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The Beast Arises Series Review (2024)

The Beast Arises

Science Fiction writing has taken over the writing industry and it did this not overnight. As we know, Rome wasn’t built in a day so sci-fi writing must have been being developed for a certain long period prior to its meteoric rise in today’s media-consumption.

As we know, sci-fi stemmed from the wild imagination and the need for more on the cosmic scale. One of our favorite science fiction series of the recent years is the singularly unique The Beast Arises series, so that we can now move on to our The Beast Arises book review.

The Beast Arises Book Series

I Am Slaughter by Dan Abnett


Beast Has Arisen

Comic book writer and author Dan Abnett is one of the key figures in today’s sci-fi circles as he was the first author to pen a The Beast Arises novel.

In the first novel, I Am Slaughter, published in 2015 we take a jump into the 32nd millennium – not century – as the aptly titled Imperium is at present a harmonious place. Chaos’ Legions are a memory of a bygone time, while the dastardly extraterrestrial beings that assailed humanity are now hindered by the Space Marines.


On Ardamantua, however, as the Imperial Fists are trying to kill off a Xenos kind, they are forced to retreat when they are outnumbered. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, the Beast has arisen and now all may be lost. Definitely our favorite The Beast Arises book and we recommend it very much. We covered many books written by Abnett in our article about the best Warhammer 40k books. Check it out!

Predator, Prey by Rob Sanders


Waves of Orks

Rob Sanders is one of the most prominent sci-fi writers and novelists of our time as he has worked on a number of different sci-fi series. The second novel in the series titled Predator, Prey was published in 2016 and it is definitely one of the best.

Having been an in-peace place for hundreds of years, it has become the case now that the Imperium is bad place to be in. The Imperial Fists, having been devastated, left Terra an easy target for the invading, unwavering wave of orks. As the galaxy’s planets are now being targeted one by one, even more than one at a time, we see the perishing of a number of races.

High Lords of Terra

The High Lords of Terra are left without a choice as the orks continue their relentless attacks, it is apparent that if they have any hope of surviving and prospering, the time is now. But, who can stand against the orks? Our review hopefully explains why we love this The Beast Arises book so much.

The Emperor Expects by Gav Thorpe


Pretty Bad Spot

Game Designer Gavin Thorpe is a name that is very often associated with the science fiction of today. If one is inclined to follow the The Beast Arises book order, then the 2016 publication of The Emperor Expects is a book you can’t miss.

Here we see Terra in a spot that it hasn’t been in for a long time. Having had the incursion of orks devastate numerous planets and worlds, the only ones that could pose a threat were the Imperial Navy members. As the so-called greenskins’ plans of conquest are being challenged, we see the Imperial people as they are on the brink of losing hope.

Pure Suspense

As the Imperial Navy is making an effort to gain the upper hand, we learn of the deeper motives and ambitions that each of the cast’s character shave making for a novel that honestly portrays a life in a time quite different from ours. It is not a given that they will succeed and this allows for this The Beast Arises book to gain the suspenseful quality it so brilliantly uses.

The Last Wall by David Annandale


Terra Under Attack

Canadian novelist David Annandale’s 2016 publication of the fourth book of The Beast Arises novels named The Last Wall is surely in our favorites of the series’ books. In The Last Wall, we see that in spite of the valiant efforts made by the Imperium so as to hinder, stop, or outright thwart the ork invaders, the moon of the orks is above the plane of Terra.

Matter of Time

It is only a matter of time before the wounds made are so deep that no hope exists for rejuvenation – a very socially conscious theme from Annandale, might we add. As riots abound in the cities, the Imperium has but only a single chance to offer offence.


A crusade is being prepared, one that carries more than a thousand million citizens that want to take the matter into their own hands. However, the hopelessness of the situation is so palpable and can be felt throughout the novel, that their victory is less than secure.

Throneworld by Guy Haley


Peace Never Lasts Long

The fifth book inThe Beast Arises book order was penned by none other than Guy Haley. Haley has been a notable author in recent years, as he has utilized his prowess to author a number of different sci-fi titles. We covered some of his works in our review of the best Horus Heresy books as well. Throneworld was released in the year of 2016.

Peace is always short-lived, as the Imperium can quite easily attest to this maxim. Terra’s greenskin invaders aren’t the only ones keen on plaguing the world as the Eldar are afoot as well. A secret, faraway from Terra’s reach, has been uncovered, but is there any hope of proliferating it with the fiendish orks’ presence?

Two Fronts

As the Eldars, from beneath the Imperial Palace, begin ravaging the surroundings, we see a war being carried out on two fronts, both of which are so imperiled by the ongoing wartime events that effects will surely be felt for centuries to come. As a race against time begins, the Imperials’ hope is left on a single thread.

Echoes of the Long War by David Guymer


Civil War

There aren’t many names as recognizable as that of David Guymer in the genre today. Guymer’s The Beast Arises book titled Echoes of the Long War is one of our favorites and one our The Beast Arises book review cannot overlook.

The indefatigable incursion that the terrible orks have been carrying out for an inordinate length of time now is still going without any slowing down. In light of the war-torn situation, the very Terra people begin turning on each other, as a picture of a genuine wartime story is conveyed to the reader.

Sliver of Chance

As the Fists Exemplar find themselves forced to be in league with the Iron Warriors, they see that they are much stronger together, but can they be trusted? The very slippery sliver of a chance is evident, but if it is not taken at the precise moment, then the war has already been lost. Guymer’s work here deserves our recommendation and we give it with our heads held high.

