential in the eyes of the Warmaster. The armies of Terra come together for a last siege to battle against Horus, but can they ever hope to stand against the might of him? The war is here, nonetheless.

The Buried Dagger by James Swallow


The Death Guard

James Swallow is a novelist of many accolades and awards, but to us he is known for his brilliant tales weaved for the Horus Heresy series.

The final battle seems to be upon Terra and upon Horus. Mortarion is the one that is dispatched as the vanguard of Horus’ warriors, but on his way, he and his army are assailed by a horrible plague. The Death Guard are those thrown from the loftiest position they enjoyed – being one of the most feared and strongest warriors known – to the position of broken warriors.

Tough Decision

Mortarion is faced with a decision to either take up a trade that will accurse his sons for all of time or to perish with the Death Guard. Malcador the Sigillite, on the other hand, comes upon a plot happening in Terra, but when he learns of the truth, even he is stumped at what to do next.

Horus Heresy Primarchs

Perturabo: Hammer of Olympia by Guy Haley


First to Read

Guy Haley and his 2017 book Perturabo: Hammer of Olympia share one thing in common: they are both amazing. This book is listed as the first of the Horus Heresy reading order.

Perturabo, the Iron Warriors’ Primarch, as he was attempting the construct the Imperium, hears word of the things happening on the planet where he was brought up.

Coming Home

Perturabo stops what he is doing and journeys to his home-world, so as to see the ongoing situation. Even as a child, Perturabo was fated for great things – the scientific and philosophical potential that he had was great.

Here, we take a look at Perturabo as the young man he was on Olympia, during the Great Crusade and his life at that point, and then during the coming-back to the planet that certainly was a factor in his upbringing. A brilliant retrospective novel and one of the best Horus Heresy Primarchs books.

Jaghatai Khan: Warhawk of Chogoris by Chris Wraight


White Scars Legion

Chris Wraight might be most well-known for his Horus Heresy series work, but his Horus Heresy Primarch novels are amazing, as well. For one, Jaghatai Khan: Warhawk of Chogoris is an indispensable read of the Horus Heresy book list.

While the Great Crusade blazed the galaxy, Jaghatai Khan, the White Scars Legion’s Primarch, is forced to journey into himself and see with whom his loyalty stands. Following the rediscovery of Chogoris, the White Scars Legion’s beliefs have been at war with the Unity ideals.

Inner Battle

As the place of psychic might in the Legions’ ranks is a debate at the moment, Jaghatai Khan is forcibly entered into this battle of ideas. Inside, though, Jaghatai Khan battles with himself as he can’t choose between his descent and the Imperial Ideology. Amazing book that we really appreciate in our best Horus Heresy books review.

Angron: Slave of Nuceria by Ian St. Martin



Ian St. Martin is a fairly new, yet undeniably talented author that has made waves in the Horus Heresy fiction world. In 2019, his best work yet was published with Angron: Slave of Nuceria.

In our opinion, Angron: Slave of Nuceria is definitely one of the best Horus Heresy books and we recommend it very much. It is the third book of the series, if you are interested in reading Horus Heresy books in order.

Facing a Choice

As Angron is forced to lead a Legion he desires not, to be under the command of a dad whom he abhors, he is faced with a choice. The Emperor had gone through the galaxy so as to find the Primarch, his sons, and give them Legions to command.

However, the World Eaters – formerly known as War Hounds – feel that they don’t receive the respect they deserve. As Angron leads them, they are at their wits’ end whether to follow in Angron’s footsteps or to pave their own road.

Konrad Curze: The Night Haunter by Guy Haley


Grim Primarch

Konrad Curze, also known as the Night Haunter, is a character that deserved great attention and Guy Haley gave him just that. There are not many Primarchs that are quite as noteworthy as Konrad and now we have the story that defines him. You can’t read Horus Heresy books in order if you skip this amazing book.

Konrad’s tale is also the grimmest of the Primarchs. Nostramo, a planet of killers, of conniving and thieving beasts, was where Konrad was born and raised. Here we learn of the story of Konrad Curze, the one that leads the Night Lords’ Legion.

Indomitable Truth

We see the descent of the man that once followed the Imperium. Konrad was faced with an indomitable truth, a truth that turned him towards darkness as towards a friend. From his very start on Nostramo to the present, Konrad Curze is a man unlike any other, a Primarch unlike any other, and his story is unlike any other.

Horus Heresy Novellas

Aurelian by Aaron Dembski-Bowden


Eye of Terror

Another amazing Aaron Dembski-Bowden tale of Horus Heresy book list comes with the 2011 novella Aurelian. Following Monarchia’s devastation, the Emperor chastised the World Bearers heavily.

As such, Lorgar, the Primarch, took it upon himself to venture for the so-called stars for the universal truths of the cosmos. However, just as the 19th century German philosopher said, “If you gaze long into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you. “, the Eye of Terror glared at Lorgar.


The daemon known as Ingethel was the one that guided Lorgar on the journey towards becoming accursed. Having counted his losses, analyzed his aspirations, Lorgar makes a terrible choice.

