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12 Best Military Science Fiction Books (2024)

Best Military Science Fiction Books

Match Made in Heaven

Science fiction is a genre in which no event will come as a surprise, there are glorious battles in outer space, outstanding worlds that are hard to imagine, astonishing characters that bring all the thrill in the world with them, and so much more which is why science fiction has so many fans around the world.

Our best military science fiction books review will be showing you a few sci-fi books that focus mainly on military plots, wars, intergalactic battles, and so on.

Starship Troopers by Robert A. Heinlein


The Bug War

The first book in our review, like many others, had such a good plot that it was made into an even more exciting movie. It’s famous for the term “the bug war” as you are about to read all about it inside. The story here follows a mind-blowing war that is going on between humans and a terrible species of bugs from another planet. These things have no trouble killing and pulling the heads off of anyone who threatens them.

Smart and Deadly

They are deadly and you will see just how hard it is to win a war against such a horrible opponent. If we made you interested in Heinlein’s work, take a look at our selection of the space opera books, where we covered some of his books as well.

Old Man’s War by John Scalzi


John Perry

Old Man’s War has a very entertaining plot that leads to an intergalactic battle, later on, first, you must meet the main character in the book and the series that this book is a part of also called Old Man’s War. His name is John Perry and he is about to have his 75 birthday, this is also the year when he is going to join the army.

Special Army

This is a special kind of army that is specifically looking for people like him as the war that he is about to be trained for has no place for amateurs.

The Forever War by Joe Haldeman


The Forever War Series

The Forever War is another thrilling military sci-fi book, perhaps one of the best military science fiction books out there and the plot inside is simply amazing. It’s the first book of the time travel series and you are about to meet the main character who will bring all of the action.

Private William Mandella

He is Private William Mandella and he is about to use interstellar travel in order to get to a faraway battlefield where humans are fighting a deadly alien enemy. This type of travel tends to mess with time and when William returns to Earth, he will see just how much of it has changed in such a short period of time.

On Basilisk Station by David Weber


Honor Harrington

Honor Harrington is the name of the main character in this book and the name of the series that this book belongs to. The story by David Weber starts out with this first volume of the series in which you get to meet the main woman herself, Honor Harrington, and a bunch of other characters who are also very important to the outcome of the story.

Marvelous Adventures

You get to read about the marvelous space adventures that Honor and the other characters have as there is quite a lot of danger to read about in this one. There is also a lot of political talks and a whole lot of wars and fighting, you don’t want to miss this one.

Dauntless by Jack Campbell


Alliance and Syndics

The war in this amazing military science fiction book happens between two sides, the Alliance and the Syndics. These two sides have fierce hatred for each other and it seems now that the Alliance is finally looking like they are losing the whole thing.

Captain John Geary

With its fleet crippled and stranded, the Alliance is not looking good, but the shows up the main character of the story, Captain John Geary, and you get to find out how thrilling this character can be with all of his heroic deeds in the middle of a devastating war that has destroyed so many lives.

Armor by John Steakley


Battle of a Lifetime

Get ready for the battle of a lifetime as this story holds one of the best military science fiction stories of all time. The main character who will be showing you around is Felix, a soldier from Earth who has been given a special kind of armor, one that is unstoppable in terms of defense as well as offense.

Insectoid Horde

His mission is to defend against and stop a horrible alien insectoid horde that has proven tough to beat. Felix is no ordinary guy and you are about to see him and his fellow soldiers in action as they try and defend against this deadly threat with their lives.

Terms of Enlistment by Marko Kloos


Andrew Grayson

This is a story that talks about a character named Andrew Grayson, a person among many who lives in a filthy and devastated world in which genuine food is only history. The only way to have a chance at a better life is by joining the army and securing yourself a ticket off-world.

Step Forward

Andrew finally decides to take this step forward and be done with this filthy world. Andrew is about to learn what is the price for this new life that he has chosen as his adventures take him to some of the most dangerous places in the universe and soon his filthy world back home didn’t seem so bad.

The Honor of the Queen by David Weber


Honor Harrington Series

This is the second book from the Honor Harrington series by David Weber and the adventures go on as Honor Harrington is in the middle of all the action again.

A great war is the main focus of the plot here, this war is between Manticore and Haven. Manticore is in great need of good allies to defend against Haven and planet Grayson looks like the perfect candidate.

Gathering Allies

The Foreign Office sends Honor Harrington on the mission for gathering allies this time but they managed to overlook one very important detail about this whole situation. You get to find out what this crucial detail is for yourself as you get to this book.

A Hymn Before Battle by John Ringo



Earth gets pulled into a war that it wants no part in this time as they are in the path of the Posleen, cruel aliens that are not to be taken for granted. Having no other way of defense against these powerful enemies, the Galactic Federation offers help for the backwater planet Earth as they send allies to aid them in battle.

Destructive Technology

Humans also get ahold of some pretty destructive technology which is meant to help them defend themselves. The story has just begun as this is only the first book from the Posleen War series by John Ringo and there are 4 more books to go.

Forging Zero by Sara King


Joe Dobbs

This fun story takes place on Earth after the whole planet remains post-apocalyptic as an alien civilization ravaged most of it previously. The events that are about to happen follow the life of a 14-year-old boy, named Joe Dobbs.

Long War

These aliens are not unfamiliar to this world as there has been a long war going on against them. Joe is the next person who has been drafted in the army against them and his training finally begins. You are about to discover alien governments, dangerous alien worlds, strange and awesome characters, and so much more as you follow the adventures of Joe.

Hammer’s Slammers by David Drake


Band of Fighters

We are getting pretty close to the end of our best military science fiction booksselection and our next to last choice is this book by David Drake. This story follows the Hammer’s Slammers, a band of fighters for hire who are now working for a planetary government that is in need of defense against guerillas and terrorists.

Absolute Chads

You are going to have fun reading about the Hammer’s Slammers as these guys are known to have defeated so many forces, and they are famous for all of their successes. There is no one better than these guys and you are about to find out why.

To Honor You Call Us by H. Paul Honsinger


Interstellar War

The last interstellar war you are going to read about in our article is this one between the Terran Union and the Krag. The Krag are horrible aliens with dire intentions, their mission is to exterminate all humans and they don’t give up until every single one is dead.

Max Robichaux

The main character of this story is a character, known as Max Robichaux, who is about to be put in command of a very powerful fighter ship but one that has had no luck in its battles so far. Well, that’s it for our review of some of the top military science fiction books out there and you are going to enjoy each one of them if you happen to find this reading genre interesting.

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