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5 Best Time Travel Book Series (2024)

Best Time Travel Book Series

Everyone’s Wish

If you have ever fantasized about time travel and situations where this phenomenon could save you from a lot of trouble, you are definitely not the first nor will you be the last.

That’s something everyone wishes at one point or another and the books in these series are perfect for telling you some interesting stories about time travel and how things can get super complicated and dangerous very fast. So, if you like time travel and stories that span longer than one book, then the novels in this best time travel book series review will definitely be the right ones for you.

Oxford Time Travel Series by Connie Willis


New Technology

This series contains five books in which you read a story written by author Connie Willis and one that involves a time when humans have the technology that allows them to go back in any time they choose. They can research and study certain events or happenings so that they can have a better understanding of how to fix new and difficult problems.


The main character that you get to meet in the first book is Kirvin, a young girl who has to prepare a study on one of Earth’s deadliest eras, the fourteenth century, a time when the disease was spreading like nothing else.

As you get to see in this book of the series, Doomsday Book, this process is definitely not an easy one as the painstaking calculation is needed when it comes to making sure that nothing out of the ordinary or different happens in the time where they are going. This is very important because they are definitely not allowed to touch or interfere with anything in another timeline because it can alter the future and cause unpredictable events.

Exciting Adventures

You will find that there are different characters in each of the books, and although they are not connected with each other, they still live in the same world and still conduct research for the same cause. All of them go on different and pretty exciting adventures throughout time and all kinds of events in history.

Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon


Claire Randall

The Outlander series has a total of 10 books inside and all of them tell an interesting and thrilling story about time-traveling events that will definitely prove fun to read.

The books are written by Diana Gabaldon and she tells a story about Claire Randall, a woman who becomes what is known in the books as an Outlander after she accidentally travels through time.

Back in Time

Claire is a former combat nurse who is finally free to go on her second honeymoon with her husband and catch a break. Events prove otherwise and not as expected after she walks under a standing stone at the British Isles and she is transported through time way back in the year 1743.

She finds herself in the middle of an event that proves as the last place that she wants to be, a war. Those times were when the great Scottish war was taking place and she definitely didn’t like where she was.

Daniel Fraser

All of that changes when she meets a character who quickly turns this science fiction time travel story into a romance novel. Daniel Fraser manages to fall in love with Diana and she eventually does the same which brings her to have a huge moral dilemma.

Stay in this timeline with the love of her life, or go back home to her husband. A difficult decision indeed. You can definitely find out what choice she finally makes and how things proceed in the other books that follow as you read the whole Outlander series for yourself.

Time Series by Jack Finney


Brilliant Story

This series is one that contains only 2 books but they sure make up for the lack of volumes in the series with the fascinating and brilliant story inside.

Both have a thrilling science fiction story about time travel events and a perfect romance tale that will surely grab the attention of many readers. You will understand why it is among some of the best time travel series you will read.

Simon Morley

Written by author Jack Finney, the two books inside are Time and Time Again and From Time to Time. In the first book, you get to find out what the plot behind this thrilling novel is as you meet the main character and protagonist of the series, Simon Morley.

He is an agent for a top-secret government project who is sent back in time to the 19th century to discover the roots of a 20th-century mystery that will prove very important. His thrilling journey to 1882 New York brings all kinds of exciting twists and turns as he works on figuring out this mystery and also gets caught up in the most passionate relationship with a gorgeous woman.

Hard Choices

This woman brings to Jack a truly tough situation, one that makes him question what to do next. He struggles with choosing between staying with the love of his life in this timeline or go back to his own time and continue his life.

The story continues in the second book of the series which is where you can find out what Jack has finally decided. The second book brings an even more exciting mission through time for Jack and one that will surely grab the attention of even more readers when they hear what the story is about.

The Forever War Series by Joe Haldeman



The Forever War has three books inside, two of them are directly connected and one has its own stand-alone space opera that also takes place somewhere inside the world that you read about in the first book. It opens with you meeting the protagonist of the first and last books of the series, the two books that are connected.

Private William Mandela

His name is Private William Mandela and he is tasked with a very important mission that will take place deep within the battlefield of a war that has been going on for a thousand years between the humans and a very distant alien civilization. If you are into war novels, check out our military sci-fi article.

This war takes place very far from Earth which is why Mandella has to use a special form or interstellar transportation which later on messes everything up for our protagonist. You can learn more about the series in our review of The Forever War.

Forever Peace

However, the second book of the series, Forever Peace, has a different story about different characters, but in the last book of the series, you get to read about William Mandella again and how he finally returns from the big war only to have a huge surprise waiting for him back home.

The interstellar form of transport has messed up the timeline badly and although a few months have passed for Mandella, it turns out that for his home planet it has been a few centuries since he first left.

New Civilization

He now witnesses a totally new civilization which isn’t very appealing to him at all. Find out what kind of problem he faces back home and what happens next as you read the book in one of the best time travel book series ever written.

All Clear Series by Connie Willis


New Ability

Connie Willis presents a few more of her brilliant novels in her All Clear series. In it, she talks about a story that describes a similar plot like in a few of her other books.

In these books students of Oxford University and historians have the ability to travel back in time in order to study various historic events and research how certain events took place. The time travel device that they use is called “The Net” and it sends the user to a chosen location in the past that is referred to as “the drop”.

Strict Rules

Everyone who uses this time machine has to follow a strict set of rules which also state that it is not allowed for anyone to alter or interact with any kind of events in history because it would cause catastrophic and unpredictable changes in the future.

You meet a pretty interesting character in the first book of the series, Blackout. His name is Mr. Dunworthy and all of the students are pretty pissed at him because he keeps changing all of their assignments at the last minute. The reason for this happening is not made clear until the author reveals why eventually somewhere in the second book, called All Clear.


The story is definitely one that you should be looking forward to if you enjoy reading about plots that describe what you see in this review. Be sure to check out both of the books of the series because they are connected and explain the plot together very well.

You might like some more than other books in the series that you have seen here, but they are definitely considered as a few of the best time travel book series you can find, so take a look at the ones most appealing to you and find out for yourself if they are as good as everyone says.

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