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5 Best Time Travel Books For Kids (2024)

Best Time Travel Books for Kids

Time Travel

The term “time travel” is definitely something that almost everyone has thought about once or twice in their lifetime. Although it is a more attractive term for kids who don’t understand yet how hard to accomplish this thing is, it is definitely something that sounds very appealing to both the young and the more mature audience.

The books and book series presented in this article are some of the best time travel books for kids you can find and they are perfect for introducing this scientific and wonderful phenomenon to the younger readers.

Time Quintet Series by Madeleine L’Engle


Exciting Adventures

A science fiction story about time travel that is perfect for children because the main characters inside are all young kids who go on the most exciting adventures through time you could imagine. The series is written by author Madeleine L’Engle and it contains 5 books in which you get to meet more characters as you read further into the connected story between all of the books.

A Wrinkle in Time

In the first book of the series, A Wrinkle in Time, there are three characters who take you on the adventure that is about to follow. Some of them you get to meet in the other stories, some you don’t, and so on. Anyway, they are Meg, her little brother Charles Wallace, and their close friend Calvin O’Keefe.

Although all of these characters are still kids, they are presented as heroes throughout the book and the series as the go on the craziest and most dangerous adventures through time and unknown lands, most of the time on a mission to save the whole world from some devastating threat.

Madog Branzillo

Meg’s brother Charles faces another world threat in the third book of the series, along with his new friend, a unicorn named Glaudior, as they both set on a dangerous quest to save the world from a horrible mad dictator called Madog Branzillo. If you like the story, you must take a look at our review of Time Quintet book series.

This series contains, without a doubt, some of the best time travel books for kids as the stories are very relatable thanks to the author’s amazing imagination and the children characters that add so much thrill to the story.

Tom’s Midnight Garden by Philippa Pearce


Wild Imagination

This is another great novel that has a kid as the main character which is exactly what makes it super exciting for other kids to read it. Their imagination can grow wild from the story that they are about to read in this Tom’s Midnight Garden book.

It is written by Philippa Pearce and along with the gorgeous illustrations done by Susan Einzig, the readers can find out about the wonderful adventure through time that the little boy Tom is about to embark on.


It all starts when Tom is sent to stay with his Aunt and Uncle for a while because his brother is under quarantine from the measles. Tom goes to this new home and he too must remain alone because he might be infected like his brother as well.

He finds that there is not much to do in this house and he feels very bored until one night, at midnight, he notices a huge clock on the wall that does turn 1 AM after midnight but turns 13.

Victorian Garden

Weirded out by this event, Tom goes closer to investigate what kind of clock this is only to find a hidden door behind it that leads to a Victorian Era garden with a ray of beautiful sunshine and a lot of things to play with.

You can only imagine how exciting this would be for a kid who has to stay at home all day and is bored out of their mind. A lot of exciting adventures follow after the discovery of this garden so definitely take a look at this great example of one of the best time travel books for kids out there.

Johnny and the Bomb by Terry Pratchett


Johnny Maxwell

Terry Pratchett writes the third book in his amazing science fiction book series called Johnny Maxwell. In this novel, you get to read about a story in the life of the twelve-year-old boy called Johnny Maxwell.

Johnny has the absolutely awesome power to travel through time which you learn about how all of that happens in the first book of the series itself.

A While Back

The boy is definitely lucky to be able to experience such fun but yet dangerous adventures at such a young age as his childhood is definitely more fun than anyone else. In this third novel of the series, Johnny finds himself in the year 1941 on May 21, that’s over forty years before he was even born.

What good for him in this situation is that Johnny knows his history stories very well and he is well aware that at this particular time in history, England is at war and that one the exact day that he is on, countless German bombs will bombard the town that he is currently in.

Serious Consequences

A very important story that this boy learns in this what is considered to be one of the best time travel books for kids out there is that meddling with time and the past can have serious consequences which he is about to discover very soon.

He thinks that he is doing the right thing by using his knowledge of history and what happens in those times way ahead before they even happen as he tries to save countless lives, but he soon finds out that no matter what he does, he is still affecting the timeline and the results will definitely be life-changing.

Five Children on the Western Front by Kate Saunders


A Fairy

This novel is written by Kate Saunders and it tells a story about five children who meet a sand fairy, a creature that possesses a lot of magic, and how a world that is about to witness the wrath of war affects them and their lives.

The story spans for almost a decade as at the beginning, you only find out about how they meet the fairy, then he disappears, then they see it again nine years later.


The children characters who make this story perfect for kids are Cyril, Anthea, Robert, Jane, and Lamb. You read in the book how they become teenagers and how they cope with war does to their world.

The adventure in this story is both magical and very kid-friendly as none of the harsh parts of the war are too focused, but it is very well narrated in a manner that everything could be easily understood.

A Lot to Be Excited About

Lamb is the youngest of the children and he is the perfect age when they get to reunite with the sand fairy who proves to be very grumpy when they see it again. You find out a lot about this magical creature as well, how he was worshipped as a god many years ago but now is living a very lonely and unhappy life.

His story says that he must show regret and do what is right for his past sins or he will face a world without his magical powers. There are definitely plenty of things to be excited about in this story and you can find out about them as you read the book for yourself.

Time Travelling with a Hamster by Ross Welford



Time Traveling with a Hamster is a novel written by author Ross Welford and it is definitely among the best time travel books for kids that you could possibly get ahold of. Check out what we say about it in this review to find out why that is.

The story goes like this, a boy called Albert has a father who dies and leaves him a letter saying that he has hidden his most precious invention ever, a time machine, that he could use to change history.

Alan Shearer

Albert’s father was an engineer named Pye and he leaves this letter to his son right before he dies so that Albert can go back in time and warn the younger Pye about an accident that will definitely lead to his death.

The boat sums up all of his courage and proceeds with this quest for his father, he finds the time machine and, along with his hamster named Alan Shearer, goes back in time to try and save his father’s life. He soon discovers that changing the present is no easy job as things definitely prove tough for him.

Huge Twists

We definitely don’t want to give out any spoilers about this truly exciting and fun to read story as you will surely have a very nice time finding out about Al’s mission and how things turn out at the end. There are definitely some huge twists to the story that will not let you let go of the book until you have finished and discovered what kind of ending lies on the last page.

These are what we consider to be some of the best time travel books for anyone who likes stories about this totally awesome phenomenon as the stories and twists related to it are always fun and exciting, these ones are especially amusing for kids.

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