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10 Best R. A. Salvatore Books (2024)

Best R. A. Salvatore Books Review


R. A. Salvatore or also known as Robert Anthony Salvatore is an amazing science fiction and fantasy author and he is most known for his work in the Forgotten Realms Saga series.


Born in Leominster (sounds almost like Elminster), Massachusetts, as the youngest in the family of seven. After reading Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, he became interested in fantasy and writing and subsequently changed his major from computer science to journalism.

Best R. A. Salvatore Books


Before pursuing a career as a writer, Salvatore worked as a bouncer. He received his first publishing deal in 1987 after finishing the script for Echoes of the Fourth Magic. After that, he audited to write the second Forgotten Realms book in the series and the rest is history.

Salvatore has a ton of books behind his name and our best R. A. Salvatore books review is going to show you some of the best ones that are definitely going to make you want to read more from this outstanding author.



Legend of Drizzt

Homeland is the first book of R. A. Salvatore’s series known as Legend of Drizzt. It is a fantasy book series that is a part of the larger Forgotten Realms campaign setting and it has 36 books inside it. Homeland is the book that also introduces you to Robert’s favorite and signature character, the legendary dark elf known as Drizzt Do’Urden. There is a long story behind this character and this is the book that starts that entire adventure.


So, as the story begins, you get to meet Drizzt, a young dark elf who lives in the underground world of the huge drow city known as Menzoberranzan. This city functions with a matriarchal society and Drizzt is just one of many males who has it hard and often doesn’t get the respect that he deserves. This is one of the many reasons that eventually leads to the life that he chooses for himself.

Being Different

This book is going to show you that Drizzt is definitely different from the rest of the drow and that his personality is a noble one that does not accept the life that everyone else has chosen for him in this world.

Own Path

The story tells you about a dark elf who chooses his own path and eventually abandoned his home, making a lot of enemies in the process and becoming a wanted person from thereon. There are tons of details in the best R. A. Salvatore book that are going to show you why Drizzt chooses the path that he does and chances are that you are going to support his decision when you find everything out.




Exile is R. A. Salvatore’s novel that continues where Homeland, the first book of the Legend of Drizzt series, left off. Salvatore continues the story of Drizzt and shows you the adventures that the exiled dark elf is about to experience.

Being exiled from your home is definitely not easy but Drizzt is living it now and his next home is going to be the Underdark, a dark place full of mysterious creatures and unpredictable dangers that could end his life in an instant.

Hard Road Ahead

Being able to survive in such a place definitely shows what kind of warrior someone is and Drizzt is going to surprise you as the road ahead is definitely not going to be easy. The Underdark is actually going to be his home for many years after his exile and the only one who he has by his side is his faithful magical panther, Guenhwyvar that he met in Homeland. This book is nothing but exciting as there are many things to get excited about after you start reading about all of the dangers that the Underdark has to offer.


You will find that most of those will not be a problem for Drizzt but when he has to face his father, Zaknafien, whose mind is controlled by Malice, Drizzt’s life is going to become a lot harder. A terrible tragedy is going to be revealed near the ending of this book and that tragedy is going to motivate Drizzt to look for a new life on the surface, a place that is completely unknown to him.



Life on Surface

The next one of the best R. A. Salvatore books ever is Sojourn, the book that tells you the journey and adventure of how his signature character, Drizzt Do’Urden finally decides to leave the only world that he has ever known and explore the possibilities for a new life on the surface. Make sure you have enough free time as once you start this exciting adventure with Drizzt, you won’t be able to stop reading.

Looking for Happiness

If you can believe it, Drizzt has lived in the Underdark for a little over forty years and it’s about time that he stops living that miserable life and finds happiness. The surface, however, is not going to be all that hospitable at first as dark elves are not exactly common and welcome there. The book can be found in our review of The Dark Elf trilogy. Do not hesitate to check it out.


No matter how difficult the journey is, Drizzt manages to find his calling in life, to be a ranger, and it was all thanks to a blind ranger who goes by the name of Montolio. Some days were hard for Drizzt, others were easier, but his life managed to change completely when he met a few friends who didn’t care what race he was and accepted him for who he is.


The first of those friends was a dwarf, Bruenor Battlehammer, he accepted him among the dwarves and later Drizzt managed to make friends with a Halfling known as Regis, a barbarian called Wulfgar, and Catti-brie.

There is more to read about these characters as they become very important and crucial to the stories that follow in the Legend of Drizzt series by Robert Salvatore. Isn’t it just the best R. A. Salvatore book? Definitely!

The Crystal Shard


Magical Artifact

The Crystal Shard finally goes in-depth on a very interesting and the first more serious adventure or mission, however you wish to call it, that Drizzt will be a part of. That’s why it is on our list of the top R. A. Salvatore books.

First, let’s make one thing clear, the focus of this story is a powerful magical artifact that is known by the name of The Crystal Shard, many are after it and it will be the cause of a great battle that our favorite characters will be a part of.


