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Phases Of Gravity Book Review (2024)

Dan Simmons

Phases of Gravity is a novel by science fiction author Dan Simmons that proves a little different from his other works as this one does have his science fiction appeal to it but it also has some more drama, a few magic twists, and a dash of fantasy in the story.

Mid-Life Crisis

Most of the story is around one character who is going through a mid-life crisis. You get to find out all about this man and his problems in this book review of Phases of Gravity.

Phases of Gravity Book

Richard Baedecker

The main character himself is called Richard Baedecker and he is a former astronaut who now has a very miserable life. After the space program that he was a part of in NASA got canceled, Richard went through some bad times as those were very glorious days and the most exciting ones of his life.

Crisis Getting Worse

He was completely devoted to his job and that even got him the thrill of walking on the moon. That’s just something that no one wants to let go and be brought down to a low in their life like what happened to Richard. For him, this is the lowest he had ever sunk as he completely hates his civilian job and he decides to quit it as his mid-life crisis gets worse.

Distant Son

To add more to his problems, Richard has a son who is currently in his 20s and is living in India with who he is not in the best of terms. Their relationship has grown distant and cold and now Richard travels there to try and make up for lost time.

You get to meet a few more characters that play an important part in the book from this review of Phases of Gravity when Richard arrives in India to visit his son. Upon arriving, Richard also meets his son’s friend Maggie, a girl half his age who he falls in love with and manages to form a relationship with her.

Magical Journey

Along with Maggie, Richard explores these new lands for him that do make him feel a bit better about himself. The story gets super deep as Richard comes across a woman who shows him his past and takes him on a magical journey through it. He learns a lot of things that he sees in that journey among which is his childhood when he had experienced a huge loss.

From what we know in this Phases of Gravity book review, Dan Simmons seems like an author who just tells the story like it is. He doesn’t go about different ways to make it more interesting with twists and tricks. We also highly recommend his other book called Flashback.

Fascinating Story

This story by Dan is a fascinating one as it seems very real and fun to read about. The characters are very unique and memorable and just have something to them that makes the readers want to find out more and more about them. These are the things that make this story liked by many.

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