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Neverwinter Saga Review (2024)

Your Favorite Character

The Neverwinter Saga is a book series by author R. A. Salvatore and if you have read anything by R. A. Salvatore that is a part of the vast Forgotten Realms series, then you know that this author always wants to talk about his favorite character ever, the legendary dark elf known as Drizzt Do’Urden.

In fact, The Neverwinter Saga is a part of the larger Legend of Drizzt series and the four books inside are about to show you quite the thrilling adventure that involves Drizzt himself and a couple of other very exciting characters. If you want to know more, be sure to check out this Neverwinter Saga review and find out what you can expect inside.

Neverwinter Saga Books



Journey to Gauntlgrym

The first Neverwinter book in this exciting series is about to reveal to you the start of an amazing story and journey that is going to take you even deeper in the Forgotten Realms world and introduce you to so many more exciting and new things.

This exciting story starts out as you read about Drizzt and Bruenor. Bruenor is about to start his journey to the dwarven kingdom of Gauntlgrym and Drizzt has decided to join him on the journey. The kingdom that they are about to visit is in ruins but they have heard that in those ruins lie ancient treasures and arcane lore.

Jarlaxle and Athrogate

Two more characters are about to be introduced before Drizzt and Bruenor ever make it to the ruins of Gauntlgrym. These two characters are not exactly huge friends with Drizzt and Bruenor and you can even say that they are enemies.

Jarlaxle and Athrogate are the ones who we speak of and they are actually going to reach the kingdom of Gauntlgrym before Drizzt and Bruenor in search of the same thing that these two are looking for there. But, in their search of riches and treasures, Jarlaxle and Athrogate manage to set a series of events into motion that are about to make their love of riches very insignificant.

A Huge Catastrophe

Jarlaxle and Athrogate have managed to uncover a dark secret of the kingdom of Gauntlgrym, one that has remained lost and buried for so long until now, and with that secret, comes a deadly and very dangerous threat that could mean the end and destruction of so much and so many.

Keep in mind that while all of this goes on at the kingdom of Gauntlgrym, our favorite characters Drizzt and Bruenor have not yet even arrived at the kingdom and they have no idea who is there and what is going on.

We Have a Situation Here

Meanwhile, at the ruins of Gauntlgrym, Jarlaxle and Athrogate are beginning to realize just what kind of situation they have managed to get themselves into and are beginning to understand that there is no way that they alone are stopping this threat from getting to the unsuspecting people of Neverwinter.

Something very exciting is about to happen when Bruenor and Drizzt reach the kingdom and these 4 characters will have no other choice than to work together and prevent something so catastrophic that there is no way we spoil the fun by revealing to you what it is in our review.



Drizzt and Dahlia

The story in Neverwinter, the second one of the Neverwinter Saga books talks to you about another exciting story that involves the unique and interesting character Drizzt Do’Urden. The events that you will be reading about in this book take place shortly after everything that goes on in the first book of the series, Gauntlgrym. This time, the story begins with Drizzt and Dahlia, another elf who Drizzt has become very fond of.

Change of Character

If you have read other books from the Forgotten Realms Saga that involve the character Drizzt, then you surely know what kind of noble and honest character he is. Well, in this book, you are about to see this character change and not for the better. He will slowly start to question his intentions and morals and it is going to be a long road before you get to see if he manages to go back to his old self or get even worse with time.

Starving Farmers

The first time that you get to see Drizzt act a bit differently is when Drizzt and Dahlia come across a caravan, that is in the middle of a pursuit by some bandits. Drizzt rushes immediately to help the caravan and after roughing up the bandits, they later find out that they are not actually bandits but starving farmers who had no other choice but to rob the caravan that belonged to the dishonest High Captains so that they can feed themselves and their children.

The Troubles Continue

After this whole unfortunate event, Drizzt and Dahlia continue their quest to get revenge on the one who was responsible for leveling Neverwinter and almost Luskan as well. Their journey takes them to the outskirts of Luskan where things are about to get even more exciting.

They try to locate Jarlaxle and they find out that he is presumed dead but Drizzt has trouble believing in this as he knows that Jarlaxle is able to survive any situation and not meet death so easily. Then, a series of attacks manage to find their way to Drizzt and Dahlia and things start looking very bad for the two.

Thrilling and Surprising

If you can believe it, we haven’t even gotten to half of the story inside this book and yet so much has gone on already. There are tons of thrilling new surprises waiting for you inside this exciting story and many more dangerous events to read about that are going to involve the legendary Drizzt and Dahlia as they try desperately to fulfill their quest.