Drizzt has finally made a start in his new life on the surface and how he spends his days roaming the tundra near a place called Ten-Towns. He slays giants and other creatures that threaten the people of the town and one day, things are about to get pretty serious and even life-threatening. Drizzt spots an army that looks like it is going to attack and invade Ten Towns, he rushes to warn everyone, and preparations for battle begin with the little time that they have.

Ruthless Killers

The ones who are attacking Ten-Towns, one of the many homes of the dwarves, are barbarians, ruthless killers who don’t tend to show mercy. This great R. A. Salvatore book is actually where you get to meet Wulfgar, one of the characters that later becomes one of Drizzt’s friends.

Everything You Could Wish For

Wulfgar is actually a barbarian and he was a part of the attack, but when Bruenor saves him from getting killed by his people, Wulfgar becomes indebted to him and decides to stay at his side to serve him. All of the action, friendships, courage, and so much more that you get to see truly allows this book to be among the best R. A. Salvatore books out there.

Streams of Silver


Mithral Hall

In Streams of SIlver, Bruenor, Regis, Wulfgar, and Drizzt will be taking you on yet another thrilling adventure. This time, these characters will be going to a place called Mithral Hall, the ancestral home of Bruenor and the rest of the dwarves as it is in danger and they are going to reclaim it.

As the heroes begin their journey, they have no idea that a new enemy is about to present himself before them, one that they will be seeing a lot of in the rest of the books of the series.

Artemis Entreri

This enemy is known as the greatest assassin in all of Faerun and his name is Artemis Entreri. The reason that he will be appearing before Drizzt and the gang is because he was hired to retrieve something, a powerful artifact that Regis had stolen from his former boss, Pasha Pook. Pasha is the one who has hired Artemis to retrieve this and the fight that is about to follow is nothing personal between the characters.

Long Feud

We don’t want to spoil all of the fun but something is going to happen between Artemis and Drizzt that is going to be the start of a very long feud between the two and arouse a strong hatred in Artemis’ eyes for the legendary dark elf Drizzt Do’Urden.

As the story of the top R. A. Salvatore book continues, the characters somehow reach Mithral Hall and in all of the chaos, Artemis manages to capture Regis and take him to Pasha Pook. We recommend checking out our review of The Icewind Dale trilogy for additional info.

The Halfling’s Gem



Following the events of the previous book in our review, Streams of Silver, The Halfling’s Gem continues the story of the best R. A. Salvatore series and reveals what happens to Regis and if the company will be able to save him before it is too late.

Drizzt and Wulfgar are giving it their all and racing to rescue their friend Regis. So much has happened in the previous book that would make you think these warriors are tired but they can’t rest when it comes to rescuing a friend who is in terrible danger.


Bruenor was presumed to be dead but rest assured knowing that he will be appearing again as you find out how he survived the events that nearly killed him and made everyone think that he is dead. After the heroes reunite, they go to Calimport, to Pasha’s Palace, to rescue Regis. They are welcomed by deadly creatures known as wererats, horrible and ugly creatures that have no problem killing at will.

Hopeless Situation

After a series of very exciting events, which we definitely won’t spoil for you here, things get super dangerous for our heroes as their situation begins to appear hopeless. They aren’t facing just any average enemy as these guys have many tricks up their sleeves but so does Drizzt and the company. You will be very surprised by how things turn out and how the story makes sure that there is so much more thrilling content left for the other books that follow in the series.

The Legacy


Happier Times

The next book in our article about the best R. A. Salvatore books is The Legacy, a book in which the story starts out in a peaceful time where our favorite characters are not caught up in the middle of some kind of battle and they are actually getting ready for Wulfgar and Catti-brie’s marriage.

It’s definitely a time in which Drizzt feels relieved and is enjoying life at its best, but that’s about to change which is unfortunate for Drizzt and the gang but at least you are going to get to have a lot of exciting material to read.

Goblin Disturbance

A series of strange and suspicious events take place in Mithral Hall as Bruenor launches an investigation about a goblin disturbance that happened somewhere in the lower tunnels. This investigation is then carried out by Drizzt himself and Regis and they discover a missing patrol slaughtered and left for dead, the ones responsible were a group of dark elves.

Epic Battle

Drizzt and Regis decide to go after them and soon catch up, a thrilling battle begins and after the fight ends, Drizzt manages to discover something catastrophic about Regis and his newfound fighting abilities. We won’t spoil the twist that appears here but it is something to get very excited about as Regis isn’t who he actually appears. Who it actually is, is totally up to you to find out.

Thrill and Suspense

The following events are thrilling, perhaps the most exciting ones of this story and the ending is going to leave you wanting more, and soon. You get to see a series of fast-paced events that involve a lot of thrill and suspense, definitely don’t miss out on this if you want to find out about all of the exciting twists in the story of the best R. A. Salvatore books.