The Seventh Serpent by Graham McNeill


Shadrak Meduson

Graham McNeill did it amazingly once again with the 2014 novella titled The Seventh Serpent. In our opinion, The Seventh Serpent belongs among the best Horus Heresy novellas of all time.

Sisypheum’s crew is set to begin their undercover attack upon a covert outpost of the Alpha Legion. There is no one else other than Warleader Shadrak Meduson, one of the Iron Hands, that would endeavor to do such a dastardly and impetuous thing.

Many Battles Ahead

The Alpharius’ sons come to battle with a number of factions, namely the Shattered Legions of the Iron Hands, the Salamanders, and even the Raven guard. McNeill’s wonderous writing makes this novella so grand with its terrific blend of excitement, subtlety, and suspense.

Prince of Crows by Aaron Dembski-Bowden



In Aaron Dembski-Bowden’s magnificent novella titled Prince Crows, we see his work reach new heights.

The Crusade of the Thramas is coming towards its end. The Dark Angels’ might clashing with that of the Night Lords leaves both sides with many casualties and many losses, but neither is prepared to give up just now.

Out of Battle

Konrad Curze, having been attacked by Lion El’Jonson, a mighty Primarch, is in a coma at the moment, so that Sevatar is the only one left to lead the Legion. Then, we learn that Sevatar’s motivations might imperil everything, but who can stop him from achieving them? Prince of Crows is a book that one cannot not place on their Horus Heresy book order list.

The Serpent Beneath by Rob Sanders


Tale of Intrigue

Lincoln, United Kingdom, is the hope of talented and well-regarded novelist Rob Sanders. Sanders’ work on the 2012 novel The Serpent Beneath is what sets him as one of the best writers to have contributed to the series. Let’s find out more in our best Horus Heresy books review.

The Serpent Beneath is a tale of intrigue, of exciting and adrenaline-packed events, and of terrible consequences.

Frightful Mission

As the Tenebrae installation has been discovered to boast a leak, it is left only to Omegon to find a team of mighty men so as to endeavor one of the most frightful missions ever: to penetrate the ranks of the Alpha Legion and to become seemingly one of them. We can only recommend The Serpent Beneath.

The Iron Within by Rob Sanders


Barabas Dantioch

The anthology of the Age of Darkness sees Rob Sanders’ The Iron Within as a contributing tale quite unlike any before or even after.

It is a well-known fact that some time ago – some few years, in fact – Barabas Dantioch, a Warsmith that was crippled, was left by the Iron Warriors on planet of Lesser Damantyne.


However, years have passed and now they are aligned with the heretic known as Horus. Barabas Dantioch is thus faced with a decision: is he to be faithful to his legion or to the Emperor that seemingly left him? As war is afoot, Barabas chooses…Without a doubt, one of the best Horus Heresy novellas we’ve read.

Savage Weapons by Aaron Dembski-Bowden


Aegis Sector

Aaron Dembski-Bowden achieved something special when he published the 2011 novella titled Savage Weapons which is one of the best Horus Heresy books.

For the better part of the last 2 years, the Night Lords and the Dark Angels have been at war. Their battlegrounds have been on the Aegis sector’s planets, but no one seems to be nearing triumph yet.

Shadows Looming

When Konrad, the Night Hunter, gives a challenge to all for battle, it is Lion El’Jonson, the Dark Angels’ Primarch, that arrives to accept. As their battle is set to begin, in the backdrop some very dark and shadowy things are looming. Who the victor will be might not be just a matter of battle mastery and sheer power, it seems.

Lord of the Red Sands by Aaron Dembski-Bowden



Yet another terrific novella from the expert writing talent that is Aaron Dembski-Bowden can be seen with his 2015 tale Lord of the Sands.

The 12th Legion’s Primarch Angron is known throughout the whole galaxy for his battle prowess and seemingly unrelenting might. Even while Isstvan III is being devastated and while he kills all those in his way, Angron finds only in the battle and in the bloodshed a sense of tranquility.

Restless Force

Here, we take a look at the powerful and restless force that is Primarch Angron. We see the real reason for when he rebelled against the Emperor and we learn of his deeper, darker motives. Without a doubt, one of the best Horus Heresy books we’ve come by.

The Last Church by Graham McNeill


Strange Man

One of the most amazing books and of the best Horus Heresy books Graham McNeill has come up with is the 2015 novella titled The Last Church. It is the fifth book of the series, if you would like to read the Horus Heresy books in order.

While the coming together of Terra is closing by, the last church of the world’s priest is questioned by a strange man about each of his beliefs.

Uriah Olathaire

Even though wars of much bloodshed and destruction have come and gone, Uriah Olathaire – the very last priest of the Church of the Lightning Stone – has not stopped with his vapid rituals. However, even he is stumped when the visitor comes by and seemingly flips his world topsy-turvy. A book we cannot recommend enough.

Dreams of Unity by Nick Kyme



Another Nick Kyme classic is his Dreams of Unity, a novella published in 2017. The Gladiator’s pits are the battlegrounds of many warriors, but none quite like a Thunder Warrior.