The Hunt for Vulkan by David Annandale



This book is the second one inThe Beast Arises book order andwas published in 2016. The Imperium is slowly, yet surely walking on the ledge of complete, irreparable annihilation. If the Imperium has any hope of turning the tide, then a Primarch that will unite the High Lords and that will stand as the leader of the armies is what’s needed.

Divided We Fall

The orks’ assaults have not wavered in the slightest, but the Imperium seems to be hurt more by the interrelationships between its highest of members. As the secret from Throneworld has finally made its way back to Terra, it is revealed that the planet the orks call home is known.


While this is going on, we take a look at Caldera – a different world – where the orks’ presence is no less felt. A lone warrior does battle with the hordes and it might just be that he is the man of myth, the man of legend. The Imperium must have him on their side, but in this devastated galaxy, can there be anything sure?

The Beast Must Die by Gav Thorpe


Primarch at Last

Gav Thorpe’s deft writing and potent storytelling can be felt in every page of this book. The Beast Must Die is the eight book of the series, if you are interested in reading the novels in the proper The Beast Arises book order.

In The Beast Must Die, we see that long-awaited primarch has been found and his aid will surely prove a beneficial one in the terrible war against the orks.


Koorland and the Primarch are the ones at the forefront of the offence. The numbers of the orks, however, are the main issue, it seems. Before the valiant heroes can eliminate one of the warship formations, they have already brought more than enough to not be deterred by the loses.

The Great Beast, the heroes deduce, is the one that they need to destroy before the terror can ease even a breath. As a powerful, worthy army begins its flight towards the orks’ planet, they learn that the Great Beast’s power is something they overlooked.

Watchers in Death by David Annandale


Sheer Force

As David Annandale’s style has become a defining part of the series, we see his prowess on full display in the Watches in Death novel. It has never been any more manifest that the attempt to defeat the enemy by way of sheer force is a complete and utter failure.


After the less-than-successful attack on the orks’ world, Koorland has gathered a Deathwatch that might just be their last-ditch effort. As the Imperium’s warriors and heroes have been severely depleted from the numerous battles and especially the last one, the Imperium’s chances are not looking up. The Deathwatch have been gathered as Koopland supposes that they might just be what is needed to thwart the orks.

Personal Top Three

The Imperium has seemingly learned what their downfall stemmed from, but are they ready to recuperate and launch an attack to deter their nemesis? One of the most heartfelt, touching, and sincere books we’ve read in this particular series. Watches in Death is in our personal top three The Beast Arises novels and we hope our review did it justice.

The Last Son of Dorn by David Guymer


Saving Grace

Guymer’s work in The Last Son of Dorn highlights the highs of the series and offers the best character dynamic, in our opinion. The Deathwatch has been nothing short of a saving grace in the troublesome battle against the horrendous orks.

Genuine Hope

As success has become evident, the Imperium’s armies once more make a trip towards the home world of the greenskin demons, but now they are far more experienced and wiser. The ongoing situation is a worrisome and one that is in dire need of some sort of triumph, but the fact that the Deathwatch has proven to be a genuine hope gives the Imperium a chance to strike back.

Battle Against Himself

Though the Imperium counts losses and losses each day, Koorland’s tactics are the only thing keeping them from total ruin. The last son of Dorn, Koorland, finds himself in the battle against himself, an even harder battle than against the invaders. Our review has surely interested the reader in this marvel of a novel.

Shadow of Ullanor by Rob Sanders


Weakness Uncovered

Rob Sanders, the author of the first novel inThe Beast Arises book order gave his best with the 2016 novel Shadow of Ullanor and he delivered very much.

The last couple of battles against the orks have brought the Imperium towards the door of collapse. Many heroes and warriors have been lost and much blood has been shed, but a weakness has finally been uncovered.

Final Assault?

However, with the egregiously many casualties that the Imperium has counted, can they gear up for one final assault against the greenskin fiends that assail them so? The Sisters of Silence have also lost their members in battle, but their help is very much needed for the final Hail Mary being thrown against the orks.

Heroes in Numbers

The heroes have come together in numbers that can’t even begin to measure up against the orks’, but their lionhearts are what lead them. As the two forces clash one last time, it will take more than a miracle to end the war. The heartbeat drums, the blood boils, and weapons are pointed at each other as the final battle begins.

The Beheading by Guy Haley


Battle Is Not Over

There really wasn’t anyone better than Guy Haley to cap off this wonderful series. His work here is nearly impeccable and we love each reread of The Beast Arises book. The Beheading was published in 2016 and we see that the war has but ended.

However, the battle is not over. As the wartime bloodshed has come to a close, in the backdrop of all the events, politics takes a step forward. Then, a realization is made that the ones responsible for so many of the casualties and losses are the very High Lords.

Brutality and Bloodshed

A single man comes up with the decision that will be spoken of for millennia to come. As the brutality, the firesome bloodshed, and the violence has seemingly been done away with, this one man will do the unthinkable with the beheading’s beginning. Guy Haley did an amazing job here and one can only hope that our review has succeeded in capturing the magic at hand.

When Did The Beast Arises Come Out?

The majority of The Beast Arises books came out in 2016, though a number were published in 2015, as well.

How Many Books Are in The Beast Arises Series?

The Beast Arises series boasts a total of twelve books, all of which follow the previous one in a perfectly orderly fashion.

What Year Does The Beast Arises Series Take Place In?

The Beast Arises series is set during the thirty-second millennium.

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