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8 Best Hard Science Fiction Books (2024)

Best Hard Science Fiction Books

Fun and Accuracy

The hard science fiction genre is one of the most interesting and fascinating out there because of the accuracy and log that is put into the stories.

Many fans of sci-fi prefer to read hard science fiction as you can also gain a lot of knowledge from these stories as well as have a fun reading experience. If you want to discover a few of the best hard science fiction books out there, then be sure to read this article and see which books we prefer.

The Martian by Andy Weir


Stranded on Mars

We have a wonderful book that will be starting off this review and the story in this one follows one man who has been stranded on Mars after a failed mission. A deadly dust storm almost kills the entire crew that was sent on Mars and Mark Watney was hit by the storm.

Alone on a Hostile Planet

His crew, believing that he is dead, leaves immediately before they are caught too and now Mark wakes up, completely alone, on a hostile planet with no food and no breathable air. This is a story of survival, you get to see how the author’s research has paid off as this man uses his knowledge to survive on Mars. Our ultimate list of the best hard science fiction books would not be completed without this book!

The Three-Body Problem by Liu Cixin


First Contact

This book is a Chinese Hugo-Award winning book that tells you a story about the first contact with an alien civilization. The story starts in China, in the middle of the Cultural Revolution as China sends out a signal to find aliens.

Upcoming Invasion

The response that they get is from an alien race that is close to extinction and those signals weren’t meant for Earth to hear because they contained information about an upcoming invasion of Earth. Now, the humans wait impatiently for the aliens to come and discover if they want to destroy them or if the story will have a different outcome, it’s up to you to find out.

We Are Legion (We Are Bob) by Dennis E. Taylor


Bob Johansson

The next top pick in our best hard science fiction books review is this amazing story by Dennis Taylor that tells you a story about Bob Johansson, a man who has just made a lot of money by selling his software company and is looking for a life of pleasure and relaxation.

100 Years Later

Instead of that, he gets killed while crossing the street and actually wakes up 100 years later to discover a totally different world, a dystopian one for that matter. Bob’s future is in someone else’s hands and you can find out for yourself how his story will continue.

Seveneves by Neal Stephenson


Catastrophic Event

The survival of humanity is threatened in this thrilling sci-fi book as there is not much time for Earth due to a catastrophic event that has happened recently. The next step for survival is in outer space and humanity is already working on this matter.

Unpredictable Story

You get to read a very unpredictable story as only a few humans remain only to see them again, five thousand years later with their numbers grown and the race divided in a few different ones. This is a story of exploration, discovery, thrill, and a very exciting adventure.

We have covered Neal’s books in a standalone article. For more information, take a look at our Snow Crash book review!

Leviathan Wakes by James S. A. Corey



Here is one of the top hard science fiction books out there as you get to read about humanity again and how they have spread and colonized a large portion of the Solar System such as the Moon, Mars, the Asteroid Belt, and even beyond that.

Huge Discovery

Jim Holden is the main character who will be bringing you most of the excitement in here as he is about to make a huge discovery, one that will bring the attention of many, wanted and unwanted faces, and put a lot of lives in danger as well. Make sure to find out what exactly it is. For more books written by Corey, take a look at our review of the new science fiction books.

Revelation Space by Alastair Reynolds


Dan Sylveste

A scientist named Dan Sylveste is about to begin his journey to discovering what exactly destroyed the entire Amarantin civilization nine hundred thousand years ago. And just before they discovered the wonders of space travel. He is motivated to uncover this mystery as it seems that history is about to repeat itself upon human civilization.

Dangerous Alliance

Dan Sylveste will also have no choice but to forge a very dangerous alliance with the deadly cyborg crew of starship Nostalgia for Infinity. What comes next on this mission for discovery is pure thrill and when the moment of the reveal of the secret finally comes, that’s when this space opera will have you hooked.

Pandora’s Star by Peter F. Hamilton


Intersolar Commonwealth

The story in this sci-fi book by Peter F. Hamilton takes place in the year 2380 in a sphere full of hundreds of worlds, known as The Intersolar Commonwealth. There are over six hundred worlds that are a part of this sphere of worlds and they travel between each other using wormholes.


The thrill of this story arrives when one scientist discovers that a star has just vanished just like that. Wilson Kime then comes into play as he is sent to research what exactly happened there. The story only gets more thrilling as he gets closer and closer to the target.

Blindsight by Peter Watts


Alien Objects

The last book in our article contains a story that takes place two months after the Earth experienced the strangest event ever to occur there. Two months ago, an enormous number of alien objects appeared all over the planet, they sounded like screaming while they burned.

Great Adventure

This story is one more that involves space exploration and a great adventure as the characters who are sent out into space will have a lot of surprises for you to read about. Hopefully, you enjoyed our review and you will see what they have to offer only as you start reading them yourself.

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