This same Thunder Warrior is forced to enter a battle of life-ending consequences against frightful beasts. It is no secret that the Thunder Warriors’ downfall was one of the worst in history.


Following the final bouts of Unity, most of the Thunder Warriors were culled by order of the Emperor, himself. As the Thunder Warrior at hand fights for his life, he is thrown into a whirlwind of emotions as the Throneworld, itself, is imperiled. A comprehensive Horus Heresy reading order can’t be made without Dreams of Unity.

Two Metaphysical Blades by Chris Wraight


Age of Darkness

Elegy is the first word that comes to mind with Chris Wraight’s touching and heartfelt tale bearing the name Two Metaphysical Blades. This book is important for anyone looking for Horus Heresy books in order.

Before the Imperium was even in existence, the Emperor created two mighty blades with his own two hands. They bore a bond, tantamount seemingly, though nonetheless fated to be carried by two mighty warriors in the Age of Darkness.

Appolonian and Dionysian

The blades are called Appolonian and Dionysian and they are carried by two warriors whose story is connected in a heartbreaking manner. One is a warrior-scholar, the other a warrior-king. However, their story together is nothing short of grand.

The Last Council by L. J. Goulding


Terrible Decision

British author L. J. Goulding is one of the brightest minds that has ever worked on a Horus Heresy book. As such, The Last Council, a 2018 novella, is one of the best Horus Heresy books that we have had the satisfaction to read.

While Warmaster Horus’ fleet are coming closer and closer to Terra, it is left to the Council to make a terrible decision: disband the Imperium so that the Throneworld may be everyone’s priority. But, how can everyone give up the power they boast?


Terrible things are happening not just on the battlegrounds, but even in the political settings and The Last Council highlights what one can expect of the world following the Heresy’s climax.

A Rose Watered with Blood by Aaron Dembski-Bowden


The Conqueror

There aren’t many authors that have been present on our list of the best Horus Heresy books quite as much as Aaron Dembski-Bowden has. It only makes sense to have his 2018 novella A Rose Watered with Blood as the last here.

The World Eaters’ flagship named the Conqueror, some curious things have started to happen. Slowly, yet surely, the ship itself has gradually been altered.

Infernal Beast

The infernal beast that is being carried in the ship, it seems, is what is modifying the very constitution of the ship as it has become increasingly perilous to be on board it. A few think that the ship is exhibiting murderous tendencies, but Lotara Sarrin’s idea is far greater.

How Many Horus Heresy Books Are There?

A total of one-hundred-and-three primary books, but nearly three-hundred along with the side stories, novellas, and the like.

How Many Horus Heresy Book Will There Be?

There is no telling, really. The Horus Heresy series is one of the most beloved of our time, so the potential really is endless.

Which Horus Heresy Books to Skip?

Nemesis, Old Earth, Betrayal at Calth, and the Outcast Dead are a few books that we deem as skippable. You, however, might enjoy them.

What Books in the Horus Heresy Progress the Story?

Legion, Horus Rising, False Gods, A Thousand Sons, and Galaxy in Flames regarded as being the books where the majority of the storyline is told, while in the other novels, we see the narrower and more specific intrarelationships between the characters.

In What Order Should I Read the Horus Heresy Books?

The Horus Heresy book order that we specified above of the books is what we recommend, though a chronological order shouldn’t cause any problems.

Where to Start With the Horus Heresy Books?

The Last Church, Legion, and Horus Rising are our top picks of the best Horus Heresy books for starting the series, though if one wants to get a better picture of the Primarchs – which are crucial to the series –, the first four books of the above-mentioned order should be looked at.

Which Horus Heresy Books Are Essential Reading?

The First Heretic, Know no Fear, Betrayer are absolutely vital for any reader. Scars and Path of Heaven are two other books comprising a shorter arc that we recommend.

Reading Order:

The reading order of the Horus Heresy novels, Primarch’s novels, and novellas we’ve reviewed goes as follows:

    1. Perturabo: Hammer of Olympia
    2. Jaghatai Khan: Warhawk of Chogoris
    3. Angron: Slave of Nuceria
    4. KondradCurze: The Night Hunter
    5. The Last Church
    6. Legion
    7. Horus Rising
    8. False Gods
    9. A Thousand Sons
    10. Prospero Burns
    11. Galaxy in Flames
    12. Lord of the Red Sands
    13. Aurelian
    14. The First Heretic
    15. Know no Fear
    16. Betrayer
    17. The Serpent Beneath
    18. Scars
    19. The Iron Within
    20. Angel Exterminatus
    21. Savage Weapons
    22. Prince of Crows
    23. The Seventh Serpent
    24. The Unremembered Empire
    25. The Master of Mankind
    26. The Path of Heaven
    27. Praetorian of Dorn
    28. Dreams of Unity
    29. Wolfsbane
    30. Slaves to Darkness
    31. The Heralds of the Siege
    32. The Last Council
    33. Two Metaphysical Blades
    34. The Buried Dagger
    35. A Rose Watered with Blood

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