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10 Best Christian Science Fiction Books (2024)

Best Christian Science Fiction Books

Divine Combination

The Christian science fiction genre is a subgenre from both science fiction and Christian literature and you will be surprised by some of the books that this subgenre will have to offer. The themes in these books are always so fun to read about as it can get pretty serious really quick.

There are tons of unique and awesome characters and the plots are filled with strong content and exciting events all around. These are some of the best Christian science fiction books out there so be ready to choose which one to start with.

The Space Trilogy by C.S. Lewis



Here is the book that will start off this article and this first story is a trilogy in which you can expect to find the following titles: Out of the Silent Planet, Perelandra, and That Hideous Strength.

The story follows a character named Ransom, he is described as a victim from Earth who is forced to leave the planet against his will. In the first book, he travels to a delightful world known as Malacandra.

Whole New World

The second book takes Ransom to a whole new world, one described as a world where there are many sweet smells and many delicious things to eat but this world will also show Ransom what real temptation looks like. We don’t want to spoil it but you can expect many thrilling events in the life of this character.

Left Behind: A Novel of the Earth’s Last Days by Tim LaHaye



Here is another awesome Christian science fiction book and the plot in this one follows an event known as the Rapture. An event where millions of people suddenly vanish off the face of the Earth, without any clue or hint to where they have gone.


A few of the main characters who you will be reading about are a pilot called Rayford Steele, his daughter Chloe, Cameron Buck Williams, and a pastor named Bruce Barnes. In this story, you also get to meet one more thrilling character, a Romanian politician named Nicolae Carpathia who will manage to quickly gather millions of followers for whatever cause you will discover once you start reading the book for yourself.

The Circle Series by Ted Dekker


Thomas Hunter

The Circle is a trilogy by Ted Dekker in which you get to read a story about a character known as Thomas Hunter, a man whose world is about to change after a bullet hits him right in the head and everything suddenly goes black.


The next thing that happens to Thomas is his rebirth in another world, a world where darkness and evil are most common and a world where he falls in love with a gorgeous woman. So now, every time he wakes up he is one world, and every time he falls asleep he is in the other. A thrilling story is to be expected as there are tons of mysterious left for you to uncover.

This Present Darkness by Frank E. Peretti



The story in this thrilling Christian science fiction book by Frank Peretti begins with a peaceful old town called Ashton. Nothing out of the ordinary has happened in this boring town until two characters, a reported and a pastor, begin their investigation of a few suspicious events.

Fierce Battle

Their investigation leads them to uncover a devastating plot that is meant to enslave every single one of the townspeople. A fierce battle is yet to come after the discovery of this evil plan and the physical world and spiritual world will finally meet each other head-on. The rest is up to you to read about as the thrill has only just arrived.

The Choosing by Rachelle Dekker


Carrington Hale

The Choosing tells you a story that introduces you to a character known as Carrington Hale, one of many other citizens who remain alive after the big day known as the Ruining. Carrington is getting ready for her big Choosing ceremony, a day that many look forward to and prepare for their whole lives.


Just as she is about to fulfill her dreams, her life is ripped apart after a disaster that you will read all about in the book and she is ripped away from her family and friends. She now lives a life spending her days serving as a Lint and you get to see just how quickly one life can go down. A slight chance for a new life is then presented before her and you will see for yourself what she decides to do with such a chance.

Behold the Man by Michael Moorcock


Karl Glogauer

The next pick in our best Christian science fiction books review is one by Michael Moorcock, this book talks about a character known as Karl Glogauer, a man who has a dead-end job and a few more personal struggles. This book tells you an amazing story about faith, religion, beliefs, and much more all in a very exciting sci-fi fashion.

Karl Glogauer

Karl Glogauer is about to begin a journey that no man has ever taken before as he travels to Palestine A.D. 29. He discovers a lot of things about Jesus Christ himself about how he is not the main that history has described him to be. He also discovers a chance to still change history and all that is required is a sacrifice. You get to see exactly what this means as you get to this part of the book for yourself.

Apocalypse by Mark Goodwin


Everett Carroll

This is a literal story of apocalypse as you are about to read about a series of devastating events that are about to happen to humanity. It seems that an ancient biblical prophecy is finally coming true and it all starts with a massive series of disappearances.

The main character who will be taking you with him on this crazy adventure is Everett Carroll, a 26-year-old CIA analyst who is about to witness never before seen events.

Total Collapse

A total collapse is about to take over the Earth as things are falling apart in every aspect imaginable, even the global economy has started crashing at a very rapid rate. Countless events await to be read in this one and not a single one of them will ever let you be bored, so be ready to experience a truly exciting Christian science fiction book.

The Sparrow by Mary Doria Russell



This science-fiction story will be introducing you to some mysterious extraterrestrial life as humans have finally discovered it in the year 2019.

After a listening post in Puerto Rico picks up some strange signals, they do their analysis and finally confirm that this is alien civilized life. The planet that the signals are coming from is called Rakhat and they still don’t know what the aliens are trying to say.

Society of Jesus

After a first contact mission is set to go off, a group called the Society of Jesus shows up with their own first contact mission and they set off to meet the aliens. The discoveries of this journey will definitely be mind-blowing and you are about to find all of that out as you read the book for yourself. If you are looking for more similar books, take a look at our selection of the best science fiction fantasy books!

A Case of Conscience by James Blish


Father Ruiz-Sanchez

This is the next to last book in our review and this story is one that introduces you to Father Ruiz-Sanchez, a priest who also knows a lot about science.

This man has always understood ethics and beliefs and has had no problems in this aspect of life, but all of that changes when he is sent to Lithia, a planet where he meets quite the odd race of aliens.

Cold System

These aliens have a system that forces them to act only on cold reason, they don’t have the ability to rely on and make decisions based on beliefs or faith. The following story will be fun to read as you get to discover more and more about Ruiz and these strange aliens.

The Empyrion Series by Stephen R. Lawhead


Alien Civilization

Finally, the last book in our review is actually a book series that contains two volumes, The Search for Fierra and The Siege of Dome. These two books talk about an alien civilization that will be very fun to learn about.

Orion Treet

The person going on the exploration mission is called Orion Treet. He is not alone on this mission as he is a part of a crew that has been sent to observe them and document what goes on. When they reach their destination, they discover an epic battle between two highly evolved civilizations and things only get more exciting from there.


These are some of the books that we believe have what it takes to be the best Christian science fiction books out there and we hope that you like them, and chances are that you will if you truly enjoy reading this subgenre of sci-fi.

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