Outlander Book Series Review (2020)

The Outlander book series is a science fiction and romance series that began publishing in 1991 by author Diana Gabaldon. Diana had planned for a total of 10 novels to be published and she has currently only done 8 of them, the last being published in 2014 and the rest of the 10 are still waiting to be released.

The stories inside the books are directly connected with the next book and you get to read about the time-traveling adventures. A character named Claire Randall goes back in time, specifically to the 18th century, where the exciting events of the series take place. Be sure to find out more about the stories inside from this Outlander book series review. We covered this series in our article about the best time travel book series ever!

So, as we mentioned, the series currently has eight published books, the first one to ever get published in 1991 was the novel called Outlander in which you get introduced to the world of Claire. Claire Randall is a former combat nurse who has just gotten back from all of the dangers of war and has decided to relax and let loose for a change as she goes on her second honeymoon with her husband.

Everything changes for this woman in just one second as she walks under a standing stone somewhere on the British Isles. After this event, she becomes an outlander as she finds herself transported to 18th century Scotland where nothing is the same as where she comes from. What’s even worse is that she was unfortunate enough to be sent back in time to the point when there was a horrible war going on, more specifically in 1743.

We are definitely moving at a very fast pace here in this Outlander book series review, but you will get what kind of story this one is after you meet another one of the more important characters in the series. His name is James Fraser and he is a character who offers Claire an enormous amount of love after which this story quickly turns into a very romantic one indeed. Combine the very passionate romance, the thrilling adventures, and time-travel, and you have the perfect book for any fan of any book genre. If you belong among these fans, you must check out our selection of the best time travel romance books.

A lot of events take place in the first book of the series which we can’t cover all of in this book series review of Outlander, but the story directly continues in the second book, Dragonfly in Amber, as you get to read how Claire’s story in the 18th century moves forward.

In this novel, twenty years have passed since Clair’s initial travel back in time to the 18th century and now you find her back in her own time with her daughter. Though, the time travel part is far from over as, this time, Clair travels back again with her daughter to reveal the truth about a love that is more powerful than time itself.

You can only imagine how broad the story of this magical and romantic series spans as the events from only the first two books of the series are enough to keep you entertained for a while. If you make it to the second book of the series, the rest will definitely be coming your way as once you get involved in this timeless fantasy story, you won’t want it to end. Luckily, two more books are yet to be released. Definitely give these 8 books in the series so far a read if you enjoyed what you saw in this Outlander book series review.


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