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The Forever War Series Review (2024)

Joe Haldeman

The Forever War series is a military science fiction series that tells a very well thought out story of a war that goes on for so long and takes place in the distant corners of the universe as well as between many different timelines.

The author of the trilogy is Joe Haldeman who managed to get himself a few awards from the books inside the series like the Hugo and Nebula Awards.

The Forever War Book Series

Interstellar War

Forevar War is a great space opera about a war that happens between time and space which later affects the protagonist of the story quite a lot. This time-travel science fiction story starts with you finding out about the huge and devastating interstellar war that has been going on between humans and a distant alien civilization for more than a thousand years.

The humans that you get to meet in this series are definitely way over their heads because they don’t really understand all there is about their very distant enemies, the aliens prove super difficult to interpret and are very dangerous and unpredictable.

Private William Mandella

However, there is one human who is more determined to win this war and go back home more than anyone, he is the protagonist of this time travel series, called Private William Mandella. He is sent through space and time to the very far away battlefield where he must do his best if he is to make sure that they come out victorious.

His wish is to finally end the war and go back to his home planet but this scenario later proves scarier than the war itself as while Mandella goes through interstellar travel, he ages only a mere few months while for the rest of his home planet way back home, centuries have passed. All of what you have read so far in this review is only a short description of what goes on in the first book also called The Forever War.

Forever Peace

In the second book of the trilogy, Forever Peace, the events are not directly connected with the ones from the first book as the story here is in a different future than the previous one, but it gets super exciting here as well. In this book, you get to read another kind of war in which the Alliance uses special robots made for war, called “soldierboys” who help out a lot in a variety of economy-driven wars.

Julian Class

You get to find out all about the thrill of that story through the eyes of the protagonist of the novel, Julian Class, a physicist and mechanic who is tasked with operating one soldierboy. This story gets very exciting really quick as you jump right into the action of some truly thrilling events filled with action which we won’t spoil in this review.

Forever Free

And finally, the trilogy concludes with the third and final book of the series, Forever Free, in which you hear the ending of William Mandella’s story, the main character from the first book as he finally returns home with a huge set of surprises waiting for him.

The world that he left before is nothing like the one he comes back to see now as centuries have passed on Earth unlike only a few months for him far away in the middle of the war due to the complications that interstellar travel can cause.


Mandella finds out that the Earth population has evolved into one Hive mind and they all live a super dull life.

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