Charon’s Claw


Vengeance and Romance

In the third Neverwinter book, we have a story that involves a lot of vengeance and a lot of romance as well. In between all of that is a bit of jealousy, a lot of action, and everything in between. What we are trying to say is that this story is probably the most thrilling of the four yet as the events are super exciting and very suspenseful.

The main characters who you will be reading about again in this story are Drizzt, of course, and his lover Dahlia Sin’felle. You might not one more character who is quite popular in the entire Forgotten Realms series, his name is Artemis Entreri and he is an old enemy of Drizzt but this time they will have to work together for Dahlia’s sake.

Herzgo Alegni

The reason that these characters are about to work together is that Dahlia and Artemis have a common enemy who they wish to destroy and get revenge on. This common enemy is the Netherese lord Herzgo Alegni.

Dahlia can’t stop talking about the next time that she will face this enemy and this is not Drizzt’s first time following a trail of vengeance for Dahlia. Artemis wants revenge because he is sick of being controlled by the Charon’s Claw, Alegni’s powerful sword that has Artemis Entreri’s soul trapped within and has the ability to control his mind and even his body.

The Quest Begins

So begins the hunt for revenge and these characters have a long way ahead and a difficult battle waiting for them at the finish line. Drizzt is following Dahlia’s quest for revenge out of love and he is about to get in the middle of a fight and grudge that he does not yet fully understand.

There is one more thing that is about to make things a lot more complicated for Drizzt. He sees how Artemis looks at Dahlia and that’s definitely something that is going to bother Drizzt for the rest of their little adventure.

Much More Complicated

You can imagine what is to be expected for the rest of this journey as everything is about to get more and more complicated but at the same time thrilling. We have only scratched the surface in our review and what comes next is definitely exciting and too good to spoil here.

Definitely keep reading if you want to find out a bit more about the last book of the series and start your own journey from the first book itself and experience all of the amazing details of this fascinating story for yourself.

The Last Threshold


Sitting Idle

And finally, we have the last book in the series and in our review, and this the story that is going to reveal the magnificent ending that everyone has been waiting for.

After finishing up things with the Charon’s Claw, and you will find out for yourself how all of that turned out, Drizzt, Dahlia, and Artemis Entreri have a few more companions with them actually. These companions are known as Shadovar Ambergris and Afafrenfere. All of these characters are now sitting idle in the land of Neverwinter and are deciding what the next course in their lives should be.

Tiago Baenre

In this last book of the series, an old enemy of Drizzt’s is about to resurface and make a deadly alliance to find and kill Drizzt. This old enemy is a fellow drow known as Tiago Baenre. The alliance that this character makes is with one known as Bregan D’aerthe and these two are very bent on destroying Drizzt, but that’s not the first time that anyone has searched to kill Drizzt, however, it’s still something that should definitely worry him.

Unexpected Attack

In the meantime, Drizzt and his friends decide to go and help the rebuilding process of Port Llast. Drizzt finally finds out where his magic panther Guenhwyvar is so he and the group go to Draygo Quick’s home to retrieve him and in that quest, a very unexpected attack hits them and Dahlia and Entreri are left petrified and stunned, unable to move, while Drizzt and Effron are captured and taken away.

Only one of the group, Ambergris, manages to slip away from the attack and escape with his life. Drizzt actually remains a prisoner of Quick for almost an entire year before Jarlaxle mounts an assault and finally rescues his friends.


They retreat to Icewind Dale where they are determined to wait out Tiago’s search for Drizzt as they are definitely not up for dealing with an enemy like that. But then, the group manages to get themselves in one more tricky situation and while wandering in Icewind Dale, they somehow stumble in a place that belongs to the land of Iruladoon and spend one night there that, in their world back home, lasts 18 years. When they come back, they are forgotten and a series of surprising events follow near the ending of this magnificent book.

Don’t Miss Out

These are four Neverwinter books that you definitely do not want to miss out on if you enjoy fantasy novels, the Forgotten Realms Saga, and the legendary and interesting character Drizzt Do’Urden.

How Many Books Are in the Neverwinter Saga?

There are four books in the Neverwinter Saga, you can read them in the following order: Gauntlgrym, Neverwinter, Charon’s Claw, and The Last Threshold.

How Involved Is Drizzt in the Neverwinter Saga?

Drizzt Do’Urden is one of the main characters in the Neverwinter Saga and you get to read a lot about him in every single one of the four books inside. Besides Drizzt, a few more very important characters in the series are Dahlia, Artemis Entreri, Jarlaxle, and a few more.

What Comes After the Neverwinter Saga?

After the Neverwinter Saga, a book series by a few various authors follows called The Sundering. The six books in this series are the following: The Companions, The Godborn, The Adversary, The Reaver, The Sentinel, and The Herald.


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