Starless Night


Return to Underdark

Coming up next in our review of some of the best R. A. Salvatore works is a story called Starless Night. This story takes Drizzt to a place that he doesn’t want to go to but he will have no choice. The Underdark is calling him once more and the surprises that await there are going to be fun to read about.

The reason that he must go Underground again is because he has heard of some evil plans coming from the drow and he wishes to stop them before another fatal attack is launched against the dwarven city of Mithral Hall.

Keeping It Secret

Drizzt doesn’t want to worry his friends about this mission as he believes this is his responsibility and does not want to put his friends at harm so when he hands Guenhwyvar to Regis and tells him where he is going, he asks that no one else finds out about this secret mission of his.

Going After Drizzt

Catti-brie manages to overhear some of that conversation and she forces Regis to tell him where he is going, after she finds out, she decides to follow Drizzt as she is worried that he might not return alive. That is the start of the exciting adventure that you will be reading about in this story and there are definitely some exciting twists that follow in the pages ahead.

Siege of Darkness


Time of Troubles

Siege of Darkness is our next to last pick for one of the best R. A. Salvatore books and the events inside take place during a period known throughout the Forgotten Realms as the Time of Troubles. During this period, all magic is temporarily disrupted and almost all of the gods and goddesses have no other choice than to return to the mortal world and walk amongst everyone else in their mortal avatars.

The Spider Queen

Another attempt for taking Mithral Hall is about to begin as the drow can’t rest until they have taken this vast dwarf kingdom. The Spider Queen Lolth herself is doing everything in her power to keep her servants in power during this terrible time and tries to give the drow an advantage for the invasion that is about to follow.

Drow Attack

Things get exciting really quick and so begins another attempt to take over Mithral Hall as the drow launch a huge attack. We mean what we say when we tell you that this battle is going to be big as it is going to be held both on the surface and in the Underdark as well.

We definitely won’t spoil the fun for you and reveal how this battle is going to end in our review of some of R. A. Salvatore’s best books and you will get to keep all of the excitement from finding that out for yourself.

Passage to Dawn


Sea Spire

We finally have the last one of the best R. A. Salvatore books and the story in this book follows Drizzt and Catti-brie at first as they find themselves on the Sea Spire, a pirate hunting ship, and the events that are about to happen take place six years after everything that goes on in the previous book, Siege of Darkness.

Onboard this feared ship is, of course, the Captain himself, Deudermont, the ship’s wizard Robillard, and a very powerful crew with some unique and exciting characters who you get to read all about in the book itself.


The mission that this crew aboard the Sea Sprite is on is to find a mysterious creature known as Caerwich. An unexpected surprise comes at them when they arrive at Mintarn as a band of pirates attacks them. This ambush was a complete surprise and they wouldn’t have survived if it weren’t for a new and mysterious character who later joins the crew himself, Harkle Harpell.

Harkle to the Rescue

After locating the creature and after a series of certain events, the crew returns back home and is once again, almost destroyed and killed, this time by a storm and is again saved by Harkle and his amazing spells. You’d think that the story ends here but there is so much more that happens. Drizzt finds out some disturbing news about his presumed to be dead father and the story goes on.


These are, in our opinion, some of the best R. A. Salvatore novels out there and you should definitely not miss out on them. He has tons more and it’s a great idea to read all of them in order as this author truly knows how to write about exciting adventures and the most unique and memorable characters.

What Is the Most Recent R. A. Salvatore Book?

Robert Anthony Salvatore’s most recent book is titled Song of the Risen God: A Tale of the Coven. This book was released in 2020 on January 28 and it is his latest work.

Where to Start Reading R. A. Salvatore?

The best books that you could possibly start with that are written by the amazing author are the ones from his series called The Legend of Drizzt. The first trilogy within that series is called The Dark Elf Trilogy and the first book is Homeland.

What Genre of Fantasy Does R. A. Salvatore Write?

He is an American author known for his amazing Forgotten Realms Novels and he mainly writes in the genres of fantasy, young adult fantasy, and science fiction.

Who Is R. A. Salvatore?

Salvatore, also known as Robert Anthony Salvatore, is an American author who is best known for his work in the Forgotten Realms Saga, the DemonWars Saga, and Star Wars: The New Jedi Order Series.

How Many Books Has R. A. Salvatore Written?

The total number of books by the author Salvatore is a little over 100 and many of his fans say that it is still not enough and that they want even more.

What Is the Order of R. A. Salvatore Books?

You may find the reading order of all of Salvatore’s books here on our website.

Is R. A. Salvatore Done with Drizzt?

The last book about the legendary dark elf, Drizzt Do’Urden was released in 2018, September 4 so it is safe to say that there haven’t been any new Drizzt books for a few years now.

Is R. A. Salvatore Still Alive?

Yes, Salvatore was born in the year 1959 and is currently 61 years old.

Does R. A. Salvatore Still Write Books?

Yes, the last book by Salvatore was released this year, in 2020 on January 28. It is called Song of the Risen God.


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