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The Highlander Series Review (2024)

Karen Marie Moning

The Highlander series is a science fiction series that talks about a fascinating romance story about time travel and adventure written by author Karen Marie Moning.

The series has a total of eight books all of which bringing you a unique and memorable story packed with a lot of action and wonder.

The Highlander Book Series

Standalone Books

It might be a disappointing fact for some that these books aren’t actually directly connected with each other but they still manage to bring some really cool stand-alone stories that you won’t be forgetting any time soon. So, if you are a fan of cool science fiction stories that involve time-traveling adventures, then check out this review of Highlander to find out more.

Beyond the Highland Mist

You will get to see brief descriptions about some of the stories found in the series here so that you can get an idea of what the narrative is like in each of them and what kind of story the author tells specifically. As the first book begins and opens the majestic world of Highlander, Beyond the Highland Mist, you find out about the main character who tells the story, known as Hawk, a legendary predator of the battlefield and the boudoir.


Karen describes him as a man who always has his way with the ladies as no woman could resist his presence. That was the way until a strange character shows up in the story, a woman not of this warrior’s time who manages to present quite the challenge for this legendary man that you get to find out so much about as you read the book. Events escalate quickly in this first novel of the series as you can see in the book itself.

Gavrael McIllioch

After you finish the first book, you find out about a different story in the second one, revolving around a different character but in the same Highlander world. To Tame a Highland Warrior is the title of the second novel in the series and in it, you read about the life of a character named Gavrael McIllioch who is actually born to a clan of warriors who possess a huge amount of strength and power.

This character starts his own adventure after he abandons his honorable and respected name and leaves the Highland castle because he was determined to escape a dark fate that his ancestors seem to always end up in. Find out what this dark fate is as you read the book for yourself because it is a huge spoiler that we don’t want to give away in this review.

Scottish Warrior

As you go to the next one in the series, The Highlander’s Touch, another thrilling story is presented to you, this time about a Scottish warrior who lives in a world filled with powerful magic and ancient laws.

This character is described as a truly mighty one but a very unique challenge is presented before him as he meets the gorgeous temptress who appears in his castle. You find out that this woman has been sent 700 years back in time as a result of a terrible trick of fate that you get to uncover all of its mysteries as you read along.


There is no point in describing the plots to all of the eight books as you have probably gotten what the book holds inside and have made your decision whether you want to read the series or not. If you love science fiction and time travel, then there is no reason that you won’t like this book series.

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