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The Way Series Review (2024)

Amazing Greg Bear

The Way is a science fiction trilogy by author Greg Bear that holds the amazing books Eon, Eternity, and Legacy. The story is a vast and mysterious one as it mentions some mind-boggling and huge facts that will decide so much of humanity’s fate.

Things appear in this world that have never been seen before, things that can predict, destroy, create, and definitely make a lot of smart people on Earth wonder what they are. This review of The Way series will brief you on what to expect when you read the trilogy for yourself.

The Way Book Series



World About to Change

We start with the first book from the series, Eon, where everything is introduced and the world is about to change in ways that no one could ever predict. The story starts with something falling out of the sky that would put a hold on the nuclear war between the United States and Russia.


What they witness falling out of the sky is no mere meteor or anything like that, it is a 300 kilometer wide stone that is going to change everyone’s lives forever. The stone is called Thistledown and this thing holds so many secrets inside, so many mysteries and horrifying truths that will be a huge surprise for those who discover it.

We can’t cover every single detail in this review of The Way series, but you need to read about even the smallest things in the series as the author, Greg Bear, has made sure everything eventually connects in this long and epic story.

Visitors from the Future

As they start figuring out what this huge stone is, they see that there are people inside the Thistledown, humans who come from a world 1000 years in the future. They find out that these people’s world was destroyed by a nuclear war that happened a while ago such as the one that is about to happen between Russia and the USA.




Many secrets are discovered within the walls of this stone, among the humans, there are actually a few races of aliens who have come along with humanity’s descendants.

You meet the Jarts who get pretty involved in the second book of the series, Eternity. The Jarts prove fascinating to read about as Greg has created something outstanding in this series that is like no other science fiction story.

Preservation of Data

The Jarts are very fascinating as their religion is based on the preservation of all data they have encountered in their lives which is then sent to their descendants so they know everything that has ever happened to everyone else. The story gets far more interesting from there.




And in the final book of the series, Legacy, this amazing trilogy comes to an end as you actually read about a story that has happened before the time of Eon and explains a lot within the series.


You read about a soldier who is sent to spy on a group of dissidents who have used to tunnel gateway of The Way to colonize an alien world. So much more happens in this series that we simply can’t cover all of in this review of The Way series, but it is definitely worth the read.

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